Woman Who Left The Amish Community Opens Up To Megyn Kelly | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  • She is very pretty! I actually have Mennonite in my background too…

  • Megyn Kelly is awful…..

  • She left a lot out like at age 16 they can experience the English life for as long as they want and go out and date and party and live as an American. Not that that's always a good thing I think a lot of the Amish stuff is very good. Maybe we should be more like them. I can understand her not wanting to get up every single day of her life and milk cows at 4 a.m. . But I admire a lot of the stuff and the rules that these people have. This world is too fast and too dirty. Nothing but scum. If I was her I would have switched to Mennonite. They are a lot less strict. But you would still be living a good life instead of trying to live in this box store world we live in. Where you can't be too fat you can't be too skinny. You got to have the BMW he got to have the $300,000 house. And everything else that goes along with this place!

  • Someone needs to make a movie out of this girl's story!

  • So when she left with just her clothes on he back, walked to town ,then what? She had to have known someone? No money , nothing. Then she went to college? That part of the story was completely left out.

  • This was a great interview, but I wish that Megyn would’ve discussed where the young Amish girl “began” once she entered normal life. For example, who helped her get established? Where did she sleep without any money on her first night in civilization? What was her first job?

  • Well at Least She was taught the Earth was Flat . 🙂 QC

  • I wish Megyn wouldn’t interrupt so often. Her words are very interesting to hear.

  • She was willfully ignorant. Amish don't restrict what you can learn. You're taught what you need to live in the community but they are not some book burning Bible cult. By her standard of looking at the world, people in the 19th century, without electricity, without modernn conveniences, had no joy. Come to think of iut, I guess there was no joy ever until the mid-20th century when modern luxuries were commonplace.

  • She did big mistake in her life. I hope she will come back to JESUS. Ex Muslim here after saw JESUS Lord Amen .

  • I really think the Amish are a prosocial cult. Megyn is a terrible interviewer.

  • In my country, primary school education with all subjects, including history, geography, chemistry etc. is mandatory for all children. Why not in USA?

  • Megyn Kelly was the prettiest caustic person in the public consciousness.

  • One of the number one questions most people would have, and of course Kelly fails to ask, is "When you left, where did you go, what did you do for housing and food and money?" Great job Kelly. Geez

  • This interview could be way better if the questions were deep and give Emma more time to talk about her experience rather than ask stupid question that added no value to the discussion . I would love to hear if Emma talked to her family about her own feelings towards being an amish before she escaped . did her family noticed or felt her sorrow and sadness of living as an amish ? what would happen if Emma told her family that she was going to leave that day ? would they stop her ?

  • My boyfriend's ex monona is a little bit different than Amish the Amish want nothing to do with the family once you leave the group.

  • Get this amnish girl back… she will be ruined by this American slutty society

  • Ohio here im not Amish but these people helped me a lot they are full of God's love..and OHIO VERY HAPPY TO HAVE THE GREAT AMISH!!!

  • This my friends is RELIGION this is not what Jesus teaches us so glad this girl got out and I hope it did not turn her into an atheist

  • She is actually advanced in her forced education. The main stream media is still trying to teach us their communist opinions of the world.

  • What do you call an Amish man with his arm up a horses backside?

    A Mechanic.

  • I’m Amish and my dad doesn’t let me use computers. I shouldn’t be writing this comment because if he catches me there will be

  • Isn't there 3 orders of Amish communities?

  • She is worth millions of modern enlightet fancy girls.

  • I actually like Megyn Kelly, witty, funny, asking the right balance of serious and entertaining questions. Too bad she left Fox.

  • They'll use camera's, but they have to be Black and White Camera's. Clearly the color camera's cross that line of being too advanced to be acceptable.

  • So beautiful and charming girl …

  • Why do they have cameras tho

  • I live among the Amish….I know plenty of well rounded people who are very joyful. This is just one girls experience, and it has been pushed by the secular media as "THE" story about Amish and their world. This is just one unfortunate girl and her story. There are messed up Amish families and people just like there are messed up non Amish…..Im glad she left, but please dont let her story make you think the whole Amish world is like hers.

  • been spending most our lives living an Amish paradise (ooooh)

  • The Amish are JUST as knowledgeable about things going on in the world as everyone else, believe me. Probably more knowledgeable at times LOL And yes, that even includes the strict Swartzentruber group. I believe one of her cousins wrote a book as well and played a character on the fictional Amish Mafia show. One woman went on Dr Phil pretending to be Amish and told "horror stories" and she's not even Amish! And yes, she was asked why. It seems there was a trend amongst certain ex-Amish families to write a book "to better educate the world". I was extremely disappointed with one in particular. Books & TV shows sell more when they go overboard with their "facts". Alot of people are obsessed with the Amish but dont know much. Then they read these ex-Amish books and watch these crazy TV shows and they naively believe it's fact. There are amazing Amish just like there are amazing English. Vice versa. With limited knowledge about the Amish, people are more likely to believe truth stretchers. Bigger audience=more $$$$. That's what it all comes down to. There are thousands and thousands who leave the Amish religion/culture each year. Thank goodness they dont all write books. Too bad the honest ones dont. If something is too wild to be true, it likely is.

