YOU vs AGENT 47 – Could You Defeat and Survive Him? (Hitman Video Game)

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all your online accounts secure! You’re home alone one night when you hear
a knock at the front door. Curious, you go downstairs and peer through
the peephole- but see nothing there. You open the door and take a quick look outside,
but there seems to be no one. Annoyed at what must be a bunch of kids playing
a prank, you close the door when suddenly, there in the glass reflection of a window
you catch sight of him… a tall, bald man with perfectly shaved head, carefully pulling
on a pair of black leather gloves. With a sinking feeling in your chest, you
realize that you’ve really stepped in it now, because someone somewhere wants you dead,
and they’ve taken a contract out on you being serviced by the most legendary hitman of all
time- agent 47! So you’ve been marked for death by the world’s
best professional killer, probably for all that trash talking over Fortnite the other
day, and now you’re regretting your life choices, but more importantly: wondering how in the
world you’re going to win this fight to the death! Agent 47 has his origin in the 1950s, when
five future criminal masterminds all served time together in the French Foreign Legion. Having served his time with the Legion, one
of the four men, Doctor Otto Ort-Meyer, started up a mental institution which he cleverly
used to disguise his secret genetic experiments- often performed with the involuntary aid of
his patients. Promising to greatly increase the lifespan
of the other four super-criminals, who collectively along with the good doctor would come to be
known as the Five Fathers, Dr. Ort-Meyer convinced the other four to fund his secret research,
and in turn he would grant them organs harvested from clone bodies. Dr. Ort-Meyer’s research had but one goal:
to create a superhuman who would have increased strength, intelligence, and reflexes while
being free of the burden of a conscience. He believed that these genetic supermen could
take control of humanity and would be the next evolutionary step forward for the species. Keeping his ultimate goals a secret from his
compatriots, Dr. Ort-Meyer planned to create an army of these super clones, and when they
became suspicious of his plans, Ort-Meyer deployed one of those super clones, Agent
47, to eliminate the four. Ultimately the Doctor’s greatest creation
would be his downfall, as Agent 47 would turn on Doctor Ort-Meyer upon discovering his plans
of world domination and eliminate him. Genetically superior to normal humans, Agent
47 is faster, stronger, and more intelligent than the average person. He stands 6 feet and 2 inches (1.88m) and
weighs 187 lbs (85kg), and despite being in his fifties, he still has the same strength
and stamina he had when he was in his twenties. Thanks to his advanced genetics, Agent 47
is all but immune to disease, and can quickly recover from most injuries. Raised in a secret training facility in Romania
since childhood, 47 is a master of hand-to-hand combat, but really excels in marksmanship
with firearms, showing a great aptitude with both rifles and pistols. Trained to efficiently and silently eliminate
his targets, 47 is a master of stealth and ambush, and clever enough to penetrate even
the tightest security in ways that can be quite unpredictable to his quarry. So you’re up against a super assassin who’s
not going to quit until the job is done, how are you going to survive this? First, you’ll have to start thinking like
an assassin if you want to survive being, you know, assassinated. Key thing to do will be to secure, or at least
eliminate, your digital footprint on the internet. Whether you realize it or not, your day to
day digital activity leaves one huge footprint that any expert assassin would be able to
follow. Surfing the net without a VPN will leave you
vulnerable to surveillance, and carelessly posting on facebook or instagram can easily
give away where you physically are. Putting together hundreds of your different
posts, and all the locations you’ve been tagged at, will make the job of tracking you down
extremely easy, and most important for an assassin: it’ll make pinpointing your schedule
just as easy. Humans are creatures of habit, and if you
want to survive being taken out, you’re going to have to break your everyday habits. For this we can turn to the world of counterterrorism,
which has many lessons that can be applied to staving off your would be assassin. First, stop posting. Yes, we mean completely. Tracking down your IP and thus getting a general
location on your whereabouts is incredibly easy, let alone triangulating a cell phone
signal- which yeah, by the way, you’re going to have to ditch that as well. Second, you’re going to want to start varying
your daily routines. Falling into a pattern is an easy way to get
killed, because it allows would-be assassins to accurately predict when and where you’ll
be each and every day. That leaves a killer like 47 with a chance
to plot the perfect place to ambush you. So take a different route to work, change
