YouTube Kids Parental Control Tutorial

hello this is Leonie Smith the cyber
safety lady I’m going to give you a tutorial today on YouTube kids how to
set up a YouTube account for your child with parental controls when you first
open the app if you don’t have any profile setup already for your children
you’ll be presented with a screen that looks similar to this you can see that
it’s Halloween soon so we’ve got a Halloween themed first screen the top
menu along here toggles across from all kinds of different categories of videos
that are available for kids to look at without any parental controls setup or
any profiles now the problem with not having any profile setup is that the
content that’s available in YouTube kids could be anything that’s suitable for a
three-year-old through to a fourteen or fifteen year old so it’s a good idea to
have a profile setup particularly for the age range of your child and it’s
relatively simple to do then once you got that profile set up you can if you
want to actually select the videos you want your child to watch which limits
them searching for something and finding something that might be a little bit too
scary or inappropriate in content so the first thing to do is to go up to the
profile icon up here on the left hand side of the screen and you can see here
it says ask a parent to create your profile choose a picture and see videos
just for you so we’re going to click get started
it’s now asking us for the year that we were born as parents this verifies our
age it isn’t stored so I’m going to lie about my age I’m going to click confirm then what I have to do is sign in with
my Google account so you do have to have a Google account to set this up you can
stop the video right now if you haven’t got one and set one up you can’t
actually use YouTube kids with parental controls without one right now here’s
where you put your child’s name it can be a nickname or if it just a first name
and ill write Billy and then we have to click on that space and select his date
of birth so let’s make Billy July 2015 and then click the arrow button do you
want search on or off for such a young child it’s better to have the search off
so that’s what we’re going to click turn search off
so there’s Billy’s account he’s three years old if we want to create another
account then we just do the same thing again so then we click the arrow button
and what we can do then is to set up some parental controls for Billy so now
we can set up the parental controls for Billy by clicking the lock on the screen
it’s going to ask for our parental password then click settings and then
click Billy’s account it’ll ask for your Google password again so you have to
enter that it brings up all the sorts of things we can change on Billy’s account
so allow searching is turned off that means he cannot search within YouTube
kids for other types of content he’s three years old we want to protect him
and the other thing we’re going to do is we’re going to approve all the videos
and content that Billy is allowed to watch so that that means he can watch
high quality content that is personally selected by you his
parents to do that we’re going to toggle across to the right approved content
only and this is the message we get getting started we’ll approve some
content for our child we can pick videos so we can pick channels and we can also
select collections from our partners or the YouTube kids team
we’ve got sesame studios that one looks like it might be all right
collect selected by Sesame Workshop okay so let’s have a look at that these are
the shows within this particular Sesame Street collection if you want to it’d be
a good idea to have a look just a quick look through some of the videos on this
just to make sure that it is all alright you can scroll through the top sections
up here as well so you’ve got learning you’ve got explore you might find the
different categories helpful to go through and find different things that
your child might be interested in these collections of different YouTube videos
here as well like the learning ones and you can go through and select those
individually too so that they’re suitable for your child’s age once
you’ve done all that you click the done button and you can go back in here at
any time and click manage and select more content for your child if you wish
to once you’re finished with selecting the custom content for your child then
you can exit out of that screen and go back to your child’s profile where you
can see the content and you can go through and double check it if you like
see all the individual individual content that’s there one of the most
important things to do with your child’s profile is also set up a pin code for
each profile you may have up to 8 profiles on any one device on YouTube
kids and it’s really important that each profile is protected with a personal pin
code that only you know this prevents your child from skipping between
profiles as well and a way to do that is to click on the profile of your child
and then what you’ll see is underneath that an edit button click the edit
button you can choose an icon or a logo and you can change the name click the
Settings button this this way you can select or make a secret code with the
secret code nobody else can switch to this particular profile if each of your
children have a secret code it means they can’t watch videos that aren’t
suitable for them and it’s also a good thing to do because they can actually
evade the timer switch I’ll explain that in a minute so setting up a code is
pretty simple you just click the Create button there on the secret code then
create a code a four-digit code that only you know I would keep it a secret
from Billy just so that it helps you control how often Billy uses the app
and prevents him from switching around too much so I’m just going to set my
demonstration code up here don’t use 4 zeros use something a bit smarter
than that then you click Next do it again and then
got it there you go so now he has a secret code on his account and any other
profiles that you set up make sure they also have secret codes on their account
so how that works now is when we go back to the profile settings you can see I’ve
added another profile there called Sophie if a child wanted to hop onto
somebody else’s profile to see different videos Sophie might be older than
Billy’s so if he might be 13 for instance if Billy tries to click on
Sophie’s account he has to know the secret code to open her account to do so
there is also a sneaky way that kids can evade the timer by exiting out of the
app so the secret code protect prevents them
from logging back in again which is why it’s better for you to have the code and
not them so that’s how the secret codes work now let’s go back to Billy’s account
so now we can see what Billy is allowed to watch if we want to set a timer on
Billy’s profile you can click the lock put it in our secret parent passcode and
there’s the timer up there we can set a timer for Billy but he’s allowed to
watch for 11 minutes once we click start the timer every now and then a little
pop up like that across the bottom of the screen will come up to alert Billy
as to how long he’s got left and when that timer goes off time will be up now
it’s a good idea if you set the timers on YouTube kids to support the fact that
his app is going to shut down fairly soon so you might want to just warn him
yourself and say Billy in a couple of minutes YouTube kids is over and then
we’re going to go to the park always try and do it with a positive spin the
rewards for good behavior when the app goes off sometimes children might throw
a little bit of a tantrum when their app turns off suddenly so it’s a good idea
to reward good compliant behavior for getting off their app and make sure
there’s something fun and exciting to do once they get off so that it doesn’t
seem like such a tragedy when the app goes like this when the
screen goes like that and says time up there’s really not much they can do now
if for some reason the timer has gone off and you didn’t mean it to go off and
you’d like to extend Billy’s time a little bit just click the lock icon
put in your secret passcode and you can add a bit more time and start the timer
all over again and then Billy can go back to his cartoons
so that is YouTube kids setting up a child’s profile you can
obviously set up as many profiles as you want there’s up to eight allowed on
YouTube kids, the content on YouTube kids still has some content that is a little
questionable for kids to watch so make sure you’re very careful with younger
children that you are actually sitting with them we’re now are watching YouTube
kids so that you can be part of their experience and explain anything to them
that they do see and if you have older kids say tweens for instance nine ten
eleven years old then make sure that you’re aware of what
they are watching on YouTube kids that you can alter the settings for their
account as they get older of course so that they have more opportunities to
choose things that they want in the future YouTube kids are going to be
bringing out two main settings for parents to make it easier for them an
under eight year old setting and an over eight year old setting so that there is a a video
channel that they can watch in between YouTube kids and the full adult version
of YouTube when they’re older thank you very much for watching if you want to
find out more about parental controls you can go to my website the My manual “Keeping Kids Safe Online” is also
available from that website that has these settings and more in some detail
thank you for watching

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