You are being guided through life to your destination. The history of 434

Machine elves don’t like me talking about
myself too much giving you their messages. This video will be a bit personal as I will
describe my life journey and how the metaphysical world directed me towards my life’s goal. This is a story that spans more than 30 years
and explains how 434 ended up being a part of your life. It should explain why life is so complicated
and why there are so many emotional ups and downs. This is a story of a 25 year old struggle
to discover my purpose here. This is a story of guidance and destiny and
I want you to find analogies between my story and what was, is or will be going on in your
life. I want you to look at your life from the metaphysical
point seeing everything as gifts and support structures leading to you finding the meaning
and your purpose here. It is a story of a restless little boy and
his journey leading him to his path but also it is the history of 434 and this tale is
as much about me as it is about you and the reasons why you are here now. And now that you are here I want to ask you
quickly to support me on my further journey of building the structure to introduce the
loving messages from the other dimensions to others. If you want to be a part of this journey please
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and joining Patreon and Subscribestar is very easy. Thank you for you generosity and your will
to make a difference in my and other people’s lives. From the first years here I knew that something
big was supposed to happen with my life. I was born with a sense of mission. I have always been a scurvy elephant as Wayne
Dyer used to call it, a disturbing element and a headache to the status quo. I lived with my family in a poor 3rd floor
studio that my dad turned into a 2 bedroom flat. My house was located between glassworks and
ironworks in a tiny industrial town with the horizon in every direction filled with coal
mine shafts. Seemed like not a good perspective for someone
on a spiritual quest. At the end of 1980s when I was 9 I received
my first gift that put me on my path. While walking in a park with my family I found
a wallet filled with cash. There was no documents and nothing else in
the wallet. Just cash. Enough to buy my long-awaited first computer,
a Commodore 64. A computer my family could not have afforded
if it wasn’t for that gift. I quickly taught myself coding and within
a few years I designed my own operating system and I started advertising and selling it. Right after that I developed interest in computer
graphics and I started creating my first artwork in Art Studio. I became a so called swapper, which meant
exchanging floppy discs through traditional mail creating a network of people with similar
interests. I guess you can say that’s what the first
internet looked like. I joined some demo groups and I became a graphic
designer for them. Around 1993 I did my first graffiti. 2 years later I started making and selling
my own clothes. I developed interest in music production. My dad bought us a simple Casio synthesizer
and I started a band with my friend from the 2nd floor. I wasn’t even 15 when I became a DJ and I
started organizing raves, nightclub events and concerts. I was doing this until I was 30. I started developing my graffiti skills and
I started getting paid for painting clubs and shops. At the same time I started writing. Essays, stories, poems. I learned to use words like a paintbrush to
express artistically what was going on inside of me. I went to high school and I discovered a passion
for foreign languages. I spent the next decade learning six foreign
languages and I can still speak 3 of them semi-fluently to this day. Between 95 and 99 I worked in clubs doing
graffiti, DJing, organizing my own house, techno and drum and bass parties and I got
into music production and I had what you could call my first recording studio. That was when we created the 434 techno track
that started it all. That was when I discovered weed and had my
first almost-psychedelic experience. The entities tried getting in contact with
me many times during that period but it seems my brain was too young to receive their messages. It had to wait 17 more years. In 99 I moved to a big city to study graphic
design and I started organizing hip-hop concerts for thousands of people nationally. I started working with big established clothing
brands and I started designing clothes for them. Soon after that I started painting and as
soon eBay was launched online I opened my first gallery and started selling my manga
paintings. After graduation I spend a year selling records
and painting and in 2005 out of nowhere I got irits – an eye infection that almost lead
to partial blindness. That was another gift that made me realize
that I need to live in a western country with better health care system and I moved to England. Here I started a record label, my own clothing
brand and I kept DJing and organizing parties in London. Throughout the years I started another gallery
and a graffiti designing company while working for global corporations. I spent more and more time online researching
UFO, paranormal phenomena and spiritually. YouTube and social media emerged and in 2007
I made my first video that got 100,000 views. I stated making video clips to my own music
one of which caught the attention of one of the biggest electronic music festivals in
