Witness Paints Trump Scheme, Russian Threat In Vivid Detail | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • White out on our calendar? …such a vivid picture for your audience. Who are they anyway LOL can your viewers tell the boss, 'sorry, whiting out work I am watching Rachael?' I'm sorry but that really irritated me as I am furious no one is taking about humanitarian issues on mainstream at all. This should concern everyone. It will be a surprise I guess. Happy days. xo

  • Lying traitor trash paid off by democrats. Irrelevant bulldyke, inferior, parasitic; obama's leftover garbage. Propaganda to create image POTUS Trump committed a crime. He did not. Reverse everything fake news claims it's exactly what democrats did. Useless, worthless, miserable sociopaths contribute nothing to society. Scared trying to take focus off their treason, coup, tyranny, illegality of impeachment.


  • Sorry but I'm not going to watch Lindsay Graham on TV I have enough in my own life that stresses me out

  • What channels? Treasontrump is my 3rd, Nixon, Clinton and he's my HAT TRICK!!!

  • Jim Jordan has been angry since he hung up his tights….he misses pinning young boys underneath him forcefully…then taking Hot Tubs/Saunas with those boys…..the good old days…with Dr. Strauss……at OSU

  • Doctor Hill is another true patriot. It's lucky there are still any left.

  • And we deeply appreciate and thank you for those circles under your eyes

  • “Fake cow” what about a maddcow?

  • Hill is a BEAST!! She needs to be in the open hearings!!! She will eat them up!!!

  • My Wednesday schedule currently consists of sitting in bed recovering from major foot surgery, so I think I can fit it in!😜

  • Which is worse? Joe Biden extorting millions of dollars out of Ukraine or President Trump asking about it?

  • So what is Nellie Ohr doing in Ukraine working on the "Pack of lies" fake Russian Dossier? Seems she is the author of the fake Dossier and Christopher Steele was the patsy. So you have Nellie Ohr of Fusion GPS working with Ukrainians to put together the fake dossier so she could funnel it through her husband Bruce Ohr at the DOJ. Then he funneled it to Peter Strozk at the FBI and then to John Brennan at the CIA. Then the fake document was used by James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, and Rod Rosenstein to get warrants to spy on members of the Trump campaign. Wow, sounds like a conspiracy to orchestrate a Coup to me…… Bahahahahahaha

  • Ukraine is a corrupt country . We give millions of dollars of taxpayer money to Ukraine. Thank you President Trump for making sure the money is not used corruptly as it was by Joe and Hunter Biden.

  • Sleepy Joe Biden? No, he's not sleepy. Joe Biden thinks the American people are sleepy. No, the Anerican people aren't sleepy, we know everything you were doing Joey………

  • Burisma ……. RICO, bribes, kickbacks, pay for play, Joe Biden. Hunter Biden.

  • The Republicans are helping Trump help Russia🤔😡😡

  • 3rd hand information… about as creditable as Rachel!!  we will KAG 2020

  • She's reading highlights??… maybe she should read the whole thing!!

  • In Soviet Russia lawyers aren't questioning you, you question them!

     (unf. this still happens in modern Russia and now the U.S.)

  • Fiona Hill is a B.O.S.S. !!!!
    Only have respect for her 🙏👏

  • Bayer Monsanto DuPont
    Eco criminals

  • Thank you for speaking on behalf of the truth for us, Ms. Hill. We need you.

  • I always appreciate Rachel's very thorough research & reporting.

  • Fiona Hill 2020!

  • jordan is a fool

  • YES! She is a true American Patriot!!!

  • Funny, impeachment requires a "high crime or misdemeanor" to have been committed.

    Yovanovich was fired for being a partisan hack, and literally perjured herself the other day, documentary evidence proves this. Her testimony and some recently outed emails don't tell the same tale. She lied under oath.

    Read the transcripts, Schiff is an out of control Gestapo agent, high on his own importance. This entire inquiry is a perversion of justice.

    Due process requires the whistleblower to confront Trump, under oath, and to be questioned and cross examined by both parties.

