Will We Ever Be Able to Travel Through a Wormhole?

What happens when you have two black holes,
quantum particles and a hell of a lot of gravity all in one place!? Traversable wormholes!! AKA a time machine? Many of you guys might’ve seen this demo
of how a wormhole works. So if you have two points on a piece of paper… Like two planets in space that you want to
travel between really quickly. If you fold space in half, you can get the
two points (or planets) to connect. This is the idea of how a wormhole works…
and possibly time travel. But for that to exist, we’d need huge warping
of spacetime, which is really hard for us to do. But for black holes? Easy peasy. With Einstein’s theories came the idea that
if there are two black holes, they could be connected through a wormhole. Also known as the Einstein-Rosen bridge. You bet your Benjamin Sisko that you would
not be able to travel through that wormhole though. The wormhole wouldn’t be traversable because
it would be too unstable to remain open. It would require a lot of quantum negative
energy to counteract the immense gravity from the black holes…
it’s really complicated, and we can make another video about it if you want let us
know. Up until now, scientists thought that nothing
came out of a black hole, but something known as Hawking radiation has been predicted by
Stephen Hawking himself to be emitted from black holes. A theory brought by Steven Hawking himself. Hawking radiation states that black holes
are not eternal that they will slowly emit more and more of their matter till they evaporate
out of existence. Except… if this Hawking radiation leaves
one black hole, it could end up spawning another, which could cause those two black holes to
become entangled I know what you’re thinking, entanglement
with black holes?! What the Ferengi is going on here? Becoming entangled just means that they have
a connection, that they share the same quantum particles. It’s like as if the two black holes are
related to each other. And THIS is where the fun stuff comes in about
possible time travel. Quantum mechanics says that if two black holes
are quantum entangled there may be a wormhole that connects them together, if this is true,
then any particle that falls into one of the black holes can in theory come out of the
other one. So in a way, from this Hawking Radiation,
it built sort of a bridge between the two black holes–aka a possible traversable wormhole. There’s quite a heated debate about this
new theory because some believe that nothing escapes a black hole and it’s filled with
a forever increasing density while others believe black holes to be totally empty. If a black hole is totally empty then there
is no possibility for a bridge, a connection, or a time-traveling traversable wormhole. But that’s just the theories right now.. And more math is needed to figure it all out. So until the day we can actually observe and
experiment with wormholes… we’ll just have to slingshot around the sun or travel
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with us by subscribing, or learn more about entanglement here in Trace’s video, it’s
really good. Thanks! Carl Sagan used the idea of a wormhole as
a form of time travel in his 1985 Science Fiction Novel Contact which caused a bit of
a debate in the science world.

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  • Black holes are the openings of gigantic wormholes that lead to inner-dimensions of the universe where particles are recycled. They lead to disintegration, thus death of anything living. Black holes lead to the inner-dimensional mantle of the cosmos. Yet, smaller wormholes would exist as a network throughout the universe. They will not allow time travel but will allow travel well beyond the speed of light. Wormhole of black holes are bad, smaller invisible wormholes are good. Let's find some, at least one would be a good start. In case you did not notice the existence of black holes is proof of the existence of wormholes. Just stay at a safe distance from black holes, like you would from an active volcano or a hurricane. Wormholes are more like a cavernous system in a mountain. Yet, small wormholes also come with their challenges if connected to.

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