Europe back then. Around 2008 my mindset stared shifting to
spirituality. I discovered some really important documentaries
and things started getting difficult mentally. It was the beginning of the awakening. In 2010 I decided to concentrate more on myself. I started two YouTube channels – a motivational
one and one dedicated to DJing. I wrote a book about nutrition and I started
working on another one about philosophy, psychology and the supernatural. I discovered people who helped me be who I
am today – Wayne Dyer, Joe Rogan, Louis CK and a few others. In 2014, tired of doing so many things simultaneously
I decided to focus only on music and video production and I started a YouTube channel
dedicated to positive news and important social issues. After making a few videos one of them went
viral globally. It got more than 65 million views and it wasn’t
a funny cat video. It was an important social issue video that
introduced some changes and caught the attention of some important people on top floors of
shiny skyscrapers. I realized that what I have to say is important
and that my ideas have an impact on people’s consciousness. I got on the stage in New York and tried stand
up for the first time in my life. And then 2015 came. The year that changed everything. 2015 was the year I tried psychedelics. After taking mushrooms I discovered that I
can get in contact with entities in another dimension, so called machine elves. They told me “there is a huge army of good
aliens waiting for you to start your work so that we can come to earth and start changing
lives of seven million people who will proceed with spreading goodness onto others”. I had no idea what they meant back then but
they gave me a manual on how to make good videos so I built a studio and I dedicated
the next three years to developing my video production skills and being in front of a
camera. For three years all did was making videos
and collecting information from the other side. I watched how my videos slowly turned from
informational to motivational and then spiritual. After 3 years of chasing after the mighty
YouTube algorithm and the enigmatic social media guidelines absolutely exhausted I quit
everything and decided to start an online video database of experiences and knowledge
from the entities so that I can share them my with family and friends. At the end of November 2018 I uploaded the
first 434 video and incredible and unexpected things started happening. The channel suddenly exploded with millions
of views and tens of thousands of subscribers and I finally understood what the entities
meant talking about my mission of raising vibrational frequency of millions here. After searching for almost all of my life
I saw what my path looked like here. 434 became my mission. You see, taking care of vibrational frequency
of so many people is not an easy job. It requires a lot of tools and a lot of time
to learn how to use them. I realized that every thing that I learned,
experienced and engaged in lead me to my true purpose here and it took me more than 20 years
of trying to get to it. Everything I learned was so that I can give
these messages to you and so that I can be in your life. You probably don’t realize this but this simple
video you’re watching now reached you because I spent years learning video production and
editing, sound engineering, graphic design, writing, social media networking, SEO, Youtube
algorithm, psychology, sociology, foreign languages and many, many others. Each of these took me years to learn and understand
through a painful process of trial and error and back then I had no idea why I am doing
them. They were all pieces of a giant puzzle that
came together one day revealing my destiny here. It was clear that coming to this world I was
given enough gifts in form of talents and interests to be divided into 4 people and
make them successful with them. I explored, failed at and mastered every one
of them. And there is so many other things and passions
I had over the years like skateboarding, bodybuilding, science and so on. I have never met anyone who tried so many
things and failed so many times. Half way through I started believing that
I am cursed, that I am supposed to die trying achieve anything here. Then it dawned on me that every time I would
fail something happened that allowed me to continue on my path of discovery and development. I was never alone on this journey. Machine elves confirmed later that I was and
that I am being taken care of. Everything I was interested in and wanted
to learn was a necessary tool that I would use later in my life to build the 434 structure. Videos, music, coding, books, research studies,
conferences, clothes, parties, motivational speaking and who knows what else – all of
this became and will become a part of the process which purpose is to raise your vibrational
frequency and that of millions of people. And all of this will be possible as a result
of my dedication to interests and passion for things I love and enjoy. All it took was following my inner voice that
lead me here. From the first moment with the entities they
were very clear about why they are in contact and what it is that I am supposed to accomplish
here. They said:
“Your purpose of life is to help others to get to the place they need to be in. You have to work hard, it’s 24 hours and it
never stops. It’s just an episode in your existence and
your progress but at the moment you’re helping others. Creating joy opportunities and satisfaction
