Winged Hussars: Why Wings? History of Poland. History channel.

At the turn of the 16th century, it was arguably the most powerful cavalry in the world. Their most distinctive feature were the wings, regarded by some
as the wings of the angels of death. Winged hussars used the wings during parades. It is a fact confirmed by primary and secondary sources however, were the wings also used in battle? The oldest sources talk about, fluff. People of that time say Polish hussars, are decorating themselves with fluff… A bit later on Polish King reforms the hussars,
and probably then… the wings go viral… A few decades later, the wings are super popular, and hussars attach them in two ways. To the saddle, or to the back, either one or two of them. The late hussars tend to attach them to the back and the back
becomes their final placement. Why wings then? Winged Hussars are a terrifying force legends are spread in Europe about their devilish horses and grand charges of the invincible cavalry. Fear can be a psychological weapon and for many of them
wings serve the purpose to spread fear… For practical reasons. Not many hussars wore them.
But some did… and they were feared…

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