  • Emma Gingerich lived in Missouri, and not Ohio.

  • So a girl left th Amish community knowing nothing about the world outside. Meets megyn kelly, swiftly realises she is the smartest person in the room.

  • One of the most obnoxious and dumbest interviewers I have watched.

  • Lot of this is the wrong impression of Amish people. They are.remarkable and you will never here on of them saying anything negative about another person. They do speak three languages. High German, Pennsylvania Dutch, and English. I have talked to a few and they do speak good English. There are a few who leave the faith.

  • If I were younger and healthy I could embrace the Amish life. I don't want contact with the outside world but I could never be cut off from my family. I live very simply. But my family means everything and Amish would not be for them

  • I'm black but she's painting all Amish in a ridiculous broad brush.

  • Good on her, imagine any of us coming from the 300 years ago and ending up with an education. Im not american but ill try buy the book if i cant find it at the library.

  • "My understanding was that the world is flat" …… Donald Trump is living proof that this is true, that's all I can say.

  • She should have been with Oprah! Super Souls Sunday OWN is calling you!

  • Living without internet is like being amish

  • Aside from the terrible interview, I'm a little skeptical of this. She must be from a very different Amish community. The Amish I know in my area have healthier lives than all of us, and the children are not only fluent in both languages but know more about basic subjects than high school graduates. I'm glad this lady found her happiness, but what ashame people will watch this and think all Amish are similar.

  • I know She stretched things quite a bit! Even the Swartzentrubers who are the most strictest of the Amish aren’t that extreme! They Do have joy! And they do learn history, geography, that the world isn’t flat, and etc! Yes, I couldn’t live as they do, but she is stretching things!

  • THIS GARBAGE!!!! Don’t believe this woman
    Here is the truth: https://youtu.be/eoXG3__vL8A


  • Thanks to the mind control propaganda system of mass media, the entire planet now lives in a giant "Amish Paradise" community where we only know what they want us to know, and we can only think the thoughts they want us to think. If only it were as easy to escape from this dystopia as it was for the Amish girl to hike her way out of her former community. If we want to escape we would need an interstellar space ship, and even if we had one we don't as of yet know where to go.

  • all ik is that there’s always amish people around my town doing work

  • The Amish are forbidden to take pictures, so how could they have pictures of her while she was Amish? This is pure propaganda aimed at one of the last communities that still follow God’s law by the nihilistic media

  • Swartz and trobbers and amish are completely different… to much to explain. But i promise..

  • You may think she not normal but there communitys here in the UK like Islamic one were people don't speak any English and live there life's like they where in Pakistan or some other Islamic and they have no intention of missing if we point this out we are the racist.
    If I moved to there countries if would learn to mix and make an effort.
    But the white Europeans from the left act like turkey's wishing for Christmas.

  • Bunch of airheads, what a lop sided embarrassing interview, jaded women are the worst

  • In regards to all of the photo📷 confusion ; ⬇️⬇️⬇️
    🌹 "The correct answer is most often the simplest one" 🌹

    Simplest💓 Explanation🧠:
    Photos were taken AFTER she left the community. Most likely related to her book 📖, as some type of promotion.

    💟 while participating in 'ex-Amish' documentary/content (POSSIBLY🤷🏼‍♀️)

    💟 during Rumspringa🎉 while free to live an 'English' lifestyle.

    3 simpler & more likely reasons for the picture than her story being a fraudulent cash grab or a media conspiracy to smear the Amish faith… because Satan. DUH❗

  • No history because you are experiencing it

  • What the heck….this interview is awful.
    She got too excited about the dating part 🙄

  • We better tell the truth.

  • Fake amish people dont take photos

  • looks like the girl from scary movie

  • So the questions i need to get answer was where did she go when she left and how did she survive?

  • "Was there any education about like the number of states, you know, our political system, anything?"
    Some high quality education right there.

  • this young woman is extraordinary. because, she left her cage. it was an invisible cage for her mind. it happens a lot to people; and what's most amazing, is she knew at such a young age.
    reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger's life story; he left Austria, because it was too stifling – to fulfill his dreams…

  • lol im not american and i love watching amish documentaries..idk why..they are just so interesting :0

  • "Is there sexual activity?"
    "So what do you do?"
    Says alot about megan Kelly

  • Now I understand why all the comments where putting Megan Kelly down for this interview. Sad. I’m sure a high school student would do better asking how she survived when she left. I mean wasn’t that the point of the interview? Not to rehash what Amish life is like since most of us have a gist of that lifestyle anyway?🤔

  • Escape if you want dear all

  • This Megyn Kelly doesn't seem too bright. Being really glib about something so deep and serious.

  • That's a cult. Anything any group that discourages education and demands complete and total compliance is a cult

  • This is full of lies! I grew up Amish! Had close swartzentruber friends an this is full of lies! Good way to sell a book tho! You go girl! My husband an I are filled wi disbelief! Just woooowww

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