YouTube – See, clear, pause, and search your watch history + see your comments.

hi everyone its Brad today we taking a
look at history in YouTube so we’re gonna come over under library and select
history within history you’re gonna see where you can clear all your watch
history and a cancel that right now you can pause your watch history and then
resume it should you like to you can go ahead and scroll through your watch
history just by scrolling down in here you can search your history and you can
also take a look and see any comments that you’ve made as well so there you go
that’s history in YouTube do you have any questions let me know thanks for
watching take care bye bye

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  • Why is it that not all my comments are recorded in the comment history?

    (And side note, why do some people have the selections – watch, search, comment, community – on the top while others have it on the side?)

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