World War A – When Aliens Attack | Full Documentary

For thousands of years mankind has questioned the existence of extraterrestrial life in our universe Sooner or later. We’re going to see some kind of signs of extraterrestrial life. We need to prepare The chances that aliens exist in some form is highly probable I think it’s entirely likely that there’s intelligent life somewhere in the universe Today astronomers are already sending messages into space But what if these messages are perceived as threats and aliens believe humans aren’t the enemy? If they arrived as conquerors it could be the end of planet Earth as we know it is an invasion Is an invasion inevitable? It would be like Godzilla meeting Bambi Think is almost a hundred percent chance that there are alien forms of life in the universe other than our own If extraterrestrials exist they would come from the far edges of the universe They’re fast spacecrafts may already be enroute to our world and there is no way to know when they will arrive Many think that this scenario is possible including researcher Nick Pope who has worked with the British Ministry of Defence to investigate UFO sightings There’s no reason why intelligent extraterrestrials couldn’t already have started their journey it could be a Year’s time it could be a month. It could be a week. They could arrive later today There’s no way to determine whether they would come in peace or what their intentions would be Extraterrestrial contact with our planet would change life as we know it Nothing would ever be the same Did you go ah ah so please if the arrival of extraterrestrials could mean extinction for the human race It’s impossible to know exactly what would happen but scientist Ben Bohr thinks it comes down to two basic principles Came here, they would be coming because they were curious or because they were unfriendly Our earth is just a mere speck in a massive universe Statistically scientists believe that this may mean that there could be millions of other civilizations like ours out there The Earth orbits the Sun just like seven other planets But our son is not unique It is only one of more than 100 other billion bright stars in our galaxy the Milky Way And even the Milky Way is just one of a trillion more galaxies The universe is a very big place, and if you’re talking something on the order of a trillion galaxies each with half a trillion stars It seems like a fairly silly notion to imagine that we’re alone in the cosmos Some scientists believe there’s only a matter of time before aliens finally reach earth They might be closer than ever before If there is life intelligent life other civilizations in our small part of the galaxy we will find them in In just half a dozen years or so Does life exist in space the answer might lie within Earth’s closest neighbor the planet Mars Located over 34 million miles from Earth researchers speculate that Mars is a planet that could support extraterrestrial life in this infinite universe the chances are that the same chemical Processes that gave rise to life will have arisen many many times Elsewhere one place that we might find life is within our own solar system There are suggestions for example that there’s microbial life on Mars In 2003 ISA sent the Mars Express probe to the Red Planet Its mission find water the basic substance of life on Earth The images from the Mars camera showed something remarkable deep valleys that cut through the Mars Rock at one point in time Water must have blowed here and in some Mars craters scientists abound frozen water There are even entire glaciers capping the poles of Mars, but that’s not all We see images of riverbeds even the image of an ocean so we do know that Mars was once Tropical it was once lush Scientists have been able to retrace the entire history of Mars Four billion years ago a gigantic sea covered 1/3 of the planet this water would have been enough to support microorganisms except suddenly the climate changed For some reason was lost its atmosphere and cooled down and water evaporated or became frozen within the surface soil It may have had life in the past But if just a small amount of liquid water is still present there is still hope for life on Mars a Recent promising sign strange grooves on the slopes of Mars These features can occur when water liquefies in the soil and rock slides back over it Hiding under the barren surface of this planet there might still be liquid water water that could mean life Except on Mars temperatures can drop as low as minus 121 degrees Fahrenheit with no atmospheric protection Dangerous cosmic rays can directly strike the planet’s surface is it even possible for life to survive in these conditions To discover Extraterrestrial life to find out that we’re not alone in the cosmos. It would be one of the biggest if not the single biggest discovery of all time Extraterrestrial arrival would be a sudden and shocking event No one would be ready our Vulnerable planet could be attacked by hostile invaders If there was an alien spacecraft coming into our solar system We may only have a few days or weeks warning. They are very hard to see To answer the age-old question of existence of life on Mars Scientists take a deeper look at a continent on Earth that can mimic Mars. Icy climate Antarctica Researchers from the German Aerospace Center are looking for extremely feel like organisms microorganisms that can handle the harshest cold They find cyanobacteria micro fungi and lichens Tiny creatures that can still survive at temperatures as low as negative 58 degrees It’s team Afyon organism and Saigonese extremophile ik or ghen isms clearly show us that life can exist in the most unbelievable places We find life in the most extreme locations on our planet, so why shouldn’t organisms also exist on Mars Which is also an ice cold desert? At his lab in Berlin jean-pierre devera needs to test whether these organisms from Antarctica can cope with even more extreme conditions He has designed a special Mars simulation chamber to put the mosses and bacteria to the test This is our Mars chamber. We’ve made it as close as possible to the condition of Mars these temperatures Go extremely low negative 58 to negative 103 degrees Fahrenheit To match the paper-thin atmosphere on Mars the pressure is dropped to 6 millibars air on earth contains less than 1% carbon dioxide the air in this chamber is almost 96 percent carbon dioxide under these conditions most earthly creatures would immediately Perish but the extremal philic organisms from antarctica survived So far what I’ve discovered in the Mars chamber has been very surprising even under the Mars conditions the fungi could form proteins and Bacteria still produced methane these algae and lichen could still be able to carry out Photosynthesis even under Mars conditions for this reason we want to take the next step we need to do these same tests in space To assist with this study the International