for others is your goal here. You have to help them expand their life joy
spectrum and assist them in maximizing their joy potential. They need to feel good about themselves. That’s the goal of it. Your mission of creation here is to make people
love you and open up channels between you that will allow them to open to love in themselves. Your job is to show people what is love and
that it is possible. Spreading love acting as an example is your
only job here. You have to be the definition of love for
others. Giving happiness and inspiration to others
is where your life goal is. Turn everything around and gear your life
towards that. Your job here is to elevate everyone’s vibrational
frequency through spreading joy and happiness through your videos. If invited by them, your job will be creating
new roads and new possibilities for their movement.” I was extremely lucky because my purpose in
this reality was explained to me and not only was I told about what my life is about but
I also had a chance to see my true form in my dimension of origin. My energy form is a diamond filled with energy
made of good deeds but I originally came from a dimension of strong warriors and protectors. Machine elves called us shields and they said
that we travel to other dimensions to take care of their inhabitants. This will become evident in a video soon about
the power we all have here but for now I can tell you what they explained to me. They said:
“Don’t forget that you’re the shield, the protector because everything good you have
in your life exists because of that. You should direct your energy in places where
people want you to take care of them. Your role in this world is to protect others
from negativity and to help them by giving the enormous amount of love you collect while
deflecting the negativity yourself. Protect what’s inside the human being, the
core, not the vessel. See them as beings, not as humans. Identify the needs and fears and address them. Fix it, make it better. Being a support structure is your job.” It has been a beautiful journey. Full of love, joy and hope and I am sure I
have not reached my destination yet. I was only shown my destiny and thanks to
this I can clearly see my path now. It is just the beginning. All the events in my life lead me to this
one little moment in life back in 2015 sitting closed in my office watching Joe Rogan Experience
episode #470 and deciding it is time for me to try psychedelics. All of my horrible office jobs, all my failures
and sleepless nights, all of this became a support structure that allowed me to make
that one important decision that lead to me accessing the outer dimension and receiving
life changing messages for people in this dimension. It let me discover you. A huge number of like-minded people on the
same journey as me looking for the same answers. Who would have thought that every single event
and moment in my life will lead to us getting to this small time compartment where you listen
to my voice now. A path of a little boy from a remote coal
mine town who came into your life. A crazy path that allowed for us to meet here
and now. A path that allowed us to have this short,
precious moment to exchange all the necessary information for our next journey between dimensions. We are always guided. Here is what I want you to take away from
this video: everything in life leads you somewhere. Your path might be very difficult or simple. It doesn’t need to take 20 years. It is usually not visible and the hand that
leads is not visible. You might need to take many turns, you will
have to get lost many times and put a lot of effort into not giving up. But at some point you will start seeing clearly
that the Energy and your higher self gently push you in the right direction. Make sure that you let them do it. Open yourself up to the Energy and your higher
self and let them take you places. Ask for help and guidance. The entities, the Energy, spirits, 434, whatever
you call it – they always listen and they are always ready to help. Introduce harmony into your life to hear the
voice that will be guiding you. Do not give up. Gain psychedelic insight. Ask those questions. Remember you are never lost. There are no tests you can fail and all your
pain is necessary. It might take a year. It might take your whole life. You picked tasks and lessons to learn here
and you might not know what they are until your departure. Be ready to fall and stand up again and again. Do it all anyway. Love. 434. We have a lot of work to do here and the mission
we’re on together will require all of us to change the way we think about ourselves. I will take care of this in one week and for
now I would want to ask you to help me with the financial side of the 434 structure. It will not grow without your generosity. Patreon, Paypal, Sbscribestar, or cryptocurrencies. All links in the video description. Share this video. Join my second youtube channel and join all
other social media: there is facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, VK, bitchute and if you
need to chat with other 434 members go to Reddit and Discord. If you’re on youtube tap the notification
bell and visit the websites of Louis Dyer and the Intangible whose graphics and music
I used in this video. All links below.

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    "The totem of power"

    Hold any significance?

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