Yemen – summary of 28 years of history

In just 28 years of existence, insurrections,
conflicts, riots, terrorist attacks and wars have weakened and divided this country which
is the poorest in the Middle East. Let’s retrace on a map, since its creation,
the history of the Republic of Yemen. We begin in 1988 when Yemen was divided in two. In the south, there is People’s Democratic
Republic of Yemen, whose capital is Aden. It is the only communist country in the Middle
East, led by a single party and allied with the USSR. Although the country is vast, it is mostly
desert and populated by approximately 2 and a half million inhabitants. In the north, the Arab Republic of Yemen,
with its capital Sanaa is an Islamic state. The country has 7 million inhabitants
and is more prosperous. As the Cold War draws to a close, the USSR is weakened, causing it to reduce financial aid to South Yemen. This pushes the country closer to its neighbor,
paving the way for reunification talks. Two years later, in 1990, the Republic of
Yemen is born. The former president of North Yemen, Ali Abdullah
Saleh, who was already in power for 11 years, took the reins of the new country. While the former president of South Yemen,
Ali Salem al-Beidh, became vice president. Sana’a becomes its capital and the population
is majority Muslim with about 35 percent Zaidi Shiite and 65 percent Sunnis. Soon after independence, the country takes a stand
against intervention in Iraq during the Gulf War. In response the West and Arab countries cut
off its financial support. Saudi Arabia meanwhile harasses the many Yemeni
workers on its territory. With the country in financial difficulty,
and seeing no improvement, Vice President al-Beidh leads the charge to regain independence for South Yemen. After a short civil war, the north prevails and the post of vice president is given to the Minister of Defense Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. In 1997, a jihadist insurgency begins with
al Qaeda in Yemen that takes aim at loyalist forces and the United States. The government launches a fight against the
terrorist organization. In 2004, Zaidi Shia tribes in the north complain
of being marginalized and begin a new insurrection. The rebels call themselves Houthis, which is the name of their leader killed the same year by the army. The group is ideologically anti-American,
anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist. In the south, there is continued frustration
caused by Yemen’s reunification. In 2007, enters the “Southern Movement,” a separatist political group, which participates in the Yemeni revolution in 2011. Encouraged by the Arab Spring, people take
to the streets to demand an end to corruption, a healthier economy and lower unemployment. Saleh tries to cling to power but is eventually
replaced by his vice president Hadi who initiates discussions exploring a more democratic restructuring of government. Two years later, the proposed reforms are weak and the Houthis feel resentful, having inherited no political power in their region. They take up arms and begin the Yemeni civil
war, this time with the support of part of the population and forces loyal to former
President Saleh who tried to return to power. Together, they conquer Sanaa, forcing Hadi
to flee to Aden and then to Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Cooperation Council condemns what
it called a coup. Against the backdrop of the regional conflict,
Saudi Arabia accuses Iran, predominantly Shiite, of militarily supporting the Houthi rebellion. In addition, the country does not want to
see the Bab El Mandeb Strait, the 4th most important global sea crossing point for oil,
in rebel hands. Saudi Arabia then sets up an international
coalition of 9 predominantly Sunni Muslim countries to restore Hadi to power. They receive support in logistics and intelligence
from the United States. The coalition begins by bombarding strategic
installations, while the UN imposes an embargo against the sale of arms to the Houthis and their allies. In July, the coalition takes over Aden, where
Hadi and his government move. The focus of the coalition advance shifts
to the gates of Taiz. Although the coalition is better equipped, its lack of experience in the field regularly results in defeat and prevents it from gaining the upper hand. When coalition military advancements dry up,
they step up aerial bombardment. Civilian populations very often become victims
and get stuck in the crossfire. In October, Haydan Hospital is bombed. The UN condemns the strikes, and calls for talks to negotiate a peace treaty which would not succeed. In addition to air strikes, the coalition imposes an embargo on ports and airports controlled by the Houthis. Only aid shipments are allowed, which prove insufficient for the population suffering a humanitarian crisis. As a result, more than 2 million people are
internally displaced in Yemen. At the end of 2016 begins a cholera epidemic that infects up to 1 million people and leaves more than 2,200 dead. The UN estimated that 7 million Yemenis, or
a quarter of the country, were close to starvation. In Sanaa, Saleh broke his alliance with the
Houthis to try a diplomatic approach with Saudi Arabia. In retaliation, he was killed a few days later
by the Houthis. In Aden, Hadi has a hard time projecting authority
and uniting the locals. The Southern Movement creates the Transitional
Council, a secessionist organization that quickly takes control of the city and the presidential palace. The group receives support from the United
Arab Emirates, which distances itself from the coalition. The Emirati let up on their fight against
the Houthis to focus on Al Qaeda and to peddle their influence on the Yemeni island of Socotra, on which they set their sights. In retaliation of ballistic missiles fired
at Saudi Arabia, the coalition further intensifies airstrikes, especially in the north. Forces loyal to Hadi attempt to retake Hodeida’s strategic port in order to cut off Houthis’ access to the sea. In Aden, the Southern Transitional Council
strengthens with Emirati support, who had to leave the island of Socotra after an intervention by Saudi Arabia. In the east of Yemen, after many drone attacks
by the United States, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula takes advantage of the chaos in the country and strengthens its grip on power. Other terrorist groups emerge into the fray,
including the Islamic State. The country is completely divided and it is
the Yemeni population that pays the ultimate price with more than 10,000 dead in 4 years. According to the UN, the blockade imposed on the country has caused the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. All this, while the sale of arms to Saudi
Arabia and the United Arab Emirates increases, resulting in big profits mainly for the United
States, Great Britain and France.