Space Station is called into action for this unique experiment with a risky setup outside The astronauts assemble an experimental lab on the external surface of the space station several hundred samples Including the bacteria fungi and mosses will be exposed to cosmic radiation orbiting the earth for over a year If these organisms can survive in space they may also have managed to survive on Mars Leave mouth-to-mouth control life can exist on Mars based on the experiments. We’ve done It’s clear that today’s Mars is a viable planet I believe we need to seriously look for life on Mars Proving simple life exists on Mars would tremendously fuel the greater discussion about intelligent life Ours will be the generation that makes this literally Game-changing discovery that alters everything we know about ourselves and our place in the cosmos But others in the cosmos may be trying to find our world Chuckles catfish was ultra fun There is no way to anticipate where they would land their arrival would shock humans Muskan assistant They friendly or not who knows I would hope they’re friendly and that first contact would be in a friendly fashion Humans need to find proof of extraterrestrial existence before they make contact March 14th 2016 At the Russian Space Station in Baikonur, they are launching another new project to find out even more about Mars ExoMars is a joint project of the European Space Agency ISA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos The mission is monitored via Isis control center in Darmstadt flight director Michelle doonie makes sure that the probe stays on course You know that ExoMars mission is to find traces of life on Mars That could be life that used to exist or maybe even still exist today Since on earth Methane is mostly produced by living things the trace gas orbiter is designed to detect methane and then find the source of the gas well a methane on Mars might be generated by volcanoes We believe that those volcanoes are now extinct so it could be produced by minerals, or it could be created by living organisms In the next phase of the mission a Rover will land on Mars Since cosmic radiation makes the surface itself to hostile for life-forms The rover will search for life in the ground protected from lethal radiation under the surface microbes could still be alive This is the first time in history that a Mars rover will drilled two meters deep into the planet If you own the home for fund a prohormone Dunois the deeper we drill the further we can go back in history Increasing the chances that we will find life Look how we dispose The soil samples are examined immediately at the site a special set of instruments onboard the rover analyzes the drill cores for traces of life But even after all this effort there is still a chance that Mars may actually be a dead planet There are still other potentially habitable worlds the two moons orbiting Saturn Titan and Enceladus Could hold wife in the ice that covers them Gas giant Jupiter also has its own ice modes Ganymede and Europa underneath their ice crusts. They may have oceans of liquid salt water, which could be teeming with life Phoenixon I think on our next I’d candidates are still in our solar system We definitely want to look for life on the ice moons One of these moons is very active and we can tell that it is spurting out ocean material. That’s exactly what we want to see Something’s coming out of the ocean there could be life in that material Future missions could finally reveal if there is life in our solar system Unless highly developed extraterrestrials discover us first scientists believe they could reach our planet a Species that had evolved four million years longer than as the certainiy have the capabilities to send a starship here Could these visitors be dangerous What comes up doesn’t get a coach was not popped on demo day This fast That’s good, you’re very busy What would son should advanced species want from us If aliens decided to conquer our earth would we even stand a chance? If they arrived as conquerors it could be the end of planet Earth as we know it If Extraterrestrials arrive, they will have travelled a great distance from a planet that is very far from our solar system How do we identify where they will come from? One man is getting closer to the answer Swiss astronomer Michelle my or is on his way to an observatory in France It was here in 1995 that he made a breakthrough discovery Luverne UEC we have come here to the observatory of Hawker Falls to measure as many stars as possible in the clear sky In just his first week mayor was able to pinpoint 142 stars and there something very peculiar about one of them star 51 pegasi seemed to be moving a Small strange wobble that made him think that it could have a planet in its orbit Looking at them from Earth most stars appear to have a steady even speed So we have noticed that 51 pegasi we actually changed its speed in a very specific way Mayor has a theory the gravitational pull of this star holds unto a planet But the planet itself is tugging back causing the star to also make the small movement Astronomers call this a change in the radial velocity Which causes a shift in the way the light of the star reaches us back on earth as it moves forward? It is seen as bluish as it moves back. It is perceived as red May or checks these tiny deviations in the light spectrum with his spectrograph Mer is positive 51 pegasi must have a planet This was our proof that there was a planet orbiting the star For the first time ever an Exoplanet has been identified a planet outside our solar system the newly discovered planet is located in the constellation Pegasus 50 light-years away from Earth and it’s been given a name 51 pegasi B The idea upon EF this was the first time that we found a star other than our Sun that actually has a planet the discovery of 51 pegasi B is a major milestone in space exploration We now know for certain that exoplanets exist outside our solar system The discovery also is another reason. Why many scientists are convinced? extraterrestrials exist including well known theoretical physicist Michio Kaku I Think is near a hundred percent that we will find intelligent life in the universe To any planets have the potential to support not just simple life forms with the development of whole civilizations Could there be a second earth a planet exists with the same characteristics as our own Three two engine start one zero and liftoff of the Delta 2 rocket with Kepler In 2009 the Kepler telescope was launched into space The telescope’s main task fly through space to search for new exoplanets Kepler has spotted over 2,000 exoplanets and the telescope keeps making new discoveries every day The satellite has given us a census of the Milky Way galaxy We know that between fifty to a hundred percent of the stars you see at night have Planets going around them and so the chances that we’re the only Planet with intelligent life. I