YOU vs DEMOGORGON – How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Stranger Things Netflix Series)

So you’ve been having trouble sleeping lately,
and in response your doctor suggests that you try out a sensory deprivation tank. Meant to help calm and soothe people, these
metal cylinders suspend the individual inside in a tank full of warm water while blocking
out all light and noise from the outside world. As you feel yourself relaxing in your small
cocoon of oblivion, your mind starts to wander. At first you think about your life and the
world around you as you often do when idly daydreaming, but suddenly you feel your thoughts
turn to somewhere… else. In your mind’s eye you see a new place- a
world of shadows lit up by a deep midnight bluish haze. Suddenly you realize that you’re not just
daydreaming about this place, you’re physically there! But wait, there’s something else there with
you just ahead. A strange, humanoid creature that seems to
be eating something. Gasping in surprise, the creature spins around
and you see its head open up like a flower petal, and the horror of it sends your mind
reeling back into our world! Yet as you clamber out of your sensory deprivation
chamber you look up and see a rift on the wall before you, an interdimensional tear
linking our world and this strange, alien world full of monsters- and standing there
in the rift is the creature you thought was nothing more than a bad dream! Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show’s You Versus, today we’re pitting you up against the monster from the
realm of nightmares, the Demogorgon. So you awakened latent psychic powers and
accidentally tore a hole in space time, dragging through it an interdimensional horror hellbent
on feasting on your flesh- how are you going to get out of this jam? As usual, we’ve got your back, but first to
defeat your enemy, you must know him. Or her. Or it- we’re really not up to date on our
interdimensional monster biology. The Demogorgon is a creature accidentally
brought into our world after a series of government experiments designed to tap into the psychic
abilities of young children went horribly wrong. A native of the dimension known simply as
The Upside-Down, we actually know very little about the Demogorgon or its home plane of
existence. It’s believed that the Demogorgon reproduces
much in the same way as a Xenomorph, by implanting larva into living hosts, but it’s just as
possible that the Demogrogon reproduces by laying eggs, and merely brings back living
prey to be consumed by its spawn. What is known about the creature is that it
is a fierce predator with an incredibly well developed sense of smell. Compared to a shark, its olfactory powers
border on what we would consider supernatural, able to detect spilled blood from miles away. Perhaps its power originates in its ability
to move between dimensions though, and its senses operate in a fashion that is completely
alien to us. As mentioned, the Demogorgon does have the
ability to move between dimensions, though the act appears to require a huge amount of
energy and may possibly temporarily weaken it. As visitors to The Upside-Down have noted,
its home dimension and ours seem to slightly overlap, almost like the way you can lay two
sheets of paper on top of each other and see part of the bottom sheet through the top sheet. This means that general geographic features
of our world are present as well in The Upside-Down, and sounds also carry over from our dimension
to the Demogorgon’s dimension. With its ability to seemingly travel between
dimensions at will, it’s unclear why the Demogorgon never visited our world prior to 1983, as
surely it would have been aware of our existence. Perhaps the Demogorgon showed no interest
until initial contact was made by accident, or perhaps the Stranger Things writing staff
overlooked an interdimensional portal-sized plot hole in their scripts. The demogorgon is not just a formidable predator
with a keen sense of smell, it also has a small talent for some low-level kinetics. While you won’t have to worry about dodging
furniture being tossed at you from across the room, you should be aware of its ability
to manipulate small objects with its mind- however luckily for you the demogorgon is
definitely one of the least intelligent enemies we’ve pitted you up against, preferring to
use brute force to navigate obstacles. Its hide is comparable to that of an elephant’s,
making it able to shrug off most small caliber weapons fire with little effect. The Demogorgon is also extremely physically
resilient even when wounded, and if given a chance will regenerate from even catastrophic
amounts of damage in a very short time. It’s unknown if the Demogorgon possesses this
ability naturally, or if perhaps there is an unknown property about The Upside-Down
that works to preserve and even regenerate life. Individuals trapped in The Upside-Down have
been known to survive for up to a week with no food and water, and thus it may be that
the Demogorgon simply returns to The Upside-Down where it heals at a greatly accelerated rate
due to the ambient properties of the realm. This is of course pure speculation, and it
may simply possess incredible regenerative properties- if it is indeed able to somehow
store enough energy to tear a hole between dimensions inside its body then it’s not impossible
