World’s Longest Sixes and Smallest Six Just 9 feet In Cricket History

World’s Smallest Six Just 3 meter in cricket history World’s Longest Sixes In Cricket History And there’s a well, it’s it they helmet now, what is that Bob runs Went in the air said Sangha Cara five indicates Six runs One that he got for running the run and five wielding the helmet Well, I’m confused. What do you reckon army, six good hit Absolutely Not even trying to clear the boundaries what yet to do is just work the ball of a couple of yards from the stumps over the keepers it Just a flick of his can get you 6 how easy Oh Ho it’s out of the ground that’s gone that’s downtown that’s on my car Don’t believe it the downside of getting a pack so close. Oh No Did you pay insurance I do Believe it I think it’s mine Another report but the first one is but Usually it’s a it’s the same color It’s a round about the same place. I know I packed at the air about five hours ago. Oh Hi Jessie’s please I don’t think We’ve seen some extreme hitting that has been the biggest by far from Ryan tendus Carter. He is absolutely Moose that out of the park We go very honest I’m in the team for Saturday motors Chris guys now trying to reassert his dominance particularly on Michael is B It’s huge There’s any light and it’s big six on this ground test match we saw it on the roof here right above us And this one here Into the backyard and people that is a huge Monsters it’s a right linked from Shawn Sharma and on the pads as well. So Corey Anderson helping himself to My millions out of that shot literally made millions of dollars over Wide midwicket of the front foot enters go to at the stage Watch right out of a lower-middle – added to the leverage of the shot That is the biggest six of the day Finish the either Here’s six of the tournament probably the biggest six of the year net has come straight off the middle Didn’t worry about the stands went straight out of the ground. That’s gone many amount now wonderful. Let me get that ball back I’ll have to come back with a bus ticket on it Or a hit And that is hit the windscreen just found a water trigger ball in the front seats Just giving himself a little bit of room for the art and let his come dead set off the middle It’s almost like a golfers follow-through didn’t move sixes. This ground has ever seen buggy the greatest I think this sale and this stand had just been built and he put it over over the stand I think it went through the gap in the sale or bounced off it into the net area at the back and Cataract ermine and his daughter were walking in nearly nearly got hit nearly wore the Kookaburra But then what better sound off the bat is and writing and I guess it’s the consistency of this Gabba pitch 143 meters

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