YouTubers React To Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Of All Time

– Oh my god. Who are you?
– I’ve never heard this. Have you? – Justin Bieber. Finally,
something I’m familiar with! ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So, today,
we’re going to be showing you clips of the top 10 most viewed
YouTube channels in history, and we are going to see
if you can place them in the correct order. – Oh, not this challenge again!
We stink at these games! – Come on, Ro!
You can do this. – I’m bad at this.
– I’ve done one of these before, and I want you to know,
I think I got first place in that video.
– Really? – I’m pretty good at these.
– (FBE) So, this list comes from Social Blade’s
top 10 most viewed. So, we’re gonna play you
the most viewed video from each channel,
and then you’re gonna see if you can place them
in the correct order. Some are not what you’d consider
traditional YouTube channels as you’ll see.
We’ll probably do another list on that later.
– Okay. All right. So, number one is most famous and number 10
is the trash bag of the list. – ♪ (raps in foreign language) ♪
– (gasps and hums along) Ooh, I love this song!
– What? – This is my music.
– Breh, breh, breh. – I’ve actually never seen this.
– Should I know who Canal KondZilla is? – Ooh, that’s a bop.
– How do you do that? – This a bop.
– (laughs) – It’s like Aladdin for sex people. – It’s catchy. I like it. – Does ♪ Tan, tan, tan, ta ♪
mean, like, shake your ass? – (chuckles) No, no.
That’s just the sound he’s making. – Oh.
– (FBE) That channel features music videos all produced
by KondZilla… – KondZilla?
– (FBE) …a music video director and producer who produces
a large portion of the music videos that come from Brazil.
– Oh! Okay. – I’m scared to rank these people,
because what if they’re watching this video?
I’m gonna rank him number six. – Number five. I’m gonna do it
right in the middle. – Conservative at a seven.
KondZilla!! – (woman) Okay, Ryan,
are you ready to find this egg surprise?
Ready? Go! Go! Go! – Ryan’s Toy Reviews.
– Aww. – Oh, I know these are huge.
– Oh, I love Ryan! – (gasps)
– Aww. – Oh! Oh, gosh. Okay.
I thought he whacked himself. – Jesus Christ!
– Aggressive there much. – (Ryan) Lightning McQueen! – Lightning McQueen!
– Wow, this is back when he was young. He’s old now. Ryan’s getting a bit old
to toy review at this point. (laughs) – (FBE) That’s Ryan’s ToysReview.
– Right. – (FBE) It’s considered
a very influential channel. Many claim his reviews of toys
actually impact toy sales. – Really? What a little entrepreneur,
a little businessman. – He has reviewed my baking line!
Did an excellent job, made some cute little poo brownies.
– Four. – I’m picking five for now. – That’s gotta be the luckiest kid
in the world. – Number six to me.
– That’s a six. – Yeah.
– You’re good at numbers. I trust you. I’m letting you take the lead,
but if we get these wrong, you know I’m jumping off ship. – WWE. The channel, WWE.
– I love these guys mostly because they have
my exact same body type. – This is a meme, right? (laughs)
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – ♪ Do, do, do, do ♪
– The John Cena meme. Obviously, a big contributor to it. – Oh!
– (gasps) – He slapped him!
– What is going on? I did not see that coming.
– It’s not even realistic. He wasn’t even punching the guy. – (announce) Otunga trying
to separate… – They were–
it was a big thing. I don’t think
it’s a big thing now, WWE. – I know that YouTube’s been
emphasizing sports channel as well, and I know how popular wrestling is. And the John Cena meme
also contributes a lot. – I’m gonna put them
at number seven. – I think it’s a seven or an eight.
You think it’s an eight? – Yeah, let’s go with eight.
– People love this. I’m gonna put this at number four. – ♪ The wheels on the bus
go round… ♪ – There it is! Little Baby Bum!
– ♪ Little Baby Bum ♪ ♪ (hums along) ♪
– These kids really got the monopoly on YouTube, don’t they?
Another top 10. – Number one.
– Number one? (laughs) Now, you’ve learned
from the memes now. – Yeah.
– These little kids’ channels, they’re gonna take the top spots. – (sings along raspily) ♪ The wheels
on the bus go round and round ♪ – ♪ The people on the bus… ♪
– Why do I feel like this is one of those channels that schools play
for students? – ♪ The people on the bus,
they wait, wait, wait ♪ ♪ All through the town ♪
– I think this is high ranked. – I think so, too.
– I don’t want anything referencing a baby’s butt
in my content. – (FBE) Little Baby Bum is one
of many extremely popular creators for children’s content on YouTube. And the video we just showed you…
– Wow. – (FBE) ..has over two billion views. – What?
– Ooh. Makes you turn
in your future grave, doesn’t it? – Little Baby Bum is sitting…
– Let’s go four. – …at four. Yeah.
