YouTube Tutorial:How To Clear YouTube Search History (Android, Laptop)

hi friends welcome to seo worker
YouTube channel so in today’s video we’ll be seeing how to clear youtube
search history on your Android phone so along with this I’ll be also showing you
the other options that is available on the YouTube settings on your Android
phone so I request you to watch this video completely and you find anything
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to click on this big icon to receive notifications about so first let us go
to the home screen so they you need to click on the google apps and thick on
the YouTube application icon so now we have on the YouTube Android app so here
we see how to clear the youtube search history so go to your YouTube channel
here you can see various options so you have to select the Settings icon so that
is at the lower bottom once you once you are inside the YouTube settings then
click on history and privacy so you have to choose the distant privacy icon take
so now you can see many options so now we will click on the clear searched
history option then you will see the app that you would confirm the clear search
history so when you click yes the search history will be removed from all devices
so watch history is clear so that you can pause search history or you can so
your YouTube mutual search history will not be used to provide you
recommendations also this can be changed later
pausing virtually straight will make it harder to find videos that you have
watched so you will see fewer recommendations for new videos across
Google so now we have a fast watch history and search history from YouTube
settings you now we will manage all activities in
this option you can see device activity and delete only them so you can browse
and clear youtube search stream or you do history thanks for watching how to
clear youtube search history video so don’t forget to share this video like
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