YOU vs PINHEAD – How You Can Defeat and Survive Him (Hellraiser Movie)

Strolling through a flea market in a faraway
land you come across a peculiar stand selling what seem to be like puzzle boxes. You begin to toy with one, amused at its ingenuity,
but soon your eyes land on a particular puzzle box kept in a glass case behind the counter,
far out of the reach of curious, grasping hands. Asking the vendor about the peculiar item,
his eyes light up as he looks you up and down for a moment before smiling- an act that leaves
you rather unnerved. The vendor agrees to sell you the box at a
deep discount, telling you that you are the perfect customer for it. Taking the box home, you begin to fiddle with
it, and discover that pieces of it can be moved around and reconfigured. Suddenly, you’ve solved the puzzle and the
box leaps out of your hands and rearranges into a brand new configuration- and then from
the darkness in the corner of your room you hear the rattling of chains and the deep moaning
of something horrific. Standing before you is the Fiend of Pain and
Pleasure, the legendary Pinhead, along with his host of cenobites, and they have promised
that your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographic’s You versus- today we’re putting you up against Leviathan’s chief architect
of pain, Pinhead. Pinhead was once a man like you and I, albeit
one tragically scarred by the experiences of World War I. A soldier serving with the Allies, Elliot
Spencer witnessed the horrors and carnage of trench warfare, horrors that sucked the
joy of life out of him. His mind broken by the atrocities he had seen,
he became disenchanted with life and in a desperate bid to feel something again- anything-
he engaged in a globe hopping expedition to seek out every form of carnal gratification
he could think of, and yet he still hungered for something ‘more’. Eventually he discovered the Lament Configuration,
a puzzle box designed by a brilliant engineer over two hundred years ago and infused with
dark magic. When properly arranged, the box opens an inter
dimensional portal to the realm of Hell, kingdom of Leviathan. Dragged into Hell, Spencer was subjected to
every pleasure and torture imaginable, and eventually transformed into the Cenobite known
as Pinhead when his soul and that of Xipe Totec, a Mayan prince, merged together. So you’ve accidentally summoned an inter dimensional
entity who is now hellbent on flaying the skin from your flesh while torturing you with
every possible pain and pleasure in all of creation for eternity- how are you going to
defeat it? First you have to know your enemy. The most important thing to remember about
Pinhead is that despite his appearance and his origins in the dimension of Hell, he is
not in fact a demon. Pinhead is instead a Cenobite, a twisted abomination
created by the merging of Captain Spencer’s and Xipe Totec’s souls, and then infused with
living flesh. This is an important distinction to make,
because while true faith can be a powerful weapon against a demon, it’s going to be completely
useless against Pinhead or his Cenobite cohorts. Holy water and other holy artifacts may be
deadly against a demon, but they won’t do anything against Pinhead save for very quickly
get you horrifically maimed. As far as powers and abilities, Pinhead has
quite a few tricks to call on. First, he’s very resistant to physical damage-
not completely immune, but highly resistant. Because Pinhead manifests physically in our
world, he is bound like any other entity that takes corporal form by the rules of the prime
material plane. That means that pinhead can be shot, stabbed,
and even exploded- although as mentioned, he does have incredible vitality and is supernaturally
difficult to physically hurt. Plus there’s the simple fact that Pinhead
can deal with pain extremely well- he has spent a hundred years exploring every pain
and pleasure imaginable, his body has been tortured in every way you could think of,
and his mind has evolved to turn pain into pleasure. Hurting Pinhead isn’t going to slow him down
much, and while he sticks a few chained hooks into your flesh, trying to return the favor
is only going to get his rocks off- so to speak. The chain hooks are another thing we should
bring up, as they are definitely one of Pinhead’s favorite weapons. Pinhead has the ability to tap into the well
of midnight at any time, manifesting its malevolent energy as iron chains tipped with barbed hooks. The chains are frequently used to string up
victims and immobilize them in preparation for transport into Hell, or in preparation
for their eternity of suffering. The chains can also be used defensively though,
with Pinhead calling upon them to shield himself from the attacks of other supernatural beings. They can bind a target completely, lift them
up into the air, or simply strike from multiple directions at once to tear flesh and wear
a target down from blood loss and pain. It seems that Pinhead feeds off his victim’s
suffering, and so the more he can inflict on them, the more powerful he becomes. Lastly, Pinhead has an almost omnipotent ability
to know every emotional and psychological problem you have ever had in your life. He knows of every disappointment, every tragedy,
and every moment of abuse you have ever suffered. He understands exactly what will hurt you
the most psychologically or emotionally, and sometimes his torture is not physical at all,
but rather emotional. In fact some of his victims are dragged to
Hell not to suffer physical tortures, but rather to endure emotional and psychological
tortures, forced to relive the most horrible moments of their lives, or thrust into nightmare
possibilities where they live through horrifically traumatic events, over and over, into eternity. It’s not clear, but it’s believed that eventually
when the victim’s soul has been thoroughly defeated this way, the victim is eventually
turned into a Cenobite, under Pinhead’s command or operating on their own to perpetrate human
misery. So how are you going to take on the Prince
of Pain and Pleasure, with his ability to know what hurts you most emotionally, conjure