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  • They lost control over agreed and power. They should have given the houthies some automamy and the southern part. Even to split the country back into 2. This is about agree and power. Yemen did it to itself and now it's just kaos and too many players. Now everybody just wants to win at any cost.

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    Those who fight for houthis are forced to do so because of extreme poverty caused by the Saudi and Emirati intervention which benefited the houthis on a huge scale


  • Middle east is conquered by a tribal ideology from 7th century. Every country imported that ideology went downhill ever since. It creates only hate, destruction and nothing good to people.

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  • We should seperate south for the southerners because we were subjugated by the north for 24 years we were third class citizens and the northerners stole all our wealth we should have federal system and every province should keep its wealth for its province i dont want to change from northern coloniser to adeni coloniser i want my sultan back i was never a part only after 1967 after britain left us the people of hadramawt id rather haver a northerner rule me then a adeni yafiei or Abyan or indian adeni ruling me the only peaceful course is a federal system no more taking our wealth oil and our children are jobless in our capital mukalla enough is enough

  • So basically:
    -We all agree that Al Quaeda and other Islamic extremist groups are the bad guys
    -There is a movement that wants independence in the North, who is antisemetic and anti-American
    -There is a military president who is trying to fight off both of the above with the help of and Arab coalition
    -Lastly there is a group in Yemen who think the president isn’t fighting hard enough against the other groups, so they start fighting those groups on their own, and receive help from the UAE.

    The Middle East is a clusterfuck, but at least this video shows us who the sides are

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  • The Yemenis ( being Arab) are of mixed Semite and Hamite origin. By definition they cannot and are not anti-Semites. You are parroting Israeli propaganda calling them anti-Semites when they are simply as the overwhelming majority of Arabs anti-Israeli/anti-Zinonist. Moreover, northern Yemenis do not call themselves Houthies, their party's name is AnsarAllah. Get your facts and terminology right wiseguy.

  • Has child marriage and spousal rape always been legal in Yemen? How can anyone be proud of a country that legally allows child rape?

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  • There are details left out that create misconceptions and a misleading understanding of how all this came to be. It gives a good general idea of how many sides are involved in the war, however. It also gives perhaps only the direct deaths caused by the war and not the total number of deaths caused by this chaos.

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    Al-Qaeda: Am i a Joke for you??
    Coalition: We undirectly helping you for expand so we will leave you alone When the Houthis Dies And then kill Yemenis civillians
    Houthis: Ummmm….. What is your real TARGET!??
    UAE: I left the coalition to colonize socatra Island

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    Hothies don't represent the Ziadis in the north.
    Hothies starts thier war in 2014 to occupy the country not for other reasons

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    🇾🇪Yemen Affairs & Solutions🇾🇪

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