Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Another passion you share those music new video haven’t how you have you collaborated to music together? No real no, no, we never done that before yeah, you know It’s like is you know he we have a studio that he works in he out. You know He’s a very good rapper, and thank you. I appreciate [it], but not yet. Maybe maybe one day, we’ll we’ll do something I don’t want to force you, and you don’t tell me to go away But I’ve got some like mics if you couldn’t you want to do a little bit of rapping? [ok] [1] [2] [1] you [got] stand-up. You can see ya Hello like hello. My name is JD. And I’m a junk. I love like to keep it mellow I like to make friends and make trends attend the young school dances young role Macy’s girl. This is your chance It’s a long shot to be trying to heat you role But it’s the wrong shot because I’m trying to rock them like you know. [I] won’t stop I’m the king grabbing [mother’s] love into the song stop hello Very good Okay, okay, hold up last time. I was here. I did my fresh prince rap. Yeah Yeah, last time. I was here. I did my fresh prince rap 8 million YouTube hits was on that I can see your face you like what has he left well, this time. I brought my DJ jazzy Jeff We go never [here] you go oh Put that [jack] with that with that yeah here. We [go] here. We go yeah. Yeah, yeah damn Locker taser I look at you like that Like that the [holdup] grandma man in my room one more little surprise. That’s for you I Don’t think you’re finished yet, Jeff. I don’t think – fine – [fine] Sorry and so on is Yeah Daddy Okay, [oh], [oh]. Thank you so much wow Little treat for you Dad a little treat for ya a treat

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