think is very close to zero To this day almost 4000 exoplanets have been discovered Like Corot 7b 490 light-years away this planet likely is primarily made up of hot lava At first glance planet HD one eight nine seven three three B Actually looks like earth, but it has it’s blue color for another reason not water But hazardous glass particles in the atmosphere with brutal winds of five thousand miles per hour It may even rain molten glass on this planet 55 Cancri E. May actually possess a diamond core the surface is a scorching 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit and the atmosphere of this exoplanet Contains high amounts of a toxic proceeded life as we know when on earth could not exist here 2.0. I think that’s what we’ll be looking at Alien invaders may come from a place much like a second earth Then why would they need to come to ours If they truly come to wage war humans would have no hope Military experts believe that facing aliens in combat would be devastating If an alien civilization has the ability to cross interstellar space to reach earth, they undoubtedly have advanced technology If their civilizations are more advanced than our own how can we prepare for contact? Another scientist is also scouring the skies to find a planet where life is possible Hiker hour is an astrophysicist at the German Aerospace Center The big goal we have is to find planets that are similar to our earth habitable ones where we might be able to find life Hiker or knows the key is to find planets with a solid surface and water the two attributes that seem to go hand-in-hand with the existence of intelligent life If I push the earth closer to the Sun it would get hotter Some oceans would evaporate, and then we would have a planet that was not inhabitable And if I push the earth farther away from the Sun It would be so cold that the water would freeze and we would just have an ice planet our planet wouldn’t be habitable then either So there’s a specific ideal distance from the Sun We call this area the habitable zone This habitable zone is the only place where life can develop but for them to happen the planet also needs an atmosphere Like the thin gas layer Which also surrounds our earth protecting life from the lethal UV radiation emanating from stars including our own Sun? The atmosphere is Also crucial of course because we breathe and we need the oxygen from our atmosphere to live so a planet must also have the right kind of atmosphere She uses a trick to quickly find habitable planets Wherever a planet flies past its star at this precise moment the star darkened slightly Using the strategy researchers like hiker hour now have detected more than 30 planets in the habitable zone That could be full of life One planet looks particularly promising to researchers kepler-452b a planet 1,400 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, this planet is amazingly similar to earth its star has a similar size and temperature to our Sun For a round trip around the star it takes 385 days Just a little longer than our Earth’s orbit and the distance to the star is just right Closer to finding a world very much like our own I think it’s only a matter of time now, and I think it could be staggering ly close a New European telescope has the means to finally find this second earth This advanced device is called the European extremely large telescope e-elt For short by 2024 the telescope will be stationed in the Chilean desert. It will be the largest of its kind in the world at the Assembly Hall of the European Southern Observatory Technicians test the parts that will later become the telescope’s main mirror So what do we have here is the very first prototype of the primary mirror of the ELT? So we need a very large mirror, which is impossible to build today in a monolithic piece Close to 800 individual hexagonal mirrors will be put together to create the telescope’s 40 metre massive mirror Up to now we’ve been building telescope up to 8 to 10 meters But now we have a technology to build something which is extremely large 40 meter in diameter is as big as the Alliance Arena nearly, and it’s enormous The scientists hope that the telescopes power will finally prove that there is life on an exoplanet They want to use the telescope to examine the planet’s atmosphere As soon as the planet moves in front of its star using the color Scientists can determine. What kinds of molecules it contains The ultimate proof is to identify some specific Markers some ozone for example some specific elements in the atmosphere of this planet that can only be produced By life by plants by by little creatures in in in the in the ecosystem With the new telescope researchers are aiming to find proof of life within the next 30 years So Stefan our lifetime so in the next decade will be able with ELT to really understand If there is life potential life or not Is it possible that extraterrestrials are already also watching us are they planning a visit and for what purpose Sooner or later we’re going to see some kind of signs of extraterrestrial life We need to prepare An Extraterrestrial attack would be the greatest catastrophe in human history So that fabulous custom fucking Its life out there like on earth It probably shares some of those Characteristics at life on earth has is there any way to predict what the invaders will look like some researchers believe that Aliens might be extremely similar to us I think there’s a great chance that some Extraterrestrials would look exactly like us so for example eyes are very useful Legs are very useful for mobility those things may be present elsewhere in the universe so I would not rule out some extraterrestrials being indistinguishable from human beings Different environmental conditions Could mean that life from other planets would look drastically different These organisms would need to endure extreme heat or extreme cold If they came from a planet with stronger gravitational forces Extraterrestrials may have adapted and developed massive muscle to fight against gravity’s pull Small compact creatures would have the advantage on this type of planet or a planet with less gravity Aliens would need much less muscle to move around their planet could be populated by thin giants All life on Earth is made up of carbon and water, but in another world It’s possible that life developed from entirely different chemical elements On Saturn’s moon for example There may be no liquid water, but there are still other building blocks. That could be combined to form life so creatures on Titan could use ethane or Methane as a liquid instead of water Then the building block would probably be silicon instead of carbon and those creatures might breathe in hydrogen instead of oxygen so Life could be very a lien on that world There’s also the possibility that the visitors will not be actually alive Aliens could potentially send their own intelligent machines into space We actually