– (FBE) Today, we’re
gonna have you react to your YouTube profile page.
– Oh… no. (laughing) Why? – (FBE) But not in the way
you might think. – What does that mean? I’m stressed. – (FBE) We used a website called
the Wayback Machine… – No! – (FBE) …to find your old profile.
– Why?! – (FBE) We went to the very first page
that was available to view on the site, and we’re
gonna show you your YouTube profile from years back
at an earlier part in your career. – I’m ready. – Are you trying to embarrass us? – Oh my god. I am scared. – I don’t even look
at my videos from a month ago. I hate re-watching myself,
so this is gonna be really fun. – (FBE) All right, here we go. – This looks so much like Myspace. Oh my god. – Oh, I’m so scared.
– Here we go. Here we go. – Oh, yeah! – Oh. My. God. Ew!! – Okay, all right,
all right, all right. – Oh, wow! – (gasping and screaming) Yep, yep. – Going to Alex’s.
– We can just skip mine. We don’t have to watch it.
– Let’s do it! – We don’t have to. Whoa! – I never even used
YouTube when it was like this. “F the haters.” (laughing)
– Whoa-ho-ho-ho. – Oh god, “GETTOxFABxFOREVER.” Just let that sink in. – Okay, definitely– I definitely
don’t like my choice of background. It’s kind of like putting
a bunch of pictures of yourself all over your own wall. I definitely overdid it a little bit
with the pictures of me. – Oh, yeah, there’s the Pokemon. I was 20. And I was still in college. Not quite a million views.
Interesting. I’m an “aspiring screen
and voice actor based in NYC.” I was going to school
in New York at the time. “In my theatre school”– in New York. “I am a member of the Pokemon League,
Swing Dance Society, Quidditch Team,
and Zombie Defense League. Y’know, all the important clubs. Thanks for watching, Brizzy.” – I was 22 when
I first started in 2006. Wow, and I had no idea
what YouTube was. I didn’t figure out YouTube
until years and years later. – “I’m Lauren and I love
to make things my own. I’m all about DIYs,
style, and thrifting, which you can find much
more about on my website.” – (laughing)
– Oh no! February 2nd, 2013.
– That’s crazy. – I started my channel when I was 19.
– Oh my gosh. – Wah! – “I’m very thankful for everyone
who has subscribed to me, but I don’t care how
many subscribers I have.” (chuckling) Not true. “Like my videos and subscribe, cool. Hate comments make my day.” (laughing) So sassy. I’m 14 years old and that’s
all you need to know. Who hurt me? Why was I so sassy? – It looks like I’m 15. My thing says “moving images
straight from the mind,” which I feel like I actually
was genuinely trying to be deep when I wrote that. It wasn’t a joke. – This is what we used to be. Look, most subscribed of all time. We used to be in the top 50.
– Wow! – That’s top 100.
Now there’s millions. – 2007, oh my gosh.
You’re old. – Hey, whoa! Okay, let’s edit that part out. – (cutesy voice)
Oh, 16,000 subscribers. How cute! – We had 2,000 subscribers? – Whoa, this is going
to make me emotional. – That’s what it looked like? Ugh. Oh man. Hey, this was back
when I had 11,000 subscribers? Started from the bottom. – Oh, cute AF! – Oh, there was no banners back then? – There was no banners, that’s right, because we only uploaded a picture–
– Look, 25,000 subscribers. – I’m weirded out. Oh my god, I had 2,000 subscribers. (laughing) – 237 subscribers
and I had a background? I was really reaching for the stars. I had a merch page
when I had 237 subscribers. – Channel views, 28,000. I had 1,600 subscribers. And I had 76,000 views on a video. I was popping off. Channel views, 5 million. Total upload views–
is that total video views total? Like 30 million.
That’s crazy. Now I think I have 200 million. – 16 subscribers. They’re probably all my classmates. My editing teacher in college
had us all sign up for a YouTube account and I thought
it was just a video sharing platform that we could watch
each other’s projects in class. I didn’t realize that
it was an actual platform for creativity. – A lot of these videos
is me and my friends, me doing YouTube mad libs,
a lot of skits that didn’t make sense. – So the first one
had a talk about sex. You know, it was an educational video. – (cringing)
– Oh no! – Look at your brunette hair! Hey, who’s that?