    Trump asked for the corruption we KNOW happened in 2016 via DNC "digging dirt on a political opponent via foreign government officials" and the "Bidens/Burisma/quid pro quo" to remove a legitimate prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. The corruption is past tense, not current, and committed BY the DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign, Obama white house and Joe and Hunter Biden.

    Also the "call in question" transcript is available, easy to read and shown no quid pro quo.
    Adam Schiff is a liar. Parodies a transcript available to the public and denies any due process to POTUS.

    Sorry MSNBC, we know you're fake news. Perhaps some facts in your presentations wouldn't go amiss.

  • How can you not love Rachel Maddow opening eyes of the most illiterate voters. The stories behind the headlines, sound bytes and plain ole bull.

  • Wait a minute. That lawyer could have been giving Dr. Hill lots and lots of rope to hang herself with. S/he wants to show Dr. Hill is part of the "Deep State." She just did. I call her a patriot. But in this day and age, one person's patriot is another's Swamp Creature. Maybe witnesses need to pipe down a little. Let's make sure the Republicans hang themselves!


  • Republicans, what a micky mouse set up!!!!

  • Oooooohhhh I cant wait for Wed. Just watching the Republicans get what they all asked for is going to be awesome! You wanted it all out there …well here it comes …Get ready!

  • Fiona Hill, what a friggin badass. Grabbing the popcorn now!

  • Of course they want Jim Jordan to be the lead person, he is Donald Trumps lap dog! LMAO

  • Now think people, What would Vladimir Putin want us all to think? That Russia wasn't responsible for meddling in the 2016 election, is insane! And You know that DJT is getting all of this from his buddy Putin and that is why its all coming up now! Funny how Donald Trump is always peddling Russian propaganda…isn't t? SMFH

  • My theory…the plan was simple, hold aid weeken Crimea, until Ukraine is desperate, dangle aid for a favor. The favor take blame for election interference. Why? Because if Ukraine takes the blame , the blame shifts away from Russia. The confession changes perceptions and incites anger towards Ukraine. Trump pretends to be outraged, triggers the same punishment applied to Russia and Trump with all self self righteousness hits Ukraine with SANCTIONS.

    THOSE SANCTIONS DENY FUNDS AND WEAPONS promised to Ukraine, which insures the fall of Ukraine and a new Russian occupation.

    Russia is relieved from sanctions which help in their take over of not just Crimea but all of UKRAINE AS WELL. AND OF Course Trump gets his 2020 election dirt.

    All of the following has already happened…..Russia is on an expansion mission which motivates everything.

    Russia invades Crimea, they take over strategic waterways, they have a foothold in Syria (thanks Trump), they bought in to Iceland,

    Russia is considered an enemy who has started a cyber war with us by attacking our Election.

    The aid and military weapons are appropriated in FEBRUARY but Trump puts a hard covert hold.

    The Ukrainians try and try to speak with the President, Rudy traveled to Ukraine and many others behind the scenes are actively working on a shadow network which implicates all who cooperate the ones who don't are removed.

    The call takes place and the whistleblower exposes the Russian mission!

    Trumps efforts up to that point were all in an effort to provide AID and comfort to the enemy! That's treason!

  • Trump can say things like shooting someone on 5th Avenue or call for cival war . No problem but I wish he was shot down on 5th Avenue or shot to death in a civil war .. I would have CIA or FBI at my door. ???

  • Again it should be a capital Treason inquiry nothing less than that and all involved should be punished severely just to make it clear to any would be despot that wants to run for president in the USA

  • The world’s simplest detective novel!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why has the pedophile protector Jim Jordon not been held to account for his inaction on the Ohio state charge when he was an assistant coach and he was told about the house doctor of the team abusing students of the wrestling team. Al Frankin did far less than that but the GOP called for his resignation but yet Gordon is still there despite the law suites he is now involved in but the GOP put him on one of the committees so he can cause mayhem in the hearings.