meet them in person They may already have bioengineering and artificial intelligence So don’t be shocked to find that they’re part robotic and part biological Many scientists think that it’s entirely plausible that aliens have developed advanced spacecraft capable of reaching earth Yes, it’s very possible to do interstellar travel it just takes a lot of effort and a lot of money to develop such a spacecraft universe a Journey through the stars is already within reach Russian millionaire Yuri Milner has invested 100 million dollars into the u.s. breakthrough iniciatives project and others are on board including astronaut Frank Drake and even star physicist Stephen Hawking Search for life beyond Earth it is important to us to know if we are alone in the dark The plan is to visit our neighboring star system, Alpha Centauri only 4.2 light-years away from Earth Scientists have discovered that in this system the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri is orbited by an earth-like planet Proxima B sits perfectly in the habitable zone making the planet a prime candidate for harboring extraterrestrial life But it would take an unmanned probe 32,000 years to reach Proxima be Milder and Hawking believe we need a mini probe which will be able to make the journey in only 20 years if The probe weighed only a few grams it could be equipped with a sail Extremely powerful lasers on earth would then be aimed at the sail and in just 10 minutes The probe would be pushed by the lasers and a quarter of the speed of light For the first time in human history We can do more than just gaze at the stars. We can actually reach them traveling at a speed of 45,000 miles per second it would only take the ultra light spaceship 20 gears to reach Alpha Centauri If sentient life is based upon expansion and based upon exploration Then it’s entirely likely that other sentient species are also engaging in interstellar exploration Advanced civilizations could have developed entirely different technology some researchers believe that the most progressive Aliens can tamp the energy of entire stars to create wormholes that they then use to travel through space and time We have come from horse-and-cart to stealth fighter and space rock yet in 200 years Now imagine a civilization with a million year head start Which is not difficult to conceive of in a universe 14 billion years old? So let’s not rule out the fact that if there are civilizations out there. They may come knocking on our door Invasion by a higher tech civilization Poses a serious threat to the human race in an attack we would barely stand a chance Humans would need to find shelter and safety as soon as possible If this crisis would come to fruition everyone would be caught off guard But I think it’s important to consider the possibility of interstellar species approaching the earth that might be hostile and Consider what resources we might have at our disposal To allow us to defend ourselves and Time may be running out Aliens may already be heading towards their target earth But some alien hunters are more optimistic One of the most famous hunters believes that aliens will be peaceful Seth Shostak has devoted fifty years of his life to SETI research the search for extraterrestrial intelligence The American astronomer is convinced that his body of work will pay off There like a trillion so that’s a million million planets just in our galaxy It’s like you bought a trillion lottery tickets You know a couple of them are gonna be winners, so it just strikes me is inevitable that there is other intelligent life out there Someday we may be able to actually communicate with Extraterrestrial civilizations, but are they already trying to get in touch with us to find out SETI researchers Use radio telescopes like the Allen telescope array in California These telescopes can receive acoustic radio signals from deep within the universe We point them in the direction of nearby stars, which we think might have planets which might have life Which might have intelligent life? And we just look for signals that are coming from those directions Signals at one spot on the radio dial that would tell us hey, you know I don’t know what they’re saying I don’t know what they look like but they’ve built a radio transmitter and Once upon a time a signal just like this one reached Earth 1977 the Big Ear radio telescope of the Ohio State University as its antennas aimed directly into space using these antennas the telescope could capture every radio wave lying in its orbit and Suddenly it received a strange signal from space Astrophysicist Jerry Amon was working on the big-eared telescope. He could hardly believe it when he analyzed the recorded data In those days all the data were just printed out as numbers on a big printer And he would just go through it and look to see if there was anything interesting that it happened that night before one morning He finds a big signal and he gets so excited about any rights Wow Next to it This wow a no came from the constellation Sagittarius? 200 light-years away from Earth with a 30-fold standard deviation the signal was strong enough to be heard over the background noise of the universe and May have been sent out by another civilization But the WoW signal was never detected again To this day it is unclear if it is a result of something natural or if it was caused by something else If extraterrestrials are sending signals to us. What would happen if they personally paid us a visit People would respond in many many different ways some people would literally I panic in the streets Chaos and violence would strike the cities of earth our world as we know it would collapse Just go Beer shock panic anger it’s entirely likely that humans would be terrified At the SETI Institute in California Seth Shostak and his colleagues are still looking for recent signals the astronomers evaluate data from radio telescopes all over the world To date they have not found any evidence proving that extraterrestrials exist therefore many scientists criticize SETI search methods We look for radio signals from Intelligent planets, but that’s looking at the wrong frequency Why should they use old fashioned radio to communicate? The alien hunters have not given up to finally get in touch with extraterrestrials some SETI researchers Think that we should play a more active role in Communication instead of listening to distant signals our own messages should be sent into space if you send to some nearby stars So they’re not terribly far away 10 light years 20 light years then maybe you get a response while you’re still life and it can Enjoy a response It would not be the first time that astronomers have sent a message to aliens In 1977 the Voyager 1 probe made its way into space Since then. It is reliably sent back data in images from our solar system Precious cargo is stored onboard the Golden Record a copper disc that holds music images in sounds