YOU vs ANNABELLE – How Can You Defeat and Survive It (Annabelle / The Conjuring Movie)

You’re rummaging through a garage sale one
Saturday afternoon with your family when suddenly you hear your younger sister squeal. In a panic, you dash into the dimly lit garage
only to find your sister cooing with delight as she looks on at a rather strange and old
looking porcelain doll. The doll looks like she was made half a century
ago, but your little sister doesn’t care- she wants it and she wants it now. Caving, your mom decides that sure, it’s creepy,
but it’s also surely an antique and who knows, maybe it’s valuable? Taking the doll home you can’t help but feel
like everytime you look over your shoulder at the back seat, it seems to be looking back
at you- but that’s impossible, it’s just a stupid doll, the car’s jostling on the bumpy
road probably just knocked her eyes that way. But then, later that night as you’re laying
in bed you hear your bedroom door open with an agonizingly slow squeak… you know you
have to roll over and look to see what’s there at your door but part of your panicking mind
already knows and doesn’t want to see. At last, you roll on your back and look over
and there she is- Annabelle, the demon doll from hell, and she has a smile just for you. Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographic Show’s You Versus, today we’re putting you up against the most infamous possessed
doll in history: Annabelle. Popularized by the film The Conjuring, and
subsequent solo films, the real Annabelle is a doll that serves as the host for a demonic
entity, accidentally allowed to possess the doll by two women in their late twenties back
in the 1970s. Received as a birthday gift, Annabelle’s owner
would discover the doll in different places around the house, and soon started finding
pieces of parchment upon which were written the words “help me, help us”. Finally one day a male friend took a nap on
the same bed Annabelle was kept at and he woke up after feeling like he was being strangled
with the doll staring at him. The girls contacted a medium and held a séance,
who said that the spirit of a 7 year old girl named Annabelle Higgins, a prior occupant,
was haunting the house, but she wanted to stay with the girls and be loved by them. The girls gave the spirit permission to inhabit
the doll- which turned out to be a big mistake, as Annabelle was not really a friendly, if
mischievous, spirit of a young girl, but a full-blown demon who was looking to possess
a human host. Annabelle would eventually be locked up in
the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s museum of the occult, inside
a display case with the words “WARNING: Positively Do Not Open” written on it. One visitor to the museum scoffed at the warning
and taunted the doll, only to be killed on his motorcycle ride back home from the museum. Ever since, Lorraine has warned disbelievers
about not heeding her warnings to stay away from Annabelle and other demonic forces. So, you decided to poke fun at the myth of
a demon-inhabited doll, or perhaps Annabelle managed to scamper out of Ed and Lorraine’s
museum and into your house- either way you’re now in a 1 on 1 deathmatch versus the demon
doll from hell, how are you going to beat it? To defeat your enemy first you must know your
enemy. Annabelle is a demon, which means that she
is vulnerable to the same key weaknesses as any other demon: holy water and holy symbols. The key though is having true faith while
wielding those symbols- a cross isn’t going to do you much good if you have no faith that
it does in fact represent a higher power with absolute dominion over evil and love for humanity. That’s why demons’ favorite prey is typically
weak-willed holy men with little real faith. Demons are also bound by the laws of the prime
material plane should they manifest physically, meaning that while they may have superior
speed and strength compared to the average human, if they take physical form they are
still prone to being harmed. God does not exempt demons- or angels- from
the laws of physics. Annabelle is interesting in that she manifests
both spiritually and physically, albeit the latter very infrequently. Typically she does as most demons and haunts
her victims, torturing them psychologically and increasing their fear, for as your fear
increases, a demon’s strength is also increased. She typically only manifests physically when
greatly enraged, in serious danger, or when a victim is truly terrified and close to breaking. This is a key vulnerability that we’ll be
exploiting in our deathmatch against Annabelle in both demon and non-demon form. Annabelle also has a formidable talent for
telekinesis, which only grows with the horror she induces in her victims. Her power can range from moving toys across
a room, to outright snapping fingers on a person’s hand- making Annabelle one of the
most powerful telekinetic demons we’ve seen. So how are you going to fight a finger-snapping
demon doll from hell? First, as in any confrontation with a demonic
entity, you’re going to have to make mental preparations before physical ones. Annabelle’s demonic domain seems to be that
of Fear, meaning she urges her victims to grow increasingly more afraid, and thus grows
stronger herself. Part of your mental preparations are going
to be to get a grip on your fears, because you can bet that Annabelle will be waiting
to exploit them. Unlike other demons we’ve featured though,
Annabelle isn’t particularly clever, and doesn’t seem to be able to tap directly into your
mind to learn your fears and then conjure them. Instead she plays on the universal fears all
humans have of the darkness and the unexpected, manipulating her victims with surprise and
simple tricks using shadows and low level telekinetics. Take a tip from US Special Operations soldiers
and fight your fear before you actually get into combat- picture your pending confrontation
against the demon doll, try and imagine every possible scare she can throw at you, every
creeping shadow she can overwhelm you with in an attempt to terrify you. When the moment comes and the lights get snuffed