  • Thank God there are still people in there with integrity and honesty. I was losing all hope and faith. I hope people are sending her letters of love and praise because I'm sure the poor woman is receiving a lot of death threats and hate from the republicans. I also hope she has protection and doesn't end up, 'Epsteined'. Jim Jordan is just Satan's, little dirty-work, demon, seriously, the guy sold his soul, as have the rest of Trumps appointed worshipers.

  • I would not be surprised that Putin pulled one over Trump and made the entire nation look stupid. Choose your next president wisely, Americans.

  • Vindman’s testimony shows his POV on the Ward room meeting is an interesting comparison. She describes him as alarmed, and I believe he described her as furious about the conversation.


  • Rats in a drian ditch, caught on a limb, you know better. But I know him.

  • You got it gal.

  • Fiona hill we got your back!! Thank you very much!

  • Rachel has become my grown-up "bedtime story" ; I find her voice and manner of speaking very similar to my Mom's when she would read to us; sometimes we could keep her going for an hour, other times we'd nod off sooner & it was "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite!" for us.

    Maddow for President! Wait, is Rachel old enough to be President ? (Looking that up, myself…. ahh, yes – just the right age to be my little sister …..except that I am shorter )

  • The Three Amigos… if they were working together they couldn't have found one pair of cojones between them. What useless wankers.

  • Yet another Maddow nothing burger 🍔 How is she still in a job 😎

  • Why does Chris Hayes, at the end of these videos, keep telling me to "just blow him" ?!?

  • And then all of a sudden to open the door for Russia to attack Syria,and then to make it appear as tho Ukrain may have been a player in the 2016 election to take away suspicion from Russia's involvement.

  • They know what their doing. They don't care. Or rather, that is their aim to have Russia interfere again.

    Today well see Adam refuse to allow the whistleblower (who started this whole scam) to testify. Watch as SHIFTY denies any of the witnesses for the other political party from testifying . See Adam lead and edit witness testimony to fit his narrative and interrupt and not allow any questions he doesn't want asked . See the hypocrisy ooze from every orifice of the the self righteous Shfty. We can feel the stench from Australia and find it hard to believe that people think this is right—-Ah well enjoy the Daytime Democratic Drama while it runs its last few episodes , its about to be taken off air when the 2 Horrowitz reports and Bar and Durhams show starts. CANT WAIT –ITS GOING TO BE EPIC

  • Seems like the group of 300 goes around and dislike these types of videos. Spartans

  • I am woman hear me MFn roar.

  • JIM JORDAN WHO HAS NO MORALS to go in there & act as a clown for the corrupt republican party.

  • I have never seen so much stupid.

    Fiona Hill just "took over" the hearing, and she was brilliant! Good Grief, if that same guy is handling it tomorrow, we are in for a real treat!

  • Fiona Hill is hero, plainly put.

  • It really does like no amount of tangible, concrete evidence is enough to convince Republican politicians, or Republican supporters of the glaring truth of Trump's complicity and criminality.

  • Fiona Hill a woman with more balls than all republicans (in congress) combined!!

  • All hearsay, right?

  • Ironic that those who oppose (their misinformed conception of) "socialsm" are the one helping "the communists" to destroy the USA.

  • Lie Shift oh boy

  • How many more lies is Shift going to tell

  • Everyone how could have but did not go after illegal Biden up to Trump going after Biden should be fired and removed form government for not doing legal right to stop crime

  • Ima make a T-shirt that says " We Read The Transcript"

  • Nancy Pelosi said it to Trump's face, "With you all roads lead to Putin." Good for Fiona Hill to put the criminal republican in his place and highlight the real threat that is happening/.

  • rachell these are drain the swamp crimes premeditated before the 2016 election…….

  • Hmmm, almost like Putin is laying out the republican strategy?……… Trying to take blame off of Russians ? Both McConnel and Lindsey Graham take millions from Russians – check article in Dallas-Morning News for the article. THESE ARE FACTS.

  • Hill & MadCow , two leftist carpet munching lying miserable hags.

  • 2:57….Robert Wadlow???