from the earth Greetings recorded in 55 different languages a way to kindly introduce ourselves to foreign civilizations Konichiwa ohgenkee deskah hola saludos in 2012 Voyager 1 became the first probe to leave our solar system It is flown further into space than any man-made object ever before This cosmic message in a bottle will travel even deeper into interstellar space By 2025 the probe will run out of its energy supply and continue into the cosmos uncontrolled With the aliens have refined these spacecraft I don’t think so they’re about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle Right and they’re dark and and their transmitters won’t be working then so how you ever gonna find these guys It’s like you know looking for a don’t know a little bit of flotsam on the Pacific Ocean you’re probably never gonna find it Acoustic signals are already being sent out into space The most famous signal was the Arecibo message in 1974 the message created by astronomer Frank Drake used binary code to provide information about human biology The population on earth and tell the recipient exactly where the signal originated so far We haven’t received a reply from aliens Seth Shostak thinks we need to be thinking bigger in fact He wants to offer big data to the aliens the more information. They receive the better They will understand us. I would send the Internet actually we just send everything on the Internet I mean if you walk down to the beach And you find a message in a bottle and it’s one sentence you may never figure out what that message was about But if it was you know a thousand books Well you might you might a lot more But others think that these well-meaning messages would make us in calculon enemy aliens might leverage these communication efforts into a full-scale attack I Think it’s a rather silly idea to send out powerful beamed messages Indicating our presence who knows what’s out there in our galaxy. It’s like being a four-year-old in the middle of a dark forest Does she explore and learn The situation or does she go running screaming through the forest saying monsters hello Everybody I’m here Critics say that stopping these messages is the only way to prevent a human catastrophe Before proceeding there needs to be a greater scientific discourse About what these messages should contain and who is allowed to send them I? Think we should hold discussions serious scientific Investigations and discussions of the pros and cons before we be messages into space Early projects like Yuri Milner’s are already underway for the best message. That could be sent to extraterrestrials a Reward of 1 million dollars is up for grabs Though we previously also warned against sending messages Stephen Hawking now supports the endeavor It’s time to open our eyes our ears and our minds to the cosmos if extraterrestrials received our signals long ago Now it’s too late for us to hide Any society that could do that any society that could come here and threaten you They’ve got bigger antennas than we do they can already pick up our television our airport radars all sorts of stuff So we’re already telling them. We’re here Pandora’s Box might already be open At this very moment aliens could be enroute to earth And Stonebridge muffled he would you own advocate and I’m not five time thus militares an alarm, but I trust in Verizon Does not met And honest Isn’t fast as you have If there are more intelligent more powerful and therefore more dangerous civilizations out there We should be very careful about Contacting them These fears are not unfounded in the history of mankind when a new country or continent is discovered It is always ended tragically for those who are conquered the less technologically advanced culture experienced pain in some cases death and extinction in some cases slavery An invasion of militant aliens could end the human species if the battle begins Those who could hide in time would be the only survivors Aliens would need a motive to fight earth It is possible to conceive of other civilizations Who are at war in the cosmos and who are perhaps? desperate for new territories or new resources they may look at the earth and Say this could be our new home would universal war with extraterrestrial life be plausible solely for our resources But so many planets out there orbiting stars that will have water and carbon and all the elements that are on earth There’s no reason to come to a planet filled with life Our planet is home to 7 billion people to aliens the most interesting resources on Earth might actually be its inhabitants If they are warlike it would be like Godzilla meeting bambi it would be no contest whatsoever Is there any way to prepare for this kind of disaster? Space agencies have emergency procedures to respond to dangers like meteorite impacts Do they also have a plan in case of an alien attack? Scientists and military experts have already thought through. What would really happen in an attack situation An alien civilization approaching earth as a potential target for conquest is going to first try to eliminate any kind of resistance the simplest thing they can do to neutralize their weapons is to use the electromagnetic pulse Without warning all energy supplies would be shut off electronic devices cars and telephones would be useless and Humans would be suddenly powerless You would essentially drive human civilization back into the 19th century Earth’s largest cities would be targeted first in an invasion and most would not survive the brutal war I’m sure that many of the nations of earth would use nuclear weapons even on their own soil as a last resort to try to Stop some form of alien invasion Using weapons of mass destruction would destroy our own planet Luckily there is also another strategy the first objective would actually just be survival the second priority would be the capture of enemy technology and Reverse-engineer them it may be possible for us to produce them in significant quantities even If aliens haven’t planned to deadly invasion it could still turn into war if we get in their way And even if the aliens don’t wanna conquer us Even if the aliens don’t want to eat us eat at the aliens don’t want to plunder our natural resources We might get in the way because maybe they have different intentions toward us Humans would have no way to escape If an enemy arrives that has such a massive disparity in their technological capabilities that you have no means of Potentially fighting back then perhaps your best opportunity to survives to accept the changing nature of your civilization They came here with friendship As explorers that’s great we would hold out the hand of friendship ourselves if they came as conquerors I think we would simply have to surrender This would be a war we could not win Testament Only one thing is for certain extraterrestrials arrival would change our world forever The only hope is that if they do common they will come in peace

