Will We Ever See One Of The Most ‘Political Sensitive Doc In American History’? | Deadline | MSNBC

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  • If a President, ANY President, is going to invoke the Fifth he or she AT THE VERY LEAST should be made to do so in full public view. Witch Hunt my rear end!!!

  • I hope you will see the report so we can FINALLY look @ all the crimes the Obama admin "cooked up" during 2015/2016 JUST IN CASE Trump should win. #walkaway

  • I had a feeling this was going to happen. t.Rump's already been told what is in this report – no doubt in my mind and yes, that is why Barr was chosen. Every single thing about t.Rump is shady!!!

  • that fifth amendment is kind of weird isnt in? i dont think we have something simular in sweden?

  • Leak It! it's going to come out one day.

  • Russians hacked our election and republicans are engaged in a coverup !

  • Mueller most likely said he could not PROVE conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt. Typical MSNBC corporate puppets. It is NOT just about obstruction you incompetent fools , and that will come out soon when we hear what Muller REALLY said about collusion and conspiracy. If you only listened to this MSNBC robot then you would not know that.
    ASK yourself, do you think that Mueller would NEVER say that he definitely did not do collusion, EVEN if there was not evidence whatsoever he could not be % 100 sure any more than you can be % 100 sure that your spouse or girlfriend/ boyfriend never cheated on you.

  • Mueller would never say Trump did not collude, or commit conspiracy against the United Sates, any more then he would make a statement like your wife NEVER cheated on you. Unless you are god you have not way of knowing for sure. That is what has been wrong with this argument from the start.

  • I agree to the fact that, Mueller found evidence of obstruction and maybe even collusion,but didn't want to make the actual charge because of the statute that u can't change a sitting president. Leaving it up to the Congress. Which is policy or law. To me and millions of Americans,, Trump did agree to information anyone,, could give him to help win the election. I think Trump only doubted his win because of all the media polls hype,,that Hillary was a shoe in.

  • As for me,, I believe the house has every right to see the full unchecked report. Period.

  • Speaking of the 5th… what happened to Stone?

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  • If the report still exists, we will never see it. The trump regularly tore up notes and threw them away. One report revealed that some in whitehouse taped notes back together. Where are they? Notes taken by interpreter during meetings with Putin were taken by the trump…do you know where they are. The trump never wanted to be a “President”…He only wants to be DICTATOR. The GOP refuses to protect our Constitution… the oaths they took to do that were all LIES. They all defiled those Bibles that they placed their hands on when they pledged those lies.

  • I'll bet Mr. Rosenberg is just the life of the party in his social circle. Has he smiled at all, is he capable?

  • Barr is going to tell as little as he can bc his trying to protect Trump. Barr pledge he's loyalty to Trump, something Comey wouldn't do. James Comey knew his loyalty was to the office, not to Trump. Comey would not risk breaking protocol's for Trump. It appears Bill Barr will do whatever Trump wants him to do. It's sad there is so much corruption in government. Hope these people are able to live with themselves, bc if they don't pay for it in this life time, they will pay for it.

  • YES and it’s a lobster peeing on an Italian ( no offense here could actually be an American ) monster It’s page 7 article 7 a and 7 bs you should check it out before it’s leaked !

  • Let's put it this way. If Barr redacts any of Mueller's report and keeps stalling, this nation will race to the voting polls in 2020 and eject the whole bunch of you holding office presently. Without a doubt, you are obstructing justice and withholding evidence. You're not protecting anyone except the corruption you are undertaking. Those who are slurping the "Koolaid" will be the only ones coming to your aide.

  • Mueller left lots of clear sign posts. He did not expect to complete his work and I am not sure he didn't.

  • What drives these Republicans to usurp this nation's government. Is this an insurrection on their part? Is this how they want to take over this nation's government. Are they all addled, 404 (clueless) when it comes to reasoning and protecting the Constitution? As far as Trump, our leader in charge, "can't see the forest through the trees."

  • So we’ve got these things called “laws” and DOJ “procedures”- the same ones that Nadler was referencing regarding the Starr report back in the Clinton years. Sources and methods as well as the names of those not charged with crimes are to be redacted – of course the Dems want to be able to assemble their own puzzle – not of facts but of their own making because “Mueller time” turned out to be “owned by Trump time “

  • "Demagogue" – political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument
    – New Oxford American Dictionary, 2010

  • I have a question. Trump and his family have lived in the grand state of New York before becoming POTUS. How is it for years he owed back taxes, lied on insurance claims, refused to pay workers and got away with this theft against this nation for so long. If it was a people person they would have their salaries garnished. Students with college debt miss a payment, their savings accounts are garnished. How and when is it going to take place with the District Courts in NEW YORK to get him after he resigns office as POTUS? Does that mean his kids will get their day in court for plundering, stripping, fleecing this nation?

