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The west has long found much to
criticize about the status of women in Islamic societies although laws vary from country to
country within the pages of the Koran at least a
woman’s rights are clearly defined The Koran intended to eradicate many negative practices and attitudes towards women and did so in explicit terms The Koran actually granted women the
right to own property to receive an inheritance and to have a choice in their own
marriage and divorce the Koran also granted women the right
to vote thirteen hundred years before western
societies even considered it I think it’s very interesting that a lot of
feminists overlook the fact that in this country in particular women only got the right to vote in the last hundred years still in some areas of the Islamic world many women live harshly restricted lives to the average westerner the traditional head covering worn by
Muslim women, the hijab, has become a symbol of oppression I remember particularly uh… walking down the street and a
woman was was looking very intently at me staring very intently and she came up
and she walked directly up to me and she put her hand on my shoulder and she said “honey you’re in America now; you don’t have
to wear that here.” To me the hijab is just 45 inches of material it’s ironic that it has become such a pivotal issue of concern both within the Muslim community and for non-Muslims The covering of one’s head is an aspect of several major religions today many Christians and Jews continue
to honor this ancient symbol of humility before god likewise some Muslim women choose to
wear the hijab only during prayer and other religious occasions I don’t wear the hijab I decided not to wear it. I think modesty is
something that comes from the inside out It’s not just about one scarf one
piece of cloth uh… that doesn’t make you a good
Muslim to read it literally the Koran requires modesty of both women and men but the specific choice of covering from the total concealment of the afghan burqa to the slightly more revealing chador
of Iran reflect cultural preferences not the edicts of Allah Islam is never meant to be a religion that
oppresses women. It just turned out that way because of the way it’s
manipulated by people who are really expressing their own culture that’s patriarchal and tribal and is a reflection of what the society was like before Islam came to the world

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