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    If they purposely came to us, they would obviously have already received enough information from our transmissions we send through the airways (or just via advanced telescopes) to have observed that we are in fact a warlike, tribal, barely scientific, mostly uneducated, self-destructive, life form that does not have the foresight to take long term care of our life sustaining planet.

    So even if they are not inherently aggressive, they would have to be guarded and either keep themselves hidden from us, neutralize our ability to fight them, or eradicate us -seeing the bigger picture (likely in their minds being a valuable planet, with life forms who are going to either ruin it and/or themselves anyway).

  • Alien's are real but but they are not going to attack because they are friendly because they are our best friend's and family and they love us and they just want to help us all in this world so please understand and if they come to Earth please treat them with kindness please and they understand you and all of us in this world for real and this is for the Alien's and take care of yourself's and be safe out there were ever you live and be happy with us some people does not understand so please make all of us understand you for the right reason and blessed to all of us in this world so Peace's out

  • The aliens have already envaded our world….This is why you dont trust white media…

    1. Who do you think do the ORGAN HARVESTING???
    2. How about cloning humans???
    3. How about shape shifting???
    They been here sheeple…..
    They are the elites daddy….who run this world and got it all wicked and fucked up.
    Don't believe these information agents…sub to my page

  • Why do we always think aliens are super advanced? They could be in the dark ages for all we know.

