How’s it going bros? Uh.. Before this video begins I wanted to share something A little bit personal It’s a project that I’ve been working on with Arman the goat simulator guy, Through the studio double moose We’re launching our first game animal super squad. It’s short for ASS. I think you guys are gonna really love it It’s a really funny game I’m gonna link it in the description And you should add it to your wish list, to make sure that you get it when it comes out next week on Tuesday Let’s show some bits of the trailer *game music* *laughs* *laughs* NANI? You didn’t see- Today, we’re playing a new game that I have invented. It’s called… Skratta Du?
*You laugh* Förlora Du!
*You lose* MANNEN!
*Dude* The rule is simple…. You laugh You lose 🙂 I have never laughed once in my entire life! If you laugh you lose tsshhsh No! Let’s begin, The challenge.. This is not Christian. This is not a christian thing Get it away from me. I’ll keep watching just to understand what this is Well someone just give her a hamburger hehehertshhehs husshththuuhe heh Okay, okay, that’s quite *laughs* It’s quite enough although I do agree with message. It’s not very Christian, so I’m gonna have to stop it there Are these streaming is that what’s happening here? There’s stream troll messages? *laughs* Now that’s just offensive. buhuuhuHAHAHAH *silent laughter* I feel bad I feel bad …but I didn’t laugh! not even for a SECOND What you calling me a liar now? get outta here yuh As i can– I think this is a facebook group that collects.. Just- Really bad english. From people trying to hit on women. “F you as I can” as you can. …put my ass, in your asshole… *X-theme plays* *Shitty prank with baby flying away on balloons.mp4* (Not my problem.gif) [prank guy in disbelief] Is that Asian Jesus? (Cant do shit about it anyway.) *lit af rap music* (Have a joint brotha) (wut) (uhhh…) (whazit?) *inspects* (k.) *SMOKE WEED EVRYDAY!* (CLAP) Oh mah god, *laughs* what a legend! This guy. A baby is falling up with balloons
(What??) [Video] Um- [Video] Prank guy: Oh, help! *smol chuckle* (music in video) *hold up,* [Felix] He’s was like: “OOH WHAT DO YOU GONNA DO?” “THE BABY IS DYING” “OH, Not my issue. :)” *AYYayyyy* “Hey you wanna smokes?” [Felix] What a legendary video my god, who is this man? I’ve seen this one this one is insane dude Laughing just thinking about it, Oh my god. *unintelligible* *Hysterical laughter* *laughter dies out* [50-ish woman in background, enthusiastically:] And i have breast cancer! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHh *hysterical stupid laughing continues* Very good! Very good yaaay 😀 No.
(Same) I understand that people have different ways of..- Dealing with stress, but surely.. playing it off as something that it’s not.. and what do I know? It uh- it just looks- doesn’t ne- It doesn’t– Look nice.. Okay? Just listen to her She says it like it’s a funniest thing in the world. AND I HAVe BREAsT CANCER. YAAA *Snickers* AAAAAAAHAHAHAH Okay. so it’s another one of these Eastern European.. That looks disgusting! Is it Polish? Ew! Just ew! Who would wanna dance in that? [Its just muddy water, pewds.] [not sewage] Not me D:( What’s the point of this? To make me feel disgusted? *LOTR music begins* Oh (Suddenly, Golem) *Le gasp* *pewds realizes* Oh x2 *wheezing* Oh x3 *LOTR music* *HHEEAAGH* *More LOTR music* *myyy preecious* What the f*ck is that? What a fine editing work there with the music well done that was hilarious What in the world I think it’s real like the guy is just probably just really cold Maybe on drugs as well, but my god. He looks insane if I did is filming a random party and incomes Golum out of nowhere *speaking in japanese* *Throws up in japanese* (look of disapproval) NO! NOT FUNNY! The short one’s ischch(is just) stupid It’s like you don’t expect to see that I don’t know Why am i sti~ I still want to see this one again. *Chuckling* *Shaking* *so… Cold…* I don’t know why that was so funny to me He just looks so weird *MYYY PREECIOOUUSSS!* Just look at it What is wrong with him? Goddamn boi. *Swedish Mumbling* Wait this guy is Swedish, I think he’s an author or something like that *Speaking the actual Swedish language* Yeah, he is Swedish *more Swedish* I- I- i- -Is it weird that I understand some of these like oh yeah, it’s like oh yeah Oh YEadadaaddadeadeaaoeaoedeaoeadebit See i- if you’re swedish you can understand what I sai- I think you know what I said there. I badaaeib… *Swedish nonsense, with a couple actual Swedish words mixed in.