Womxn’s History Month: Our Sprout Heroes

[Interviewer: Ready to read some bios?]
I think so. [Interviewer: Cool, pick up the stack of cards.] [Interviewer: You’re looking great.] Thank you. [Laughing] Alright I can do this. I love my dog. I just wanted you to know that. Am I looking at you? [Interviewer: Whenever you’re ready.] Okay. Sprout Heroes are lesser-known inventors, thinkers, makers, entrepreneurs, advocates, and storytellers who inspire you to work hard at what you do every day. This Sprout Hero is passionate, expressive she has a beautiful gift of making even a stranger feel special. Her selflessness is contagious. Her tireless work in Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion shows how deeply she cares about all people. She’s always looking out for the greater good and especially those who may not feel like they have a voice. Her bravery expanded the space for queer folks, queer women, and queer people of color in her community. With empathy, passion, and great leadership she has reimagined and rewritten what product design as a practice looks like here at Sprout. While her work in the design… That’s a good trick. She is truly a woman who empowers other women. Many say they can’t imagine what Sales at Sprout is like without her hard work. Her team… jeez you guys. Her vulnerability made her an ally in a space that can feel so isolating. Kim, you’re a change agent. Your thoughtfulness and drive inspires everyone who you work with. Terri, you embody your values. You’ve moved so many with the joy and fire you bring to everything you touch at Sprout. Aja, your empathy and grace is recognized by everyone around you. You lift us up, challenge us to be better and this Women’s History Month we celebrate you. Thank you for being our Sprout Hero. Thank you for being our Sprout Hero. Oh my god, Kleenex please. Thank you for being our Sprout Hero. I tend to glorify but not put myself in that same category so that was a really lovely exercise. It’s just really nice to hear that I’m making an impact on other people. I was like well that sounds like me. Oh no. You can’t be like ’Is this me?’ and it’s like ’No, this is Michelle Obama.’ The effort and energy that you put into helping uplift others, it means a lot to know that that work isn’t invisible here. But you should also do it even if it doesn’t pay off because it’s important. [Laughing] I have a lot of intersecting identities. All which I’m very proud of. But I want to make sure that people recognize that in other people as well, who share those identities. Coming from first-generation Mexican American parents the first one in my family in general to be in IT it was a bit of a challenge but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I wake up every day and as much as possible I think about, ’how can I help pave a way for somebody else to get to where I’ve gotten to.’ How can I expand outside of just mothers or parents or who else can I help? If I go through a door, don’t close it behind me, you know. Keep it open for the rest and I think that that’s something that I’ve been looking forward to.

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