Zeph Endless Flight – The longest flight in history

It all started with a dream The dream of flying endlessly carried only by wind and sun The dream of travelling in the sky as one sails on the sea, leaving no footprint on the environment The longest flight ever was flown by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones, nearly 20 years ago They flew 19 days and 22 hours without touching the ground a beautiful flight but… based on fossil energy. Zephyr is developing a balloon that flies only thanks to solar energy Aboard this Balloon, two pilots will fly 30 days, over Europe, America and the Arctic between 100m and 8000m above sea level It’s an extraordinary adventure A human adventure but it’s also a scientific adventure, Zephyr will represent a unique observation platform able to collect data about the atmosphere along unprecedented flight profiles To fly as long as we want to, that is 30 consecutive days without consuming fossil fuels because we want a totally clean flight in the atmosphere we had to design a very innovative balloon because a balloon able to do that today doesn’t exist. A new device was invented : an altitude regulator it is the key to stay long enough in the air because the wind direction depends on the altitude We can select the flight path by controling the altitude although it is a free balloon, drifting with the wind This is the way to stay in the most favorable flight conditions in order to increase flight time. I love this project because it is at the crossraods between adventure, science, technology It attracts people from various horizons. For example, we have CNES on board, the French Space Agency. They bring us their great expertise with stratospheric balloons Students from the French Meteorology School help us with weather forecasts and routing in the air depending on these forecasts So that’s extremely motivating because everywhere we go we see enthusiasm whether from experts or the general public Not only a platform for Science, but also the first step towards future travel Using the same technology that is currently on the first balloons we will be able to take passengers up to 25 km of altitude in the stratosphere, where one can witness the curvature of the Earth, be immersed into the darkness of Space and marvel at a panorama more than 1000 kilometers wide Welcome to the travel of the future The dream is becoming reality

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