  • Nicole, There's no "law" against indicting a President. There is just the departmental "Regulatory Guidelines" established at the time Spiro Agenew was indicted. That's an important distinction.
    Even so, I am inclined to agree with Nancy Pelosi. The USA awaits release of public information so "overwhelming" that it will convince most ANY Americans, including somewhat rigid partisans…

  • So, to state that an American president cannot be charged is a complete failure of the law. The US likes to pretend it does not have a King. Well, when you allow white collar criminals, as Obama did to steal hundreds of Billions. And when you disallow a president from being held accountable for his actions. You have a permanent hierarchy. You have a King, and you have Dukes who ride roughshod over the country.

  • We are not entitled to see a report of an investigation that finds there is nothing to bring to a grand jury for an indictment. There never was a crime committed. This is to protect the people involved in the investigation.

    The president can fire anyone under the executive branch, the investigation continued without a bump. So not obstruction, the colusion never occurred, after three investigations, thirty million dollars you need accept the findings. If Meuller found something contradicting what the AG has stated I am sure he would let the country know.

  • As I've been saying since it was elected, the government has been taken over by a criminal cabal. The kleptocracy has had two years to change laws and seize power , to rig the rigged system even more. Under a "national emergency" Trump, who has been escalating the "emergency at the southern border" every time he can remember to do it, can declare Martial Law any day the National Emergency is still in effect. I assure you he has the papers all ready to just sign. Then it's dictator for life. We won't have to worry about elections.

  • We are witnessing a well deserved and paid for by the American people the truth in Mueller's findinds being hostage from freedom and "redacted" to subdue the truth. A corrupt and compromised administration. Remember this in 2020.

  • Barr isn't going to show anything that will make Trump look guilty. We need to see the whole thing

  • We put them in office…we pay them to represent us as americans and our country.so yes we deserve the right to c the whole report.

  • William Barr..Mr. Barr..
    I can't not get over of your decision..
    4 page's out of 999.. ?? !!! Page's..Nice try..Didn't you know that wasant going to work ?
    Didn't you know that your Boss in the with house is not worted doing that ?
    I always thought you wore smart than that..!!!
    Know i ask you…It was wroted wath you did to all of us American's ?
    Just think about it..Sir..

  • It's "PoliticalLY Sensitive…"

  • trump is on record saying anyone that pleads the 5th is guilty.
    and why do we have turtle head and frogs in DC.lol

  • Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha…. What a bunch of deluded idiots. This channel should be shuttered.

  • Sure would be nice if this lady would just let Rosenberg talk…

  • Y’all are funny. First we were told don’t take his words literally look at his actions and now we’re told don’t look at his actions but take Mueller’s words.

    You can see what a man is about by checking his words and actions.

    In the end no one really wants any American President to be guilty of a crime. It’s not a good look and it would prove America is just as corrupt as any third world country. Right now people can say it is anecdotal. Chuck is correct.

  • Oh and we don’t have Presidents we have Kings. We just don’t call them that.

  • Important part starts at 9:05, nothing but vapid talking heads before that.

  • NBC fake news moving the goal posts once again. Their gullible fanboys are humiliated..

  • So what is it called when Trump's campaign chairman gives internal campaign polling data to the Russians ?

  • Will We Ever See One Of The Most ‘Political Sensitive Doc In American History’?
    Didn't aides see Trump eating papers on his desk ?

  • First off, barr should not have been confirmed. The top person at the DOJ should be unbiased. barr is not. Didn't witaker say that he was expected to fall on a grenade for trump? Also, shouldn't trump instruct barr to release the unredacted report to Congress? I mean, he IS completely exonerated, right? This is just bat** crazy!

  • I do believe if you explain it to him nice and plain and clear English third grade level I should have known if he stepped down he would not have to pay back the money that he has spent while he was in the office of the presidency when they found out that he is not the legal president of the United States if he continued wasting taxpayer money for his own foolishness he's going to have to pay back every penny of it once he's been convicted voluntarily leave we'll eat this one no more foolishness no more prejudice no more laziness this country needs a real president not a circus buffoon

  • I don't trust AG William Barr. Simple as that. Trump's henchmen are all enabling a treasonous criminal purely to gain and hold a level of power, not to serve the country. Simple as that.

  • If you cannot charge a sitting president with a crime then why do you investigate??? That mean a man is above the law ,,! Right

  • tRumpfy only won election because of his lies, collusion, gerrymandering, voter suppression and any dirty low down lie after lie Faux negative (entertainment) fake news conspiracy myth they can spin against ANY one that doesn't drink there Qanon Jim jones orange Kool-aid!

  • MSNBC needs to be banned from YouTube for spreading conspiracy theories. Just like it did to Alex Jones.