up when you go grocery shopping, and where. Be unpredictable. Now that you’ve avoided getting taken out
on the way home from work, you’re going to want to make sure that you spend as much time
in public as possible. Here again we can learn a lot from the world
of counterterrorism. Try and stick to large crowds as much as possible,
and when entering a facility such as a shopping center, always stick with large groups of
people. Never take off into a shopping aisle alone,
and anywhere you go- always be aware of entrances and exits. Always have a plan to get to the nearest exit,
and a backup plan to get to the second-nearest exit. Sticking close to people will keep you from
getting ambushed, but unfortunately it’ll make you vulnerable to 47 getting in close
and eliminating you through much more covert means, such as perhaps a lethal injection-
silent and very deadly. For this reason you’ll want to be very observant
of the people around you. Try and look for things about the people that
are all around you that seem a little odd or out of place. Is someone wearing a bulky coat when it’s
not that cold outside? Could be hiding a weapon or explosives under
there. Is someone insisting on always being near
you? Either you have a super fan for all those
sick burns you left on some streamer’s youtube comments section, or it’s an assassin trying
to get close enough to take you out. People tend to like their personal space,
and someone making a point of getting close to yours should be a dead giveaway. Of course with 47 on your tail, you’re going
to be looking for more obvious things, such as a six-plus foot tall guy in very good shape. 47 can and does use disguises quite frequently,
but while a wig can cover up his famous bald dome, trying to hide his very tall and well-muscled
body is going to be quite difficult. This is the reason why you probably have little
to fear from 47 trying to get physically close to you- he knows that you know he’s after
you, and he’s also very aware of how difficult it can be for him to blend in effectively. It’s a relief to know that you probably won’t
be getting stabbed with a lethal injection in the middle of a crowd, and since you’re
making sure to stay in public spaces, you won’t be getting garroted in a quiet corner
somewhere- but now you have to worry about something else entirely: if 47 can’t get close
to you, he’ll just reach out and touch you from far enough away that you’ll never see
it coming. Yes, that means getting merc’ed the old-fashioned
way: sniper rifle. Trying to avoid a sniper can be pretty difficult,
but you can use some basic counter-sniper techniques and some personnel protective services-
aka bodyguard- techniques to keep your dome from exploding like an overripe squash in
the microwave. Sticking to crowds is good, but even better
will be to make sure that you are constantly on the move. You don’t want to be a sitting target, so
make sure you’re constantly in the move- but more importantly, ensure that you are moving
within a group, and never caught on the edges of one. You’ll also want to always try to be moving
along the edges of the environment you are in- so if you’re in a plaza full of people,
don’t walk through the middle of the plaza, but rather try to move along the edges of
it. Being in the center of your environment will
give a would-be shooter perched somewhere up high a very favorable angle to fire down
on you from, while being closer to the edges will only give a shooter that same favorable
angle from one direction- the one directly opposite you. Figuring out where to go and not go though
is also pretty important- get in the habit of surveying your environment. You’ll want to avoid places that are within
a few hundred meters of anywhere with a high vantage point. So no courtyards or squares with towers or
tall parking structures along the perimeter. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re
aware of the position of the sun at all times, and use it to your advantage. When the sun begins to set, make sure it’s
always behind you- this will help blind a would-be shooter but also let you spot a tell-tale
glint of glass from a shooter’s scope if they are not careful. Typically in You Versus we teach you how to
defeat your enemy in what is always a fight to the death. Unfortunately this time we hate to break it
to you, but there’s no beating Agent 47. He’s a super clone that is the world’s greatest
assassin- you’re lucky to land a small kill streak in PUBG while wiping Cheetoh dust off
your shirt. This You Versus is definitely not about you
defeating 47, but rather about you evading him. Using everything we’ve taught you here, you
should be able to get away from 47 long enough to flee the country. Move somewhere far, very far away and very,
very remote. You know what? That’s not far enough. Hop on Elon Musk’s one way trip to Mars and
become a planetary pioneer, because to be completely honest, with 47 on your tail Earth
is no longer safe for you. To be even more honest, Mars probably won’t
be either. So as you can see, one of the best ways to
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