YouTube’s 15th Anniversary πŸŽ‰ Key Turning Points In History Of YouTube

On the 14th of February 2005 a very
special domain name was registered I’m talking about Yes, YouTube is turning 15 years old. In this
video I want to take a look at how YouTube started how it became the
platform we all know today and what lies in the future of YouTube hello and welcome to the to tubics YouTube
channel I’m Jan Fassbender from So Geht YouTube and with over 2 billion monthly
active users over 80 languages and over 1 billion hours of videos watched every
day YouTube is one of the biggest platforms on the internet but the
history of YouTube didn’t start as you might think
it all started with three employees of PayPal Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jawed
Karim originally they set out to start a dating platform called Tune In Hook
up the idea of the website was that you could upload videos about yourself to
find dates but this didn’t turn out as they intended and even though they paid
girls to be on the website it didn’t get the traction they wanted so they changed
the concept of the website into a general video hosting platform and call
it YouTube. The first video was uploaded on the 23rd of April 2005 and is titled
“me at the zoo” this video was a very simple video they used for testing and
showed co-founder jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo in this first year 2005 some
of the major features we still know today were implemented first of all of
course video uploading and video hosting but also the playlist the full-screen
view and subscriptions and some of you might remember the five-star rating
system that YouTube had in the early days and in September 2005 one of the
first milestones was broken as a video reached 1 million views. It was actually
an ad of Nikes featuring Ronaldinho on 15th of December 2005 YouTube officially
launched out of beta and it grew a lot in the following year. In summer of 2006
YouTube was already one of the fastest growing sites on the worldwide web with
more than 65,000 videos uploaded and more than 20 million monthly visitors
this is how YouTube looked back in these days and on the 9th of October 2006 one
big change happened as YouTube was bought by Google for 1.65 billion
dollars and from there on YouTube grew a lot one
of the big changes was the introduction of the YouTube Partner Program in May
2007 and the first ads in August 2007 this meant that youtubers
could now earn money creating YouTube videos and while YouTube grew new
features were introduced like the local language support in 2007 or 480p videos
in 2008 and in 2009 720p videos in later in 2009 180 P videos were already
introduced and in 2010 they already introduced 4k videos but apart from the
resolution there were also other changes made to YouTube for example the switch
to the thumbs-up and thumbs-down rating system in 2010 and also in 2010 YouTube
started renting out of movies on their website 2011 saw the introduction of
live streams and also the view page changed to a very similar layout as we
know it today and also in 2011 YouTube analytics were introduced to the website
in 2013 a big change took place that I still remember very vividly they
introduced the new YouTube channels before YouTube channels looked like this
and you could individualize a lot on these channels but they wanted a clearer
and cleaner layout for their YouTube channels so they change to this layout
that is very similar to the one we know today you have your big YouTube channel
image on the top that it changes depending on if you are on a TV on a
computer over on a smartphone also in 2013 one of the most significant changes
to the YouTube algorithm took place they changed from clicks as their key main
metric to watch time because they were having trouble with a lot of clickbait
videos that got a lot of clicks but were just bad content so they started taking
the view duration of the viewer into consideration in 2017 YouTube got
another major remake as they remade all of the front end of YouTube and
introduced the new YouTube logo also they started working on the new
YouTube studio it wasn’t beta then but now 2020 it’s rolling out to everyone
and it’s getting the new standard but there weren’t only technical changes to
the platform but also the culture on YouTube changed a lot
you probably remember YouTube’s theme broadcast yourself and that was very
true in the beginning there were a lot of people making videos about themselves
but this has changed a lot nowadays YouTube has become a lot more
professional as youtubers got bigger and bigger and more professional and
professional and also media companies and brands started creating YouTube
videos and of course YouTube’s journey wasn’t all fun and games there were some
major issues along the way one of the big problems is the balance that YouTube
needs to create between the three big parties that are interacting on YouTube
first of all you have your viewers that want the best quality content that want
the least advertising possible and of course you also have the youtubers they
create the content and need to be happy to create good content but they want to
earn money doing that and for them to earn money you need the advertisers who
advertise on YouTube but of course they want the most people possible to see
their ads for the least money otherwise they will go to another website so this
is a tricky balance to keep in place so everyone’s happy and so some major
issues arise along the way one of the main ones was the so-called YouTube ad
pocalypse that took place in early 2017 because YouTube’s filter weren’t good
enough ads were shown in front of videos that the advertisers didn’t want their
ads to be shown on for example extremist content so they started to boycott
YouTube and started pulling all of their ads of YouTube so YouTube tried to
escalate the situation as quick as possible to keep those advertisers on
the platform and keep the system running so they removed ads from a lot of videos
but this ended in a big outcry among youtubers who saw their livelihood
threatened by not being able to monetize on their videos a multiple
problems like this aroused during the years when this very delicate balance
got out of balance but today we want to celebrate and look at the bright sides
of YouTube as it’s YouTube’s 15th birthday and YouTube did change the
world a lot it changed how we view media which changed how we create media and it
changed how information spreads among the world but what lies in the future of
YouTube nobody really knows there are a lot of interesting changes going on on
YouTube like the introduction of more monetization features apart from video
ads also YouTube is introducing more and more social media feature to make the
website more about the interaction but what you can definitely say is that
YouTube is getting more and more competitive and that you need to stand
out to be seen on the website and this is where optimization comes into place
and where tubics wants to help you with this channel if you haven’t already
consider subscribing to this channel and if you want to learn more about the
changes coming up in 2020 click on this video but that’s it for today happy
birthday YouTube bye Jan

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