  • If Mr. Barr has his way, no.

  • Such LYING..SAD MF..

  • If we can't even charge the President with crime, why the F does America even bother trying to stop this monster? It's literally a waste of time from what everyone is saying. I want him gone like the next guy but if you can't charge a President, why bother?

  • LOL, the haters and losers sitting around whining over "obstruction" of the investigation a proven hoax.

  • Sources and Methods will be redacted by law in the Mueller Report. Schiff is crying about it but was the
    first to complain when the Nunes Memo on FISA abuse contained redactions that he said was important.
    What is the bottom line? The summary of No collusion, No obstruction and No Americans indicted.
    Stop whining. Your Russian collusion narrative exploded in your faces exposed your sham. Deal with it.

  • Bump n dump the rump chump chimp now!

  • the NEW Teflon Don! how many new victims will there be, and will he surpass the old Don's head count?

  • Suk. It. Up.

  • If you dont see it, sounds like some good Karma to me. Why should you see it. What will you learn? Manafort Helps Putins Ukraine Puppet President He installed Escape from Rebels About To seize and Hang him. What Universal Overseer Puts Putins Contact in Trumps Camp out of the Blue? Who doesnt Talk? Manafort-Could it be He was the only go between?

  • Great!

    The trolls are restless tonight!

  • Putana Butina- “Will you lift Sanctions if You Win” “I dont see Why not”. Tur- Is it ok To ask a Foreign entity For Help “No, if they have them they should Release! Joke- That was the only time people were not laughing at Trump! Judge-“ Can we charge Gen.Benedict Flynn with Treason”. Mueller lawyers- Duh! We never thooght of It. What did He see?

  • MSNBC conspiracy theorists for the new age! Absurd!
    They have much to fear.
    Can't have them go down for conspiracy colluding with Strzok and Page, now can we?
    Patriots are IN CONTROL

  • THANK GOD FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!! 🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Omg you guys are such LIARS!!!!!! America is SICK OF YOUR LIES!!!!!! MOST AMERICANS HATE YOU!!!!

  • Be careful… you just might get what you are asking for…
    Then Trump is going to say… You demanded transparency…. so when are you going to tell the public what is in the report?

  • I'm waiting for a complete copy of 400 page Mueller report to appear on the Washington Post and New York Times, much like the PENTAGON PAPERS release. It is obsurd to think there is not a second or third complete copy circulating around Washington and beyond. The release of Mueller's complete, unredacted to the public is necessary to understand the extent of the criminality of this admistration and the president.

  • Can you see what's going on here?..There is, 'something' in that report that is very damaging to Trump! There is obvious determination that Congress will not get to see it!..It will be redacted totally by Barr, or sealed under executive privelige!..The whole thing is degenerating into a farce!..There is clearly something in that report that is not good for Trump, and Barr seems to be desperate that nobody's ever going to know what it is! That is now becoming rather obvious!..Oh, but we do live in "Interesting times!"..

  • It should be Robert Mueller who redacts the report because he knows what he meant and he will be called on to defend parts of the report and he cannot defend someone else's opinions. This is unfair to Robert Mueller and to Congress and to the American people. It is time for the Congress and the Justice Dept to listen to the ones who pay their salaries and benefits. One thing that is correct is that many of the president's crimes have been committed in plain sight and therefore we, the public are qualified to evaluate it.

  • Chuck Rosenberg, If a sitting president kills someone in the Oval Office does the Justice Dept still say that that president cannot be prosecuted?

  • If trump is such a dolt, where does he get this fine tuning of the laws? He's leaning on, say, Steven Miller? Such detail of the laws makes me go Hmmmm.

  • I read today that the WH WILL get to see the report before us. Congress is weak. I have grave concerns here. The SCOTUS is also scary.

  • When will Michael Cohen be exonerated? He shouldn't have to do time if there was no crime.

  • The only way we are going to see the full report is if every Republican and Independent Politician is out of office!!!! Vote them all out let's see the full report with no redactions and with all evidence because we paid for it we have the right!!!

  • I pray that some very patriotic hero leaks the complete Mueller report. God bless that person in advance.

  • APAC is a greater terrorist danger to the Whitehouse Congress and the American people under Christ than all the Muslims in the world ! Or in America not ruling them out as a terrorist danger ! Israel is the great American mistake !

  • Using Article II, as an excuse, is beyond perverse in this case.

    The argument that a sitting president cannot obstruct justice simply because he has the authority to fire those of the justice department is like saying a mother cannot murder her child because she gave birth to the child. 😑

  • If Barr releases the report "it wouldn't bother me" says Trump. That is a direct quote to a question about whether he thought the report should be released. So, what's the sudden problem? Just what is in the report that bothers you, Mr. Trump?