out, you’ll realize that you’ve been picturing all this before, you know what’s coming…
something dreadful will appear in a dark corner but you’re ready because you’ve been thinking
about dreadful things in the dark for days now. You may not be able to eliminate your fear
entirely, but you’ve got a pretty good handle on it now, so it’s time to start dealing with
Annabelle directly. Your primary objective is going to be to destroy
Annabelle the doll, as that is the shell that Annabelle the demon inhabits and what allows
it free reign to enter and exit our world as it pleases. That’s likely not going to be easy, for a
doll Annabelle has shown incredible resilience to damage, and the demon isn’t going to just
let you smash it with a hammer. As soon as Annabelle realizes that her tricks
and fear tactics aren’t working on you, she’s going to start taking a more direct approach. The young man in the 70s who slept on the
bed shared by Annabelle felt himself being choked and woke up with scratch marks on his
chest… if you’re going to try and destroy Annabelle, you bet you’re going to be getting
quite a bit more than claw marks. This is when Annabelle is going to take physical
form as she’s unable to break you mentally, which is that of a six and a half to seven
foot tall demon with crested horns and onyx black skin. The demon is very strong, and capable of tossing
adult humans across a room with ease- that’s ok, because you’re not going to give it a
chance to get that close. As soon as Annabelle takes physical form,
you’re going to introduce her to humanity’s crowning achievement in close quarters murder:
the AA-12, Atchisson Assault Shotgun. Test fired by the US Marine Corps and other
militaries from around the world, the AA-12 features a 20 round drum magazine and is fully
automatic, able to fire five 12 gauge shotgun shells a second. That means that in one four-second burst you’ll
have emptied your drum magazine, but you’ll also have perforated Annabelle’s demonic body
with more holes than finely aged swiss cheese. And with its ability to absorb 80% of its
recoil through its gas system, and another 10% through its recoil spring, that means
that you as the shooter only experience 10% of the recoil per shot, giving the AA-12 unparalleled
accuracy over any other automatic shotgun. As our friend Billy Mays would say: but wait,
because there’s more- it can also come armed with the FRAG-12 shotgun cartridge which turns
each shotgun shell into a fragmentation grenade with a cone-shaped blast to keep you safe. That’s going to come in handy, because demons
are incredibly resistant to physical damage, featuring a tough outer hide that isn’t easily
penetrated. So what you’re going to do is you’re going
to create an alternating loadout in your 20 round drum magazine by loading it with one
FRAG-12 round, followed by a 12 gauge flechette round filled with 19 metal flechettes capable
of penetrating over a foot and a half of ballistic gel and traveling at a speed of 1925 feet
per second. That means you’ll be blasting Annabelle with
one explosive round before hitting her with a shotgun spray of flesh-shredding flechettes,
immediately followed by another explosive round and another spray of flechettes. If Annabelle’s demonic body isn’t hamburger
meat in two seconds flat, just hold the trigger down for another two seconds. But that only gets rid of the physical body,
and arguably that’s the weakest form a demon can take. Now you need to finish the fight and destroy
Annabelle the doll. That’s not going to be easy, specially after
you’ve turned Annabelle’s physical form into a demon-shaped blood stain and quickly evaporating
mist of blood. She’s going to be pissed, and she’s going
to know you’re coming to sever her link to our world, so she’s going to throw everything
she’s got at you, and with her telekinetic powers that may be a very literal statement. You better be fast on your feet, because you’ll
be dodging flying furniture and who knows what else. Here’s where getting your hands on a holy
symbol would be helpful, but unless you have the faith to wield it properly Annabelle’s
just going to laugh it off before probably stabbing you in the face with it. Even if you have the faith though, there’s
Annabelle’s telekinesis to deal with- and she has been known to ‘encourage’ holy men
to drop their symbols by systematically snapping their fingers backwards one at a time. To keep that from happening, you can order
yourself a custom made, medieval style gauntlet made of steel and reinforced with iron. Manufacturers such as Wulflund specialize
in recreating historical armors and weapons, only with the added benefit of modern smelting
and blacksmithing techniques. We wish Annabelle good luck trying to snap
the fingers of a stainless steel metal gauntlet. However, odds are you probably lack the true
faith necessary to deflect Annabelle’s demonic attacks- don’t feel bad, the Warrens are living
proof that even the most powerful exorcists can falter in their faith from time to time. Why bother getting in close anyways, why not
keep your distance, like say, 110 feet of it? With the XL18 flamethrower you can spew fires
almost a thousand degrees hot at a distance of 110 feet (33.5 m), and its 3.3 gallon fuel
tank can be loaded with napalm to make it even more devastating. With that much firepower- literally- at your
disposal, Annabelle’s telekinetic talents won’t matter, and in seconds you’ll have turned
the little demonic porcelain doll into melted clay and rid the world of her link to our
world. At least temporarily, since demons always
come back. Armed with the XL 18 flamethrower and AA-12
automatic shotgun though, humanity can start giving demons serious second thoughts about
returning ever again. Or until the demons start learning to use
shotguns and flame throwers themselves- then we’re all doomed. How would you defeat Annabelle? If you loved this video, check out another
epic matchup in You vs Chucky – and don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more
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