– Oh, wow. – Yeah, dude.
– (claps) They’re number one for me. – I’ll put you at number two, ’cause if I’m a mom,
and I want free content, and I have a little baby,
I would send him there. ♪ (upbeat pop music) ♪ – Oh my god. Who are you?
– ♪ (singing in Turkish) ♪ – Hot. (laughs)
She’s hot. – I like it.
– Should I know who this is? I feel bad if I don’t know.
– I’ve never heard this. Have you? – I don’t know any of these channels
that we’re watching today. – How do you pronounce this?
– Her name is very interesting: netd. – (both) Ooh.
– Yes! Work it! – What language is this? – Yeah, there’s a lot
of foreign music. – All right. This is
the second music video that I’ve seen.
Taking a note. – (FBE) netd müzik is a channel
associated with the website netd, a video-on-demand website in Turkey.
Though, their page is home to many music videos.
– Got it. So, it’s like a VEVO, but for different–
for another country. – Just slightly above KondZilla.
– Let’s give her a 10 – I just don’t feel
like that’s that big. – Okay. I’m gonna put him
at number six then. I’m gonna put him by KondZilla,
both the musics. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– (woman gasps) (speaking in foreign language)
– (gasps) – Oh, this is uncomfortable.
– Yeah, I don’t like that. – This is– it’s an Indian show.
– (gasps) Is this a soap opera? In this an India soap opera?! – Is this a soap opera or is this
a harassment training video? – Ew!
– Ah, gross! (laughs) – Dude, why did he look
like her dad, though? – What’s happening?
No! Don’t do it! – (gasps) Oh my god.
Their hands are making love. (gasps) This is crazy. – Wait. I don’t know
what’s going on! (laughs) Is this consensual?
– These angles, dude. – Whoa!!
– A story of a true brother and sister.
– Drama. Toys. Music. Ingredients to become
number one on YouTube. – (FBE) So, SET India stands for
Sony Entertainment Television India. – Ah. I think that probably
has a ton of views. – I’m gonna send my mom there.
She LOVES soap operas. – I’m gonna say that’s number three.
This is hard. – Three.
– Really?! – Sony, it’s gotta be huge.
– Number nine. This is really difficult,
’cause a lot of these I don’t–
I’ve never seen. – ♪ (singing in foreign language) ♪
– T-Series! The new number one channel
on YouTube. – It is foreign music,
and I love that. – Jesus Christ.
I am so out of the loop. These are not the videos I would think
are up in the top 10 channels. – I don’t know any of these songs,
and sometimes they just really surprise you
and have billions of views. And you’re like, “Ho– what?!”
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – She’s pretty.
– I like the song. – Okay. I feel like
that must be in the top three! – (FBE) So, that was T-Series,
an Indian music recording label and film production company that
is currently on pace to pass PewDiePie as the most subscribed to
YouTube channel. – Thank you for that hint.
– We put that at two. – 10? But I know
I’m gonna change it later. – Number one? Because
that sounds super impressive. ♪ (upbeat percussive music) ♪ – Another Indian one! Wow! They taking over YouTube? – Wow, Indian YouTube is big.
– ♪ (hums) ♪ Oh yeah. – They’re literally tying the knot. – Oh no. We’ve got
a concerned grandmother. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – The more concerned they look,
the more concerned I become, and I don’t even know what’s going on.
– Yeah, the music is so dramatic. – This one’s even more dramatic
than the last one! Oh my god. – I’m invested. There’s a lot
of emotions going on here. – (amused) Who’s in charge
of the audio for this show? – (sighs) The drama, it continues. – Wow. The drama just continues.
That was intense! – It sounds like they should all be
fighting each other right about now. – I’m gonna put this one
at number five. – I’m putting it
at number three right now, but I know that’s not number three.
– Nine, but I’m gonna– just ’cause all the other spots
are taken. – ♪ Is it too late ♪
– (sings along) ♪ Now to say sorry ♪ – Justin Bieber. Finally,
something I’m familiar with! – (sings along) ♪ Let you down ♪
♪ Is it too late to say I’m sorry now? ♪
♪ (hums along) ♪ – All these girls, they love–
they love Justin Bieber. – I’m always gonna love J. Money. I don’t care what anybody says.
– I love this song. When this song came out–
– Justin Bieber does have a lot of views.
– Justin Bieber is global worldwide! – Is it weird that probably
for the first year that this song was popular,
I didn’t know it was Justin Bieber? – International love for J. Money.
And I agree. – Let’s go three.
– Put that at number two. – 10 for now. I might
knock him up a little bit. Hmm…
That was poorly phrased. – (PewDiePie) I feel like
I’m [bleep] stuck! – PewDiePie! (laughs)
– This is– – “Makes me wanna quack…”
– This is his best one. – “…like what
the [bleep] is that?!” – (PewDiePie) Hello!