  • "Will we ever see…"? When did we start asking that? I guess it's over. Might as well start the hashtag barrage because that will show them. The entertainment is not worth the price.


    Donald Trump has had he privilege of covering up proof of scandals all of his life. If America allows him to do this as President by covering up the Mueller Report, then this country is a fake as well and that spells victory for Vladmir Putin. We can then legitimately call this a conspiracy and over reach and to ruin our democracy. AMERICA MUST SEE THE FULL REPORT! ~ KEEP ON VOTING BLUE

  • There is no getting away from this if trump becomes president again it will be continue and become very embarrassing he will be handcuffed and perp walked from the white house.

  • I am sure we don't know anything about what Muller said it is being filtered by Bar. I believe that Muller is saying nothing because he does not want to perjure himself.

  • The civilised world looks on stunned by the corruption in the USA. It is like watching a dictatorship or a third world country.

  • One thing may be overlooked, which is that Donald Trump is lucky. Napoleon chose his generals on that criterion. The handlers behind Trump may have done so, too. Therefore, the chances that Donald Trump will be held accountable for his criminal and for his obstructive behaviour is zero if one takes into account the 38% of iron support among voters, translating into 51% at the ballot box, the cowed and the corrupt among the Republican Senators, the strategically placing of judges and senior officers in the judicial areas like Dept of Justice and the SCotUS.

  • Of course we're being conned by Barr and the republicans. We live in the age of Trump.

  • It appears attorneys are expected (perhaps willing) to abandon all common sense in order to support the notion that a sitting president cannot be guilty of obstruction & cannot be indicted. These ideas are antithetical to the ideals set forth by the Founding Fathers, who were vehemently opposed to our government resembling a monarchy in any way & who went to great lengths to protect our country from an all-powerful oppressor

  • AMERICANS has been mentally abused by Treasonous Trumpinnocchio and our Russian NRA Senate's political systems for over the past two years, now isn't it obvious that they cannot afford to become furher exposed bystanders themselves for lying to the American public.⁉️✍🤣👌

  • We DON'T know what the report says. We only have barr's memo which is cherry-picked. Mueller wouldn't be the one to decide what to do with the president (nor the DoJ). It's up to Congress. Their job is to investigate the president and oversee him so ALL of the report (regarding obstruction) and the evidence should go to the proper committees.

  • Why have a VP if he's not meant for something like the president getting indicted? That's just "unable to do his duties". It's also a national security risk to have someone so "stressed" in charge of this country looking out for only himself and NOT the country. Why? Why have a VP? It's a waste of money.

  • Subpeona Mueller and ask him what he thought barr would do with the report. Did he think it'd go to Congress? That's literally the only question they need to ask.

  • So let me understand this…IF the President is a criminal he can’t be prosecuted. AND he gets a lawyer paid for by the people of the United States, the Attorney General, to suppress information and investigations? What type of system is this??!!

  • APRIL 3, 2019 Key Democrats just requested years of Trump Tax Returns from the IRS!!! Can't wait!!!

  • The fact of the matter is that the Dems have no platform to run on in the next
    Elections, other than extreme left thinking which equals extreme socialism and some anti semites.
    There goal is simply to bring this president down by continuing their narrative about collusion
    And obstruction. For without that, what else do they have to offer.

  • They just keep humping Americans between the ears you aught to have hats make Americans stupid

  • I love that she said get some pop and chips lol

  • #TheywillBURYtheREPORT

  • It's so sad that there are Americans stupid enough to believe the propaganda spewed on MSNBC and CNN. Fake news is doing so much damage to this country. These people (media and Democrats) just look you in the eye and lie. People need to wake up before we completely lose our country. They loved Mueller, but now that he didn't give them the prize they wanted, they say he's not trustworthy. These people are sick.

  • "It TOTALLY exonerates me, that's why I won't let you see it"

  • Based on current events, w/#TeamMueller coming forward & stating tht Barr's (albeit, false) summary misrepresented #TheMuellerReport, aka #TheMuellerProbe…..I am willing to bet #SCMueller #TeamMueller & FBI didn't make such a recommendation. I bet Barr lied to U.S. when he retold in his (false) report regarding what #SCMueller #TeamMueller & FBI supposedly stated in #TheMuellerReport.

    Understand? #BarrLIED

  • William Barr is Dotard tRump's new caddy. Having found the ball Donnie hit into the water, in the middle of the fairway.

  • Sad that there are 400 comments from folks still believing this bs! Msnbc lying again, stringing folks along!

  • Where is Adam Schiffs proof! He said he had it for a year straight???

  • How can their be obstruction if there is no crime! TDS IS REAL! It is a block, to stop justice! No crime/info to block anyone from exposing! Madness!

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