– What? – Who’s– what’s the boyfriend tag? What does that mean?
– (squeaking nervously) – What?! – This was back before
there was clickbaiting. Nobody really cared back then,
so it was just like, you know, just put, you know,
put a thumbnail that kind of related
to the subject and, yeah, that was pretty much it. “How to start drug dealing”
and the sad part is there’s a little girl
in the thumbnail. That’s horrible! YouTube impressions over here,
and then it got Jenna Marbles over there– I did
a mean Jenna Marbles impression. (imitating Jenna) “Bye, Spider-Man!
We’ll see you next time. This is Marbles right here. Bye! Wah! Woo!”
That’s what she did. That was Jenna Marbles
back in the day. – Oh, look–
– “Chevy See the USA submission.” – Yeah, we tried entering a contest
and we didn’t win. (laughing) – This is just taking me
back to college and just– I can’t. I would make videos,
clearly, just about anything and everything. Even ItsKingsleyBitch–
I had to change my handle to Kingsley because
“bitch” wasn’t friendly, so (laughing) I guess
just taking me back to when YouTube was just like,
I don’t know the word, just less controlled. – Latest activity, June 30th, 2012. So this was, I guess,
right as my first Pokémon video was going viral. Two weeks ago,
“Voice All the Pokémon.” 700,000 views. – All of these are all sketches
from our college sketch show, which is so funny. I should text my friends. That’s what this
reminds me. (laughing) – (FBE) So you have the channels
you chose to feature over there. – Oh, yes! We got
TheFineBros in there! Number one, woo! See, I knew it. And now we made it here.
Can I get a– I used to say that in my videos,
I’ll just be like, “Can I get a witness?” And then, you know, people–
I would never get a witness. – I love that people
could comment on the channel. I feel like they can do that now,
but I just don’t know where the hell it is. – Comments… “Um, no offense,
but are you a guy or a girl?” I like that a lot. – “So I like some of your videos
and, like, yes, I used the same song on two of mine,
but, like, calm your shit. Our videos aren’t even close
and I didn’t copy yours. Me and my friends
are just trying to have fun.” Was I coming for this girl? The subscribe button’s awesome. Way better. Way better. ‘Cause now you go
to YouTube and it’s like the video right there. You don’t know anything
about the person. – Ew! Back when you couldn’t
control the thumbnail. Oh my god! It’s just bizarre to see
how much the site has changed, and then how much
my channel is different. – I feel like this is
more like a social media. – Yeah, this–
– It reminds me of Myspace. – In 2006, this was not a page
where you upload videos to get views and get fans and get–
it wasn’t a job. This was a storage site. This is where you put
your videos ’cause you had nowhere else to put them,
so that somebody else could go to that website and watch it. – This is when you did stars
instead of thumbs up or thumbs down. I remember being
a shady bitch, being like, one star on people’s videos. It’s too businessy now. I feel like people are more concerned
about the brand deals and that kind of stuff
rather than, “I spent an hour on this weird music video,
check it out.” – I think this was back
when you could like videos, and then it would show up
in people’s sub boxes if they were subscribed
to you and stuff. That’s how I got my first group
of strangers watching my video. It didn’t go viral,
but before the Pokémon video, the Nickelodeon impressions one,
Dom Fera liked it so his subs came over
and started commenting and I was like, “I don’t know
any of these people!” It didn’t go viral,
but it was strangers commenting on my video,
which was kind of a first. – Things definitely used
to be different, but also more similar
than I would’ve expected. – Back then, YouTubers were funnier,
just as a whole. It wasn’t so much
about the algorithm. It was more so just about somebody
who’s actually funny and who has good content,
so, yeah, yeah. I miss that. – I like the old ranking system. I feel like it was much more easier
for people that were new to be seen, to know what videos
were actually truly going viral. Other than that, I’d have to say
that I prefer the layout the way it is now. (laughing) I am disgusted
at this old tile background. It’s just nostalgic. It makes me feel like I’m a grandpa. – This is when I lived in Toronto
and I was so away from everything. I had never talked to a YouTuber. I don’t think I talked
to another YouTuber until I had a million subscribers. – I want to see–
– And then our likes? (gasping) – (FBE) Those are videos
that you guys liked. – “Hip Hop Juniors Recital”?