  • Wow… try saying “pro-Putin political parties” five times really fast! XD

  • Right now GOP Senators have a choice. Everyone can see by their continuing lap-dog act with POTUUS that they are calculating their odds of staying office after this breaks in on GOP's voters,. workers and small $ backers.

    They sure don't want to be put in the barrel, Twiter stormed, promaried and ousted. But if 12 oor more senators calculate they have more to fear from moderates on both sides (at last) then he's gone and they can't blame the Dems so it's early retirement and hope for a comeback when everyone has forgotten how they sold out their country, their party and the forgotten . But that ship The Paul Ryan sailed a while ago. Such as it was it's way over the horizon now.

    The first 2 or 3 mmight just get away with "SHOCKED!!! There is gambling in this casino". But not 12.

    Hannitty and the rest of the performing seals on Fox and McConnell have the Party fooled and well disciplined might risk stopping the motion at the door. But without even a rump of support kin the house, I doubt it.

    And they all know that when Justice Roberts bangs the gavel to open proceedings in the Senate all the Jordon Gaetz Nunes three ring circus will come to a crashing halt. Mr Roberts don't take no crap in his court room. Even Trey Gowdy couldn't save the truth from coming out if he were suicidal enough to try.

    And we know and they know that the circus is all they have.

    Tomorrow I reckon. I';ve been wrong before. Every time too hopeful. But the first 2-3 Senators will go full public never again Trump tomorrow. They just need the impact of those first witnesses in the House open session.

  • Here ya go:
    Democrats in Congress, Democratic operatives in the deep state, and co-conspirators in the corporate leftist propaganda conglomerate are attempting to drive Trump from office. This hyperpartisan process rightly has been called an attempted coup. It is also a brazen fraud. In the immortal words of Woody Allen’s Fielding Melish, “it is a travesty . . . a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham.”

    But in a deeper sense, isn’t it clear that the coup has already happened? By trying to overthrow the results of a presidential election, the political elite is merely showing its hand; America has an elite that believes it now rules in America. We have an elite that does not accept the American idea of government—government by, for, and of the people.

    According to our self-selected rulers, the election of Hillary Clinton was the whole point of 2016. They had designated Hillary to succeed Obama. She was to continue the project of fundamentally transforming America that was the focus of the Obama Administration. The voters were supposed to ratify the elite’s selection of Clinton.

    But voters failed to do what they were supposed to do. From their point of view, if you voted for Trump, you let them down. By voting for Trump, you enraged the people who have designated themselves to rule you.

    They are far beyond merely disappointed in you. You are a deplorable if you voted for Trump or if you have come around to supporting him. The people who are asserting that they rule America intend to teach you a lesson: “You have disappointed us, and we are going all out—with this fraudulent attempt to impeach Trump, with hyperpartisan ‘journalism,’ and by means of open borders, ballot harvesting, armies of dead people voting, whatever it takes—to make certain that this never happens again. Let this be a lesson to you about what voting means and what voting does not mean in the new, fundamentally transformed America.”

    The truth about those who intend to rule us with or without our consent is that, instead of putting America first, they have been using the power of government to advance an anti-American agenda—open borders, hollowing out our economy to the benefit of the Chinese, drowning the American voter in a flood of Muslims and people from the Third World; the list goes on and on.

    Trump, of course, represents a threat to the elite’s project of selling America down the river. He has to be stopped, and those Americans who have not gotten with the program for America the elite has chosen for us must be taught a hard lesson about who now rules in America.

  • I am shocked and disgusted with Ms. Haley…… she knows better!

  • I am so proud of these people who are taking a risk for our country and for telling the truth. We obviously have so many evil thieves in the government but yet we have many that our still there for the right reasons. This truly gives me hope! We have many HONEST, CARING people and we will win over the greedy and the evil. Thank you, STAY STRONG!

  • Wow! Wow and Wow! And the Republicans are still refusing to concede and admit that this WH is corrupt! Come on this is just ridiculous!

