Women Go Through Each Other’s Search History

right jasmine real-time Instagram follower cow because no today we’re gonna go through each other’s search histories I lived my life pretty openly I do watch porn my phone is my favorite device to watch porn I’m afraid I’m not afraid I feel like this might be a boring video that’s what I’m scared honestly that we’re not fun yeah we’re not that exciting yeah I accidentally cleared my Google search history I swear to God like a day or two before but my YouTube and Instagram search history is pretty healthy it’s gonna be a lot of BTS choreography videos on Saturday you were searching for a tick-tock and hit with long hair tick-tock white guy white guy getting whipped by box box brave okay this is tick-tock of this guy who gets whiplash with this girl from box braids but I couldn’t find that one tick tock and I think about that tick-tock all the time which members have girlfriends and who are they why am i getting hot so like innocent and show you where time at pornhub I was like all of this is just your like Gmail because no oh wait I see the porn yes what coins here no I know I know I know why that was when you’re about to hit 500k oh okay I was being a really good friend oh you’re looking up a bar and then more porn oh but then you’re looking for a car oh it’s productive you know Zac Efron Disney Channel Games Miley Pledge of Allegiance [Laughter] was way more interesting than I thought it would be to be honest done with Google we’re gonna hop over to Instagram I hate this really Mary Styles very Styles fashion archive Gucci beauty also Harry Styles BTS closet there’s two yeah our very own Jen dude I forgot it on frankie muniz and then i got into this whole no i don’t have you have more followers in vacation in that while I just go follow Frankie everybody go fall Frankie Muniz for wait we should look into like what tags you’re looking for oh wait you never look for any tags nervy mind blog how do you find anything on Instagram I just find people we look at YouTube oh okay it’s like BuzzFeed BuzzFeed video but see video celeb bros BTS fall on Avril Lavigne I fell in love with oh wait can we just can we just okay got another Lavigne whole she’s also making a comeback what’s a cenar ooh that’s it weightlifting fairy oh that’s this new kdrama I just watched it’s a couple shipping from Naruto that got me into reading manga which is what got me really into anime Jannah wedding did he mean Tama no but Jake and Tana together shadow no honestly so soon aru is a be on ship right it’s boy love buzzfeed asses and BTS dance practice okay 80% BTS sounds about right yeah okay so what’s your summer highlight get it glow and when we are funding a highlight two bedrooms one bathroom Zillow are you looking to move or maybe princess Polly princess Polly is this like online shop this is a hole somewhere porn I’m not moving for like a year to me okay adobo chicken yeah that sounds good I literally just got an instant pot and I’m like obsessed way are you wanting to move in our Hollywood I was looking to move look guys just to know you’re interested in Hollywood again closer to me yes it’s hard because I’m still an animate believed oh no I’m a full-on anime – yeah oh so great what’s Baba’s good oh it’s a place to go smoke hookah I want to go have you been in LA it’s just okay I know but I just didn’t know that alright let’s go to Instagram I think the app you’re on the most what’s tram ambassador art erm yeah what is loose so it’s Rent the Runway well you really like fashion hunter Schaffer love hunter Schaffer you’re aces Jasmin account the Internet’s well I’ve always wanted to go but know what to go with it’s amazing if you love anime like you have to go to anime expo next year okay I want to do it I don’t know any of these people but I’m just assuming they’re like cool Instagram fashion people yeah they look at they astrology astrology is what it’s called oh I don’t think so well let’s follow each other yes yeah that’s so boring yeah okay so let’s check out your YouTube Jubilee we love this one a fight on one of my favorite channels Michelle car a one of her good friends you have a good channel ads is that’s us style just in general this is mine I thought that YouTube would just let me look up style as a topic and then everything else is into the pot I’m telling you I was upset Oh Fashion Week for the first time I was our video yeah we watch these yeah really yeah Jose Feliciano national anthem 1968 so I watch this documentary unbox about how hard it is to sing the national anthem yes so you know some proposals 20 18 years oh you just like wedding proposal literally underneath that says proposals that will make you cry best fight oh yeah because I’m majority and I need to figure out what I can actually easily ride peppermint stronger lip-sync peppermint go drag queen the stronger Britney song lip-synch it was good I feel like my search terms are boring all I’m looking for recipes and clue no I think your search terms shows how like Jenny when you are as a person did we find anything interesting you know Lindsay really says that she’s a fangirl right this is not a joke this is not a game this is literally what Lindsay doesn’t her and her time it’s just look up stuff about the people she’s obsessed with I feel like you’re like search terms we’re just so true to who you are and you were like unabashedly sharing like no like a girl can love her porn and she can also love her anime like who cares [Music]

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