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hey sir attention it’s David DAV why this channel is all about boosting up your knowledge using facts related to the days of the week so you can show off your knowledge with your people quite an amazing concept but I’m not the one saying it Davey’s channel it’s amazing thank you very much mr. Matt maker Maddox okay so for the first part that we do use the green screen to give a Western look you will understand why it’s a week of facts and stuff now today it’s chocolate covered peanuts day [Music] Oh baby baby what hello well you’re filming right now oh sorry guys I really have something with chocolate which there today is a day for good novels because it’s on this day in 1836 that Samuel Colt receive a patent for the first multi shot revolving cylinder revolver multi shatter it had the sexy name of Colt Paterson called obviously for his creators name and Patterson because it was being produced in Paterson no no he was as creative as me to find name that’s for sure I’m Davey and it’s my channel welcome to Davey’s channel and that’s the beat you can show off with it’s telling on but to pay for the development of his ideas he had learned about bluffing gasps he took a portable lab on tour and made a living performing laughing gasps demonstration hahaha and that’s how you love he was even billing himself as the celebrated doctor cart of New York London in Calcutta having some money saved and not wanting to be a medicine man forever he went ahead to make his invention a single fixed barrel design with the rotating cylinder okay now let’s speak about the internet before YouTube before Google about the first-ever web page the first ever server the first ever browser it all come from one guy Tim Tim Tim was working at CERN and he realized that scientists were having difficulties sharing information with each others and he said it himself come tell them yeah in those days there was different information on different computers but you had to log on to different computers to get at it because otherwise it talks eco and in 1989 using a next computer which is by the way the first product from next company founded by Steve Jobs after living up 1985 team implemented the first successful communication between a server and an HTTP hey we can finally communicate I’m a server come here we almost physical hey and you support his invention he also invented HTML URI which for most of it is still in use today and by the end of 1990 the first web page was available on the open Internet it was made to explain his project of world wide web you want to see what the first web page looks like I forget to subscribe though here we go I need to day you 26 February 1991 that people outside of CERN were invited to join this new web community so when you think about it this guy basically invented the web so what did you in learnt me to piece of wooden you can do that you the Internet oh that is quite a good story to show off your knowledge with people isn’t it just show off you know let’s show them like that oh let’s speak about heroin this drug derived from opium mixed with other chemicals is use recreationally for its euphoric effect but it’s also used medically in some countries to relieve pain you know some European countries even prescribe hearing for treatments of heroin addiction doctor I’m addicted to heroin and I want to stop heroin you said I’m going to prescribe you hearing what Felix tough man working at Bayer was instructed to make something less powerful and less addictive than morphine and as a good scientist the result is here he created something 2 times more powerful in addictive than morphine and the Condit heroin which means heroic and strong obviously related to the way you feel when you take some so from 1895 it was marketed as a simple over-the-counter drug but wait it gets better because from 1898 to 90/10 it was marketed as a non-addictive morphine substitute and a cough suppressant or in dr. arkov coughing you take some heroin for that you what and it’s today the 27 February 1900 that bear got the patent for aspirin yes the same team who synthetized hearing also synthetized a spirit how beautiful things just walked in life so nowadays with paracetamol and ibuprofen aspirin isn’t as popular as it used to but the discovery they could help to prevent heart attack and strokes made it come back your factor so long don’t you have anything shorter except perhaps it all you want a quick fact to share I understand you have it now it’s on this last day of February in 1935 that nylon was invented thank you very much nylon was the first commercially successful synthetic polymer and it were first used commercially in a nylon bristled toothbrush in 1938 you want any quick fact radio hello everyone and welcome to this new radio show hello Jessica hello Dave a feeling of deja vu here but anyways here we are the first of march 1941 and we are making history it’s exciting yes we are the first u.s. commercial FM radio station to go on air yes and probably worldwide to pop up let’s not go ahead of ourself Jessica with unverified fact yeah it’s true although it’s in 1933 that FM radio was patented by Edwin Armstrong really interesting indeed I’m feeling a bit peckish right now I wouldn’t mind her but an eye cream pie have a good one everyone and if you like what we are doing hit that subscribe button see you next time welcome in the kitchen two days but an a cream pie day I’ve never had one never tried one well today is the perfect day to experiment just for a minute see the ingredients already baked the pie crust so you need flour with white sugar also have some vanilla extract you obviously need bananas is a banana cream pie take not one not two not three yes three egg yolk with the white remaining and you also need milk which we’re going to put on the home where the bitch is eating I’m going to do a layer of colonised when you think about it how amazing is this video because you learn amazing fact you don’t have to make a pass tree you have everything to invite your friends over make them eat something you made and show them you impressive knowledge if does not water subscribe and this is water banana cream pie hey the milk is cold in now I’m going to add everything I think it’s quite obvious have never made that I’m seeing some big asslam I want to add some chocolate some next week obviously not sponsored we go back to it once it’s cold nada it’s a bit colder it’s actually quite thick no that’s not what she said for everything on the pie I’ll look at this beauty we trade tomorrow as it’s the last day of the week and then obviously finish the file looks quite ugly but it’s not something to look at it’s to keep the testing time messy but amazing I’d like to thank Dino’s video game in flat gap for the subscribe obviously all do like them see you next week ciao

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