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Welcome on next exploration! 🙂 today we will dive in the fort “Okęcie” today’s film was created in cooperation with, producer of the game world of warships a game that allows you to fight at sea, using ships and warships we have a bonus for you, but about it at the end of the movie while the guys will dive, Łukasz and we will tell you history of il-62 disaster and we’ll show you the fort “Okęcie” there is nothing to wait for, let’s go today we will take you on an underwater trip to fort VI “Okecie” in this place in 1980 the plane of LOT Polish Arlines “Kopernik” was crash we will also visit the buildings that are located in close area , and the remains of the military unit But let’s start the whole adventure from the beginning 13.03.1980 was the last flight of the Lot Polish arlines aircraft “Kopernik” SP-LAA He was started from New York with a slight delay, due to bad weather conditions at 21:18 he was supposed to land in Warsaw the next day at 11:15 local time around 11:15 a plane from New York approaches on direction 15 due to displaying the control, the plane does not land when the landing gear is not ejected the captain and the mechanic decide to go to the other circle after leaving the second circle and increasing the thrust to the maximum after increasing the thrust, one of the shafts in the engine can not withstand the fatigue of the material it breaks into 3 parts, destroying engine No. 1 and engine No. 3 additionally, it destroys the rudder of height and direction and all electronics due to lack of electronics the last 26 seconds of the flight did not sign up in black boxes after the failure of the control system captain Paweł Lipowczan, lost control of the aircraft after 26 seconds of inertia, using only ailerons on the wings he avoided the corrective plant and hit the nineteenth-century fort, saving human life the plane crashed into many parts, there were 10 crew members on board and 77 passengers no one survived the crash and some of the passengers did not realize what was happening because was sleeping Behind us, there is an IL-62 grafitt who made a cruise from New York to Warsaw the best known people who died in the crash were Anna Jantar and Captain Paweł Lipowczan but let’s not forget about the American representation of boxers and all other passengers but the guys have ready equipment, so we go under water today’s trip is accompanied by my cousin Kuba today i will not dive alone, so let’s clear the equipment and let’s go underwater the plane’s tail was in that place so first we’ll go that way n comparison to the fort “Zbarż”, the entrance to the water is comfortable although there you had to watch out for the stones but we have half of June, so I hope that there will be anything visibile under water It’s 15:40 we meet at 4:15 pm -..15? -in the same place we take everything to the car, make it easier and we see each other at 16:! 5 -we will see you here -ok let’s go – good luck we reach the buildings of the fort built after the modernization of the fort in the 1960s modern concrete buildings -these buildings served the army which was stationed here to 1993? -1999 after army moving out, the area was taken over by private owners three caponiers and a dry moat were built around the fort which were created to defend against the invaders of the main Warsaw artery leading to Krakow, today’s Krakowska Avenue to pass through the fort and communication between the caponiers, such passages were dug you can still see the reinforcement, unfortunately we can not visit them because they are buried moment ago We showed you the transition between the hills they were used for communication for soldiers and also protected these soldiers, and at the same time facilitated the defense of this fort because they could move smoothly between caponiers without loss of life Are you wondering why there is a moat filled with water around the fort? it is not a medieval defense system there was a dry moat, which was flooded with water as a result of the failure of the drainage system probably there is still 2 caponiers, we could not be found one the remains of the third caponier that stretched to the Krakow avenue the road that led to Krakow and one of the main Warsaw districts, moreover, mentioning the caponiers we must remind you that this fort was on the plan of a pentagon and three caponiers were built the fort was built in 1883. and already in 1888 it was modernized added concrete reinforcements which were not originally available in 1900, the modernization of the fort was completed during which 2 shafts were replaced by one anti-slip protecting against infantry the concrete I’m sitting on is the remnant of one of the three caponiers which were also modernized, but in 1904 then old caponiers replaced new concrete ones, serving as an anti-climber defense very soon, because in 1909. it was ordered to leave this fort and destroy all the caponiers we are on one of them, and that’s how it looks The Polish Army was stationed here until 1999. these areas were later taken over by a private investor, the only remains of the fort are probably under water and also behind my back we did not get there, but we want to show you the remains of this fort the guys are still under water and we have a bonus for you together with, the producer of the world of warships game, we have prepared a surprise for you World of Warships is a free online game that allows you to fight with ships from the period of the first and second world war if you want to start the adventure with the game World of Warships in the description of the movie there is a special link who, after creating an account, gives you: 200 doubloons, 7 days premium and ship Diana – Tier2 but let’s get back to the water half an hour is a lot for you, but we recorded it on a terrible run half an hour is not enough for us too we gave ourselves too little time we did not find the plane, but a lot of barrels and tires we have a great hobby yes we are 🙂 and here our expedition after the fort turns into end remember about the game world of Warships, but all the information you have in the description of this movie -Kuba I want to thank you very much – No problem , -we found a subloaded truck if you appreciate our work, subscribe, check fb and instagram And? See You on the next exploration!

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