  • Sadly the pathological liar, grifter, Putin puppet and maniac currently in the once respected Oval Office, yes, the POTUS wont be removed from Office for this. There is no such thing as the Republican Party.
    Now it's Trump 's Party. Make America sane again or at least democratic in the true sense of the word.😣Get rid of Trump

  • Eat a 🍑


  • A bunch of Corrupt leaders trying to hang the Man who said "We need to stop the corruption". Obviously the whole talk was about uncovering the corruption. He should be given a medal of Honor an Valor. It is like a bunch of Monsters trying to hang a Monster that doesn't want monsters anymore, they are all living in zombie-land.

  • God bless Ms. Hill, a true patriot.
    Gym ShowerJordan, Devil Nunes, Moscow Mitch, Flimsy Graham and virtual all Repub pols are following the lead of our Grifter-in-Chief in sabotaging our democracy.
    Republican = Taliban

  • After watch this I feel compelled to say, the first Amendment to the US Constitution should not protect propaganda mills who are licensed to operate within the US but who's board of directors are multinational corporations made up of even one non US citizen. MSNBC's sole purpose seems to be to tear America apart news article by news article.

  • So, let me get this straight .. a politicians family can use their politician relatives name, and office( power) to make money and do shady to illegal stuff.. then, if they ( the politician) runs for another office.. they are NOT PROSECUTE-ABLE for these actions? They are immune?? WTH kind of BS thinking is that? And Biden is ON VIDEO…. BRAGGING about the QUID PRO QUO he himself committed here…. and Dems IGNORE it…. or, is this Trump impeachment BS.. to COVER DEM CRIMES UP?? Hide/Avoid getting prosecuted/outed themselves? hmmmm

  • There's no getting around it! YES! trump is a communist traitor. Why would our own president say he believes Puty-tang and the communist intell over our own intell? What other president has ever done that? He invites our enemies to the oval office and keeps meetings secret? Kinda looks like he's picking sides here, doesn't it? YEP! he's a communist traitor!

  • Hey he is as dumb as a stick. If he can become rich then you should be able too. Oh wait a minute he did not become a self made man as the info and trust flow shows he acquired over 300 Million from daddy. And lost most of it back in the 90's and ended up with billions in tax losses on paper that he could then use to hide and mask Russian Sanctioned money. It makes Trump look like a billionaire on the surface hiding billions of Russia's mob money under the Umbrella name of Trump. But if investigated and exposed to be accurate all countries that signed the sanctions against Russia because of its invasion of the Ukraine will be able to seize Trump Assets for infringing on international sanctions by taken Russian money. What would happen to you and your family should you loose mob money held in your family name and tired to assets (RE) that get confiscated later? Don't you think you might be looking for a place on the Earth to go and hide your whole family? | All in All Trump is a Putin and Russian Asset and has been long before the 2016 election.

  • How the GOP threats the Ukrainian scandal remind me, a European, how countries in Africa and Latin America acted 50 years ago. I don't think the U.S. of Ike Eisenhower would have acted as the government of Donald Trump. No, you have gone a long way downhill since then, Americans.

  • 'GYM' JORDAN . . . THE jock inspector! . . . 😜.

  • Uh…wow some people just know how to get into group think with enthusiasm.

  • Please be advised that the Republicans know what they are doing by protecting Trump. They want to keep their seat because they know they will have to live with the ruins they created and are creating once they leave Washington.

  • Who is this lil boy hosting this show

  • Maby, they are paid to play that game. What would I know?

  • Whiteout on the calendar? Who uses paper calendars anymore? If I used white out on my calendar I would have to wash off my phone's screen to use it again.

  • I'm certain others have expressed the thought of "what if". But, I think of it often. What if: Trump had never decided he could run Our Country better than anyone in the history of the world?
    What if: The Russians had never interfered in the election process?
    What if: Clinton had been elected?
    How much different our world would look if any one of these or other "What if's" had taken place.
    Would our lives have been enriched? Stayed the same? Or be worse?
    I believe the course of history would have taken any number of different paths if Trump had NOT been elected. What any of those paths would look like is now only left to our imaginings.
    Ponder it……

  • Rachel, love that tongue twister: ProPutinPoliticalParty👍


  • She still uses white out. The tool of the liar.

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