to believe that it is also able to store enough chemical energy to kickstart a biological
regenerative process. This does mean that the Demogorgon is going
to need to feed immediately after regenerating huge amounts of physical damage, which is
going to make it even more dangerous- so what we’re saying is that if you start a fight
against a Demogorgon, you’d best finish it. A super olfactory sense, an incredibly resilient
body, and the ability to regenerate, this is already a formidable foe- yet as our friend
Billy Mays would say, but wait, there’s more. The Demogorgon doesn’t just have the ability
to move between dimensions, it seems to be able to do so even while hunting, making it
an ambush master. This means it can literally jump out at you
from out of nowhere, so you’re going to have to keep your head on a swivel. Luckily though the Demogorgon does display
the same predatory instincts as many of Earth’s hunters, and prefers to ambush prey that is
unaware- so stay out of dimly lit corners and you should be fine. Also like many ambush hunters, the Demogorgon
seems hesitant to charge straight at prey that is aware of its presence- this is similar
to many sharks which will not attempt to tackle prey unless they can ambush it. So, how are you going to defeat this thing? First things first, choose your battlefield-
or in this case, design it. As mentioned the Demogorgon isn’t particularly
intelligent, and seems to operate on little more than predatory instinct. It’s super smell sense gives it a huge advantage,
except we’re going to use it against it. You’re going to want to pick a nice, well-lit
location such as a school gymnasium to make your stand in. The overhead lighting and large open space
will discourage the Demogorgon from trying to use its ability to travel between dimensions
and ambush you, something it only seems to want to do when it is sure it’ll be able to
get the drop on unwary prey. Next, get some full body length mirrors- a
lot of them. We’re talking at least two to three dozen. You’re going to be setting these up around
the room in groups of threes, so that they lean against each other and cover each other’s
non-reflective backsides. Along the edges of each mirror you’re going
to rub some of your own blood, and with so many mirrors that’s going to take a bit of
bleeding on your behalf. But hey, no pain no gain, or in this case,
no pain, you get eaten by an interdimensional monster. Luckily for you though the Demogorgon’s sense
of smell is so acute, that just a small amount of blood will be enough. As we mentioned, the Demogorgon is not particularly
intelligent, and it’s thought that its sense of smell is its primary sense, with weak eyesight. The perpetual twilight nature of its home
realm in The Upside-Down is also a strong indication that this beast may have evolved
to rely less on sight and more on its other senses to navigate the darkness, no different
than many cave-dwelling species. The goal of your mirrors is going to be to
throw your reflections across the room, thereby confusing its already weak sense of sight
and confusing its sense of smell with all the blood you’ve spread around. Not being particularly intelligent, the Demogorgon
should throw itself at the nearest reflection, working its way to the real you by process
of elimination. Your mirror trap has bought you some time,
but just how do you down a creature that can take a full 30 round magazine from an M-16
and keep on coming? When it comes to tackling supernatural, demonic,
alien, or interdimensional threats, we here at The Infographics Show have one adage: problem-solving
through superior firepower, and when bad things go bump in the night, we have just the tool
to bump this particular baddy right back. An experimental version of the famous Barrett
.50 caliber anti-material rifle, the Barrett XM109 was developed at the request of the
US Military, which saw a need for its marksmen to defeat ever more formidable armored vehicles. In response the Barrett company pulled out
all the stops in the development of the XM109, which was specifically made to chamber the
XM1049 25mm high explosive round. Capable of penetrating several inches of composite
armor, the XM109 can stop a lightly armored vehicle such as an infantry fighting vehicle
out to a range of 1.2 miles (2km). At a range of just a few hundred feet though,
the XM109’s 25mm explosive round will penetrate the Demogorgon’s tough hide and then trigger
the dual explosive, turning your interdimensional attacker into nothing more than a rapidly
evaporating mist. You better make that first shot count though,
as you won’t get many more. One of the main drawbacks of the XM109 and
the reason it wasn’t approved for military use was the massive recoil produced by the
rifle, with operators sustaining shoulder injuries after just a few shots. So whatever you do, don’t miss. But also because the moment you get that first
shot off, the Demogorgon- and everything in a half-mile radius- is going to know exactly
where you are… and once that happens, well, the best we can do is recommend some nice
funeral arrangements. How would you defeat The Demogorgon? Is there such a thing as too much firepower
when fighting interdimensional monsters? Let us know in the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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