– What is that? – (FBE) Do you remember
having friends on YouTube? – I don’t remember having friends. I completely forgot about that. I can’t with this. – (FBE) If you look up here too,
there’s also a link to the Myspace page.
– Oh my god. Wait, should I click it? Whoa! Whoa! (laughing) No! Why was my name Grace Anne Helbig? Did someone else have Grace Helbig? – Can we skip ahead?
– Yeah. – In life?
– (FBE) Skip what? – Oh, and date?
Oh, you can click this? Whoa. – Now you have 54,000 subscribers. Oh my gosh. I used to have this
background on Myspace! 2011.
– What? You wanna go up again? Oh, look at this little upgrade. Little upgrade, we got
a little design going on. – With “ass” super purple.
– (laughing) – Oh, here we go! “Once upon a time in a small town
in North Carolina, a couple of high school kids
made videos to make their friends and family laugh. Now those high school kids
are college kids chasing their dreams and making
the best out of their lives. M’kay!
– (both) Bye! – This is blowing my mind,
all this craziness. – After a while, I was like
I might as well just make a channel and then just try it out,
start uploading, you know. It’s free, so might as well do it. And then, yeah, I just started
making videos. – I always say Shane
is one of the first people I subscribed to, and there he is. Chris Crocker, Qaadir,
Britney– nothing’s changed. – There are some people
that will tweet me and be like, “Hey, I’ve been following you
since before you even hit 10K.” And I’m like, first of all, why?! Second, oh my god, thank you. They watched me grow up. That’s so cool. – I remember the very end
of my “Voice All the Pokémon” video, I shout-out to
my subscribers at the time, and I’m like, “Thank you
to my 552 subscribers. You guys are amazing
and all that jazz.” And every time I go
back to it, I’m like, whoa! (laughing) Oh, crazy. – (FBE) Would you ever want to talk
to some of your original subscribers from this era?
– I would love to be able to talk to those people. People who have would seen
my first four and the dubbed videos before Pokémon. And say thanks for being cool
and, I don’t know, being a hipster and finding me
before Pokémon went viral. – Thank God we didn’t
watch any of the videos. I’m gonna actually, on my own,
go back privately and re-watch these and be like,
“I had no idea that these were still on my page.” I haven’t gone back that far. So I will go make myself a cocktail
and just enjoy 2006, what I thought was funny. – This is crazy to see
how far we’ve come. It’s 2,000 subscribers
and now we have two million. I remember being at this state
in our YouTube channel and it was our transition–
– It was so hard. – Yeah, it was our transition from moving from
Missouri to California, and I remember trying
to make friends and stuff, and being really insecure
about our YouTube channel. – We met Caspar Lee and Connor Franta, and they asked us
how many subscribers we had, and we said 2,000
and Connor was like– he was like, “That’s great.” He was like,
“That’s good for you guys. Keep going.” He said, “I remember
when I had that many.” And then he was like,
“You guys just keep going at it and don’t stop.” We post every single Tuesday
and we’ve never missed a Tuesday. – It’s just so weird! – I’m trying not to get
emotional right now. – I miss the old YouTube. I think we should all work together
to make it the old YouTube again. – YouTube has definitely
come a long way, not just my page with
the rampant background, but everything is a little more neat. – I just wish I knew
what I knew now back then. – It was nice, looking back at it,
just because, you know, you see where you came from
and see how you progressed as a creator,
and as a person, as a man. – Seeing these photos
and these thumbnails are triggering! I just feel like I’ve come so far,
but other than that, you know, it was cute. – It’s very humbling to look back
and see how hard we were working back then
and how hard we’re still working now. Back then, when we were like,
when we were feeling like giving up,
that it paid off in the end. – Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. – For more current content
from all the YouTubers you just saw, links in the description below.
Check it out. – (both) Bye! – Hey guys, Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode of YouTubers React. A big thanks to all the YouTubers
who came in for this episode and took a trip down
memory lane with us. But what should we
do with the YouTubers next time? Let us know in the comments.

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