  • Well I think they already here and they have taken over and our silly government s 👽and world leaders are either under their powers 👽or they've been taken over . inhabited by beings . 👽

  • Bambi has Iron-Fist powered by Uranium…🤪🤔

  • Didn't NASA get the memo, The EARTH is flat dude 😱

  • If extraterrestrials arrive in the form of microbes, I'll take them on. If they arrive in a ship that looks like NYC turned upside down and if they look like terminator, I'm heading for the mountains.

  • NYC passes a city ordinance. You can't say, " illegal space alien" or you get a $ 250,000 fine.

  • Editing and transitions makes this one hard to watch.

  • Sick of the very frustration inducing special effects / distortions in this video.. Not sure why someone thinks it is cool or edgy to distort the interviews making out that they are having reception/technical problems.. Probably some moronic university student trying to be a trend setter but only proving to everyone that they are retarded..

  • Ok this just shows how stupid scientists really are! Hahaha

  • If something doesn't have a soul, it is not life.

  • You should be more afraid of your government taking away your rights first than Aliens..

  • the drill failed

  • The maximum speed we have achieved so far 240kph…. I doubt if the aliens consider us a threat to them in anyway. Their equivalent of cats and dogs may feel slightly peeved at us being possible novel replacements for them …other than that ..nothing to worry about.

  • Everyone's gansta till the speck of dust tries to kill ya.
    That's the only alien there iz

  • They're already here and have been for quite some time

  • Surely our scientists would see the ships coming as soon as they enter our galaxy so we would have time to seek shelter and mount a contingency plan. I would hope!

  • we will be back when you have all grown up earthlings

  • We’ve been blasting high energy TV broadcast since the 1930’s… traveling at the speed of light, they are just now reaching some of the nearer galaxies and star systems. No doubt our signals have reached something other than human by this time. Now that they’ve heard us, they’re going to come.

  • If I owned go pro, the company. I would be talking with Elon Musk ASAP trying to send a go-pro camera or even a fleet of them to mars to go buzz around and give us live streams. If we can send rockets and a mars rover, very easily could send go-pros out there very easily and much more cost-effective. That company would be a staple in mankind.

  • Maybe they haven't arrived yet is because we project our hostile nature onto them and they're much more advanced to know how primitive we are fighting and killing each other over nothing. So they don't bother.

  • Highly probable to find other life??? Based on what exactly? 0 evidence, 0 finds 0 reason to come to that conclusion at all and scientist believe 100% they are out there? Says a lot for the "scientific" community

  • What will happen when they attack ? Kind of presumptuous isn"t it ?

  • They may already be here… If so. They would stay away from us. Because, we would be savages and primates compared to their culture. Or hopefully they would take pity on us. And possibly guide us toward advancing ourselves. As it stands in our world now 2019. We can not stop destroying the planet’s resources… Our killing, greed and or exploitation of one another. A intergalactic avoidance warning is probably posted “Warning Dangerously Aggressive Primitive and Hostile Humanoid Life Form on this Planet. Avoid at all cost. Use of Advanced technology And contact is prohibited by Galactic Judiciary Code Sol System 00147. Violation of the this directive will be met with the harshest of penalties in Galactic Law.” In short, If we discovered any aliens. It would be by complete accident.

  • If the aliens come to attack don't worry, trump will protect us with his new military space force he's planning to create lol

  • They didn’t leave we are fighting them all truth is hidden from public and they are demons fallen angles they are multidimensional this is what they trick u they haven’t Ben out more then the dome they try with nukes but gods dome the pherninate 74miles up there is a big conspiracy the sky is blue because there is water above us held up by dome they hide all from us and laugh at all till one day that father will be coming to separate the weeds from his harvest they all know and keep it from happening and u u don’t Evan know the holly wood basement is where they put prints in the sand for trillions of dollars while we starve

  • They lie they control the bloodlines Ben her since Egypt research it research hidden books like dead see scrolls ……..the whole world be dacevith and made a market out of my father’s kingdom. All presidents related they soul tranfere using blood sacrifice like 911 abortions all this stuff they do to control u unalloyed are farmed and lied to the burn up evidence like all these fires

  • There is no intelligent life on Earth.
    There is racism, sexism, hypocritical, magical thinking organized religions, poverty, gregarious income inequality, excessive plastic surgery, hatred of melaninated people, love of lust, corrupt political and religious figures, Hollywood, and a gazillon number of people sleeping on the streets.
    And the number 1 problem is greedy corporations that are financially wealthy beyond imagination and are truly pyscopaths in action.

  • what makes people think aliens will attack us…unless the government know something that we don't

  • Maybe we from Mars and we cultivated here on Earth…that would be interesting and questions that need answers.