chains and hooks out of thin air, and to resist most physical damage? This isn’t going to be an easy fight. First, your mind is your best weapon- only
in this case, it’s Pinhead’s best weapon. He’s a patient guy, he doesn’t need to come
swinging right out of the gate and rip you to shred with his mystical chains and hooks. Instead Pinhead will haunt you from the shadows,
calling upon your worst emotional and psychological traumas. Perhaps he will force you to live through
some of these memories all over again, all with the purpose of breaking down your will. This strengthens Pinhead, and some victims
can be so defeated that they simply give in to the physical torture that comes next. So you’re going to have to make sure you’ve
got a good grasp on your nogging. If something haunts you from your past, let
it go. Take some yoga classes and do some self-help
therapy, vent out your most painful experiences with a professional who can help you sort
them out- that’s not just good advice on insulating yourself against Pinhead’s manipulation, but
it’s good advice for daily life! Ok, so you’ve made peace with your inner demons
and now they serve you, instead of Pinhead. That’s one big step forward in this battle
royale- now it’s going to come down to fisticuffs, or well, not that because you really don’t
want to get into a boxing match with a guy that has sharpened pins all over the face
you’ll be punching. Up next you’re going to want to find a way
to protect yourself from Pinhead’s primary weapon: those flying chains with nasty little
hooks on the end. Pinhead’s going to be wanting to stick those
everywhere on your body- and we do mean everywhere- so you’d best not give him the chance. You’re going to want to get your hands on
the Chainmail Sharkproof Suit from Hammacher Schlemmer, designer of sharkproof suits for
underwater biologists for the last four decades. The suit features a fine weave stainless steel
mesh along with a helmet. The suit’s sleeves, bottom of the tunic, and
boots all extend under the upper layer, to give you double layered protection in several
vital areas. Rated to withstand a shark bite short of a
great white shark, the shark suit will make you pretty much invulnerable to Pinhead’s
dread chain attacks, and at only $7,500 dollars it’s quite a steal. The suit does leave your face exposed however,
but a simple medieval style face mask made of steel will take care of that problem. With your full body suit making you impervious
to Pinhead’s hook and chain attacks, and your iron will making you equally impervious to
his attempts to manipulate you emotionally, this just leaves the problem of actually defeating
Pinhead. As we mentioned, Pinhead is extremely resistant
to physical damage- even the most powerful assault rifles aren’t going to have much effect. Cenobites are only seriously injured by other
supernatural beings, and even if you managed to say, blow Pinhead up, he’ll simply reform
back in Hell and come back later to finish you off. You don’t want to give him that opportunity,
but you also can’t kill him and you don’t want him escaping back into Hell until you
eventually really have to pee and take off your chain link shark suit. Once more, we’re going to turn to science,
only this time it’s the science of magnetism that we’re turning to. Pinhead’s head is embedded with dozens of
metal pins, and it’s well known that his body is host to many, many piercings, some of them
in some very uncomfortable places. We think it’s time to turn Pinhead’s love
for heavy metal back at him- so you’re going to have to get your hands on a junk yard electromagnetic
crane. Naturally occurring magnets aren’t powerful
enough to lift up huge slabs of steel, but wrap an iron core with wires and run a current
through and voila, you can create a powerful electromagnet that can lift cars. For you though, you’re going to use the electromagnet
without the crane. Simply bury the magnet in the floor or perhaps
inside a wall where you’ll be summoning Pinhead, and when he arrives let him do his hooks and
chains thing just for giggles- remember you’re safely sitting inside your shark proof suit. When he’s worn himself out trying to rip you
apart, simply press a switch to run the electricity through the magnet and voila- the metal in
all of Pinhead’s piercings and pins will trap him up against the magnet, rendering him completely
helpless. What you do from here is, well kind of tricky. Pinhead doesn’t need to eat and drink, and
you can’t keep the magnet on forever because the electric bill will bankrupt you in no
time at all. Plus if there’s ever a blackout, well, you’re
going to have one very pissed off Pinhead coming after you, and odds are you won’t be
in your shark suit when he does. So, we’ve done it before when you were fighting
the evil doll Chucky, and we’ll do it again- you’re going to have to transport Pinhead
to the bottom of the sea, somewhere that nobody can stumble across him ever again and set
him free to torment humanity once more. As usual our supernatural evil dumping ground
is going to be Litke Deep in the Arctic ocean, which reaches a depth of 17,881 feet (5.449
meters). Just chain Pinhead up nice and tight and dump
him overboard- if you remember from our You vs Chucky video we chose this spot because
there’s very little chance of any fisherman accidentally snagging one of our evil villains
with his nets and dragging them back up to the surface. With Pinhead safely in the bottom of the ocean
for a few hundred years minimum, you’re free to finally hop out of your shark suit and
take a breather. However if you’ve been following along in
this series then you’ve probably already dumped Chucky down there too, in which case you should
probably always be cautious about what goes bump in the dark around you, there’s no telling
what the lead Cenobyte and an evil, murderous doll may get up to if allowed to plan together. How would you defeat Pinhead? Where would your designated evil dude dumping
ground be? And if you like our You vs series, make sure
you check out our You vs playlist! Do it now! I’m waiting!

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