YouTube Rewind 2018 but it’s actually good

[da pewd phone]
“My name’s Jeff.” YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It’s rewind time! You know, if I could control Rewind, I would want it to be… an actual rewind. 👏👏 REVIEW [Logan Paul]: Uh… I really hate to say this…
I think there’s someone hanging right there… HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM [Epic Gamecube intro] clap clap YEAR REVIEW
πŸ˜€ r-r-R-Rewind time, everybody-y-y! Hit or miss? I guess they never miss, HUH?! *P O P* Do you know the wae? You have to know the fuckin’ wae !(OR ELSE) [Epic smack] woa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a AGH i’m sans the skeleton
( comment how many times he’s killed you below) also known as trumpet boy (wow) e-e-Everyone! SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGHET (Oh no) YA [Lil Pump]: Got a new chair, got a new biTCh And I got a new… LÄMP wasa wasa-wasa-wasa-wasa-was UUUUP I am the Globglogabgalab (and I like books) Rewind time, everybody-y-y! Bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna T-Series ain’t nothing but a bitch lasagna Bitch lasagna! Bitch bitch bitch bitch bibibibibibibibibibibibi R-R-Rewind time, everybody! You so f**king precious when u SM1L3 *Zucc* Lizard Zucc Nuuuuumber 15 Burger King foot lettuce The last thing you’d want in your Burger King burger is someone’s foot- MEME REVIEW
It’s rewind time! AAGH! (I don’t feel so good, Mr. Griffin) AUGH AUGH AUGH AUGH (the universe begins to shift) AUGH AUGH AUGH AUUUGH AUGH AUGH AUGH AUUUUUUUUGH rip Peter E E [Gronk]: What the heck is going on, people? (NOT BOWSETTE) Rewind time, everybody-y-y! We’re forgetting something.
(OH NO WHAT COULD IT BE) I think… …we should read what the comments actually say. (THE LEGENDARY SCROLL OF TRUTH) (YouTube Warriors Unite) Rewind time, everyone. [Epic Ali-A intro] Damn, boi! He THICC BWAH [Thot Alinity] S-Seriously? He just said that? I’mma copyright strike this guy. (Oh no) (Oh yes) [Thy video hast been demonetizethd] Here for you on Before They Were Gone [What’s-His-Name McObscureson] Who is Marshmello?! [Vsauce] Hey, Vsauce! Michael here. [Markiplier]: No! I’M HowToBa- (No seriously who is HowToBasic? I mean, everyone is say that that they are how basic, and the only lead we got is killed by HowToBasic. Lets narrow it down… It cannot be Maxmoefoe because he was in the child drowning video and he needed therapy after that video… Who can it be then? OH I KNOW, THE BLOND GUY FROM THE PURPLE MATRESS ADVERTISMENT! #EXPOSED!!!) [Pete the Voiceover Guy]: Attention! All epic Fortnite gamers! (Not you) Ninja is in grave danger and he needs your help. (Does anyone even like Ninja anymore?) [MrBeast]: Hey! What does this one say again? [Chandler]: Subscribe to PewDiePie for original content Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be? Sit the f*ck down T-Series I’m here to spill the real tea [Merrell Twins]: There’s one thing this video needs… [Jake Paul] WAAAALMART!! (braindeath) [Phil Swift] Ho Ho! Phil Swift here! (THATS ALOT OF DAMAGE) I am not captioning this sin, go game end if you think I am. [Jake Paul]: WAAAALMART!! [Will Smith]: YAAHH! Ya, If I controlled Rewind, I would want…
(Thou hast two wishes left) Fortnite and Marques Brownlee [Thanos snap] [Marques Brownlee]: Is this what you wanted? [Ninja]: THE F*CK YOU SAY TO ME?!! [Shane Dawson]: You have to be kind of a sociopath BITCH (Lasanga) [Will Smith]: Ah, that’s hot BITCH
(lasanag doggo) That’s hot [Logan Paul]: I feel like this was a stupid hat to wear
(this was a stupid video to make) [Dr. Phil]: Oh, you think this is a joke?? YUP! (Lasagna) Draw! [Background] It’s a draw! You’re heating up your breakfast
when I’m heating up my dinner! [TanaSob] (Something about Tanacon being a bullshit idea) [VoiceoverPete]: Attention, all libtards! Now Ben Shapiro wants to know my location. [Ben Shapiro]: Okay, that was epic. Next 👏 (MEME) 👏 meme (REVIEW) (Moments of slients) Avicii
(1989-2018) Stephen Hillenburg
(1961-2018) (RIP SpongeBob) Stephen Hawking “Although my body is very limited,
my mind is free to explore the universe.”
(1942-2018) Stan Lee “If you have an idea
that you genuinely think is good,”
(1922-2018) Stan Lee “don’t let some idiot talk you out of it.”
(1922-2018) Stefán Karl Stefánsson “A special thank you to all of you, my dear meme friends.”
(1975-2018) (RIP Robbie Rotten) Thank you so much.
(YOU REALLY WERE NUMBER 1) Carl: Now concentrate… Marcus painting (Megalovania) INKLING CONFIRMED Rewind time, everyone. megalovania! orange justice! ft. Denzel Washington and Dame Tu Cosita! Fortnite Season 6 trailer (RIP Kevin the Cube) Trump! Change my mind meme! ft bowsette again Why ninja (SPAGETTI!) R-Rewind time, everybody-y-y! CRAB RAVE GO! (ninja has ligma!) Woo! (I am gone!) So, what if I’m the monst- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (BANG BANG BANG) [FBI] FBI, open up! Fortnite default dance! Megalovinia Rave! Ft. Thanos mode in Fortnite [Ninja]: You kiss your mother with that mouth? (I do) S T R E A M S N I P I N G AMAZING DIVE (Pyrocynical song joins the mesh) Hulo, me ol chum [Pyrocynical]: So guys, we did it
[PewDiePie]: R-Rewind time everybody-y-y!
(Default dance again) Maybe I’ll be Tracer… I’m already Tracer! What about Widowmaker? I’M A GUH-NOME I’ll be Bastion! NERF BASTION!!! XD You’re right, so Winston… I wanna be Winston…>:( I guess I’ll be Genji I’m already Genji! Then ill be Mccree! I already chose Mc- SMASH BROTHERS BRAWL! Article 13 has enter the … ($%#@e) Im in the US XD Ah, that’s hot. Ah, that’s… [laughter] (Dolan Dark is the best) (CC’S NOTE: subscribe to all the creators, pewdiepie, main dark pit in smash, and make this video the most liked video in history! see ya!) Also check out the song rewind time by clicking the thing, and also check out the song they used for Dolan’s part, Megalovania Time! See you in another video, RUBANO OUT! IM MAKING MAC AND CHEESE AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME

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