* *Trap music* Wha DA Fuuc- *climax* *Earrape.mp3* *in nasally voice* OH! I got trolled, I got to see guys make out instead of girls UHH! *nasally voice* i Haat guys making out. It’s discusting cuz I am NOT a homosexual. *in pewds normal loudish voice* cuz it’s not Christian! That’s why!! No other reason! MONETIZE MY CHRISTIAN VIDEOS! Thank You. How was work? Sucks Awhhh Can I ask you a quick question? Yeah, sure. What up? I just been noticing that everytime I leave to go out The next time I open the computer. The browser history’s been cleared? *Oh shit.jpg* NGHAhaha Guy in video: *feigns ignorance* Hmm. Thats weird. “Yesterday, I went food shopping for like 15 minutes I used the computer before I went to the store and when I came back my history was gone The cache was cleared and the cookies had been reset.” Pewds: Oh wow, that’s– that’s crazy! *SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC* Well, I think sometimes the computer runs in an automatic software update automatic update so maybe that just kind of clears~ OF COURSE, IT’S THE AUTOMATIC UPDATE! ~except when you update the software a little window pops up And you click OK and then it gets installed so Hmmm… *please don’t catch on, Please don’t catch onn…* *SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC v2.0* I don’t know maybe there’s something wrong with the computer, you know And it’s one o’ those things whenever interrupted from the power source it has to reboot and it just totally wipes out the history Be honest babe It’s porn, right? *MORE SUSPENSE* *The face of a man whos just fucked up* Porn? What’s?~ Oh? Pornogpraphy? No It’s okay if you look at porn I assumed you did, anyways I mean every guy does ’em Perfectly okay with that As long as it’s not that weird stuff *SUSPENSE MUSIC INTENSIFIES*
HAHAHAHAHA Oh Alright, well kinky is okay I like kinky (really girl??) As long as it’s not that sick, twisted S&M stuff *SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC IS SUSPENSEFUL* WOW! Uhhhmmm! Okay I’m not gonna judge your journey It is your fantasy Just as long as your looking at women, who *SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT IS SUSPENSEFUL, INTENSIFIES* HAHAHAHA NOT WOMEN? WOW OKAY MEN? CHICKS WITH D*CKS? HORSES? WORSE THAN HORSES? WOW Baby, give me a little credit None of that matters The only thing that matters that when we’re doing it I’m thinking about you and you’re thinking about me, right? OH! What a brilliant sketch that was hilarious, I don’t watch any horse stuff just for the re- record *GALLONS OF SWEAT* LEMME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!! SIRR! YOU GOTTA WAR FACE?!?! *Deep yelling* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S A WAR FACE! NOW, LEMME SEE YOUR WAR FACE! *prepubescent yelling synced to music* aAaAAAaaaAAaAAaAaAaAAaaaAaaAaaaaAAAAAaAaAaAaaaaaaAAAA Oh! *more prepubescent yelling synced to music* aAaAAAaaaAAaAAaAaAaAAaaaAaaAaaaaAAAAAaAaAaAaaaaaaAAAA Yeah, UNH-HA-Huh (this my shit, all the boys getting down to dis…) *War Scream battle synced to music* – AaahhaAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AWww! What a turn, I like that one a lot. WELL! *Exhales That was it for another you laugh, you lose! Did you laugh, or did you lose? Uhh… Be honest! leave a comment down below and let me know. I really like this one I really like this one! There’s probably one of the better ones, how about that? How about that? How Bout tha? How ’bout dat? Hopefully this video didn’t get copyrighted, claimed, age-restricted, demonetised. And, uh, I can keep making them! leave a like if you enjoyed watching really appreciate it and leave a like if you enjoyed watching really appreciate it and Feel free to leave suggestions on your life your a lot in the reddit so that more of you can do my work for me Eventually you will all just merge into one entity that will somehow take over until then this is a pretty sound plan Appreciate you guys. Love you guys so much. as always so as always, you’re- the heart is stronger than the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

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