YouTube 101: Search & Browse

[children laughing, shouting] [exciting music] Jane: I don’t know
how I got into this mess, but there’s only one way out. My name’s Jane.
There are others like me. I’m trying to solve a puzzle.
All the clues are up on YouTube. But finding them all…
well, with so many videos, it can seem overwhelming. [exciting music] Type what you want
into the search bar at the top of the screen,
then click Search. Modify your search
using the filter options at the top center
of the screen. You can sort by Relevance
to your search, Newest or Oldest Uploaded
content, or by the View count so the most popular videos
are at the top of the page. It’s possible to search for
when the videos were uploaded or for the specific type
of video you want. View the matches at once, search through
specific Channels, or browse various Playlists
created by other users. [exciting music continues] Browse pages using the tabs
under the search bar. It’s easy to search by Videos,
Channels, and Shows. Using the specific filters
unique to each tab, you can easily explore
the various videos. After choosing a video, you’ll be taken
to the watch page. There, you’ll notice
two other sections that may be of interest
to you. First there’s
the More From section. Here, you’ll find a list
of additional videos uploaded by the user whose video
you’re currently viewing. [exciting music continues] Second, you’ll see a section
of Related Videos. This is a list of videos
you may find interesting based on the subject matter
of your current selection. With these tools,
you should have no problem searching the great content
on YouTube. I thought this game was over,
but… but I have a feeling
it’s just beginning. [children laughing, shouting]

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