  • Our energy can impulse and connect to things around is if you feel it around you. If you go outside to a quiet place open area daytime of course and just close your eyes your nervous will go away and you will feel and hear energy and sound like a pulse. I have learned that energy can be focused pulled pushed and manipulative.

  • We more than human their is more to it than God 🙏

  • Way are we looking life in other planets,not making life in our planet ?

  • Does life exist in space? No. Does life exist in the æther? Yes!

  • An alien species on the far edge of the Universe found our little speck of a planet??? Riiight, not going to happen. You might want to look up the video on how big the Universe is then tell me how they found little old earth.

  • I gone have a nightmare tonight. When i wake up sombady is standing over me watching me sleep. grrrr thanks you evil men xd

  • Pfft fungus! the sumerians were here a longtime ago who were from another time and place

  • There is no ABC…wars,if they attack us our civilization will be jammed and sant black to the prehistoric historic eras!

  • At 0:33, sending messages out there, may be our demise. We may one day say- we should have listened to Stephen Hawking's warning not to send messages indicating our position.

  • The next phase of the deep state. Fool the masses into thinkinking were being attacked. They would be like the clowns on 9/11 that no one say or bin ladin which no one bothered to take his dna. The deep state is the biggest threat tp the planet

  • All they'd have to do is drop rocks into the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and then wait for the smell to go away. Most humans live on the coast and the rest wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight.

  • Say in the name of Jesus and they ran and scream. There demons

  • Aliens are us!

  • LOL 3 rovers later & no-one still knows

  • brainwashing

  • Ephesians ch6 v12. They have been here and actually are quarantined here.

  • Seth Show-steak?

  • What a load of cobblers. They are already here, the Tall Whites have a base in the US and who do you think keeps shutting down the US ICBMs in the US and Britain over the last fifty years. They are concerned and worried about us and not here to invade but to assist. The only attack will come from the Military Industrial complex who have superluminal anti-gravidic craft similar to the ships of the Ets. False flag attacks have been planned for decades.

  • stupid gimmicks…. and WOW , the big doughnut eating He man narrating makes this program a joke

  • That alien is Christ in the angels and if you are not doing what the most high required of you bye bye

  • …we’re blessed AND cursed AND tasked!…we’re “BLESSED” in that the dome above represents an enclosed environment- so there WILL BE NO invasion from without…we’re “CURSED” in that as a result. in- house devious- “minority” hearts and minds (psychopaths) run the show- “CONSEQUENLY”- the ONLY respite from the “boo- geyman” divide- conquer- death- destruction tactics is for “organized” world 🗺- wide action(s) from the remaining- “majority” within to summon the courage needed to change the current paradigm- to, wrest and establish PERMANENT “humane” control and administration (aka: “good- shepherding”) of within- the- dome affairs…

  • Ok, listen up class, there are no such thing as Aliens, they are in fact DEMONS, who masquerade as GHOSTS, DEAD SPIRITS, they can manifest into ANYTHING, they are the fallen angels, they've been here before God created the earth, DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

  • Just fear porn.

  • of course they're friendly, not necessarily in our current form, but in time we can mature to get a chance to talk to them.

  • My Godzilla fall in love with cute little bamby 😂😂😂

  • Real Scientists have shown proof that life as we know it, is mathematically impossible to occur by chance. In fact, the odds are 1 to the 10 with 174 zeros behind it. Many, many times more than atoms in the Universe. It always amuses me how Atheist will invent anything and do anything just to serve their religion. But then, they need their $grants to justify their hobby ☺

  • This glitch effect had me stopping the video at less than 5 min.

    way OVERUSED and brings NOTHING to the "documentary".

  • We have been saying Aliens are superior than us in science and technology but what if they proves to be abysmal than us and we being the vicariously strong over them.

  • Imagine when we will die we will be born in another planet and have the power to teleport like rick

  • gave up watching at 17 mins due to the B-grade hollywood cut scenes on how fkn fantastic everyones life is.

  • aliens are friends of ours…stop freaking out the population

  • Maybe they don't see us as a thret any more we already destroyed the earth ever think of that maybe they no longer need us we where already advanced now where just killing ourselves an the planet

  • Where do they get their numbers from? Trillion galaxies? Why stop there if the space is infinite?

  • We dont need aliens to destroy human life on earth. We just do it ourselves anyhow.

  • Koku meeting Gozilla! Is Koku Gozilla? What a shame the Aliens are not here to take some of this doomsday prophets like Mr Pope & Co.


  • In reality there is no danger of this ever happening ..when you die you go to the next planet ..

  • My question is: will the gouvernements tell us if they know about something…or will we know only in the end.

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