– Aww. Classic Pewds, man. – Oh my god.
– This video has, like, 36 billion views.
– (PewDiePie) Hello! (chuckles) Tickle each other.
– I’ve only seen a couple of his videos,
but he’s got a lot of energy. And I– ugh, I wish I could
harness into that kind of energy. – (PewDiePie) Okay,
we can actually do this [bleep]! OHH MY GOD!!
– Makes you long for a simpler time on YouTube. He’s allowed to swear.
He played video games back then. There were no memes.
– (FBE) PewDiePie took over as the most subscribed to channel
back in 2013, a position he’s held ever since.
– Yes! Oh my gosh. I remember when I first
started YouTube, Ray William Johnson
was the number one YouTuber. Then it was Felix,
PewDiePie’s channel. – I actually feel pretty confident
putting PewDiePie up at number two. – Number one, but I know
I’m gonna change it. – I only have one slot left,
so PewDiePie, you’re getting number one.
– (FBE) Give you a minute if you wanna change
any of your answers. Let us know when you’re locked.
– Okay. So, I feel good about T-Series, one,
PewDiePie, two… – I’m gonna put PewDiePie
at actually number 10. – Turkish music guy. The song…
– Oh yeah. – …with “Ta, ta, ta, ta.”
I feel like that’s still gonna be–
– That’s higher. That’s higher. – You think that’s higher? – Yeah. Whatever happens,
I want you to know… – That it’s my fault.
– It’s ALL your fault, bro. – Okay. So, I’ll take the credit
when we get first place. – (FBE) So, here’s
how the scoring works. – Okay.
– (FBE) You get one point for every answer
you’re just one off on. And if you nail it, you get two points.
– Ohh. Ooh.
– Ahh. – We might have a chance then.
– (FBE) Number 10 is Little Baby Bum. (buzzer)
– (both) Ohh! – We’re off to a really bad start.
– You messed this up for the both of us.
We’re not winning anything. We have no points
because of you. – No! Dammit!
(buzzer) God! Fart! – (FBE) Number nine
is Justin Bieber’s YouTube channel. – I’m doing so bad.
(buzzer) – Okay. Well,
I [bleep] up there, too. – I get a one-pointer there. – So, we get one point.
– We got one point. – Yes!
– (FBE) At number eight is PewDiePie. (buzzer)
– Really?! Wow, he beats Bieber. Good for you, Pewds!
– The moral here is that I’m not getting any of ’em right. – We put him as nine!
– Okay, so we get one point. – Got him at seven.
– We got next– yup, we have it at seven.
– All ri– – Dude!
– Got one point! – (FBE) Number seven
is Canal KondZilla. – I’m off by one,
’cause poon, poon, poon, I have it at as number six,
and it’s number seven. YES! – I have it as nine.
(buzzer) – We got one point so far.
– Really? – Yeah, we had Can at number eight.
He was number seven. – (FBE) Number six is Zee TV.
– Woo! Another point. I just flip those two.
– Oh, we put Zee TV as one. – We had that at seven.
– Yeah! – Okay.
– We got two. – Oh, we got that one!
– We got it right! Oh! – Dude, yes!
– Wa! – (FBE) Number five is
Sony Entertainment Television India. (buzzer)
– (chuckles) This is comical. At this point,
I am rooting to get zero points. – How many points do you get
if you’re four away? Nothing?
– Number five, woo! I get a point.
I have it at number four. – (FBE) Number four
is netd müzik. – Aw, we had her at 10. – We put that one as eight.
– netd müzik! I got– that’s another single point.
I had that at five. – (FBE) Number three
is Ryan ToysReviews. (buzzer)
– No, I put that at eight. – No. I guessed that they
were number seven like a dick. (ding)
– Oh my gosh! I got one right! – (FBE) Number two…
– Yeah? – (FBE) …is the WWE?
– Is it WWE? – (both) What?!
– Perfect. I guessed they were nine. – Wow! Okay, number two.
People love that drama. – (FBE) That means number one…
– Is T-Series. – (FBE) T-Series with
a record 47 billion views. – Really?
(buzzer) – (squeals)
– So, we have seven points? – Yeah! All right!
– HA! – The top viewed thing
within the United States is WWE. Outside, it is a compilation
of all the best artists in India. Beautiful shots, beautiful camerawork. This is large,
38-year-old white men… – (laughs)
– …red and horrible backs. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – If you wanna view more
from these YouTubers… – Click the link
in the description below. – (both) Bye! (giggling)
– Hi, guys. JC here, producer here at FBE.
Thanks so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
Big thanks to all the creators who came down to shoot
with us today. Make sure to check ’em out.
Subscribe to them. The links are down below.
Bye, guys!

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