Why was East Germany so ‘Poor’?

if I were to give you $1 and I gave another person ten chances are the guy with ten bucks is gonna be able to do a lot more with what they’ve got than you can and I think it’s this parameter that we have to bear in mind whenever we look at 20th century socialism and socialism of any character for that matter because truthfully it’s never created it only ever emerges from the system before it filled with all of the baggage that it comes along with two years ago if you remember I made a video called the parable of the divided Island and a lot of folks in the comment section called on my video because they drew a lot of comparisons between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic the East West German split has been for the most part the calling card of gotcha moments from people who are critical of socialism all the time one needs not going to any more detail it’s basically taken as a given well obviously you’d live in the West I’m here today to tell you that that sentiment is to say the least why was East Germany and for that matter many other socialist countries so poor by comparison to the West now before we begin I would just like to say I am referring to the DDR here as socialists but I am actually quite critical as to whether or not it would constitute a socialist country not for the reasons you think however it’s because there was never any revolution in the GDR to begin with largely it was a factor of Soviet hegemony that enabled the growth of the separate economic systems so in many ways you might call it hegemonic Lee socialist but don’t get me called out on that not true socialism card okay let’s begin if you intend clicking off in a few I’d just like you to go away with this the whole way that this debate is framed is very very misleading because it implies that there was a simple 50/50 fair game split between the two sides in reality the situation was far more murky if we were to split England for example into two based on historical groundings of north and south then they would be competing on very different playing fields from the outset why because the South of Britain has far more wealth more technology and everybody would want to flock down into the south simply because of one thing London a world city even if we split by population again the South remains a whole lot richer countries design themselves around very specific geographical locations for this reason in my home county of Devon the area is quite rural we only have two relatively small cities and about a quarter of the country is moorland if Devon were to become autonomous we would suffer without any outside assistance for that matter if you were to split the moorland areas off from the rest of Devon the more regions would suffer ever more so this works in just about every single nation you look at some parts are richer than others that’s the reason why nations spend decades building up specialities based on that geography now we have to recognize this when we look at Germany the split was not in half like physically it was not in half it was moreso in two-thirds with the West Division keeping the bulk share of the entire country and what were the conditions in East Germany at that time well as it would so happen the eastern sections of Germany suffered the most devastation presiden leipzig Dessau Magdeburg Chemnitz Halle and of course Berlin were all destroyed after World War Two with their urban centers in tatters and the areas around also lost a lot more due to the Russian invasion afterwards in addition to this East Germany has always been historically poorer and less industrialized than the West if you look at the German population density in 1900 and I overlay it on to the east here it never had the same degree of hustle and bustle as the West despite making up a third of the space of modern Germany it had 17 million people on a 40-year average whereas the FRG averaged 58 million people with just twice the space unlike Britain whose population normally centres around London and then spreads out Germany cityscape is more sparse due to historic reasons the bulk of which as you can see from this map centers around the western pocket of düsseldorf cologne Dortmund and in what we might call the best violin complex of sorts or maybe to use a less pretentious name the norther line vest violin I try I try and from there it spreads downwards Berlin by comparison appears to be more like an outpost now this complex I mentioned in fairness it was heavily bombed during the war however along with Bremen and Hamburg these were where the bulk of the German industry had been centered around for decades it’s easy to see why and that’s because of this the Rhine River an incredibly wide and long stretching River that goes throughout West Germany it’s no coincidence that the vest falling complex is situated right next to it the East has historically been the breadbasket area of Deutschland not the manufacturing hub and there’s actually a lot more to this than simply the agricultural aspect like I said not all economic areas are created equal and during the 21 years the eastern half of Germany was mainly based around an export economy and so for this reason it was reliant upon outside an internal German support in order to strengthen its standard of living whilst the western parts were focused on heavy industry the East was focused on agriculture textiles light industry and Zeiss lenses surround this time there was a system of trades and traditions set up that indentured what the country was dependent upon and that will then lead us to ask who and what did the ddr have to trade with in this new age whilst the West had access to the large American funded free markets of Western Europe socialist States had comecon yeah now this was basically a smaller market for most of the socialist countries but more importantly it only had access to far more at the time developing and poorer nations Albania is a good example of this only had its Industrial Revolution during the 50s and the 60s in 1945 five percent of the population knew how to read and write that’s like devastatingly low less than Russia as I’m sure you’re all aware the effects of the economic model that the DDR utilized was attractive for most quote-unquote low-skilled jobs but not so much for higher professions now why is this well it’s simple if you have high skills it’s far more tempting to leave and accept the money that’s being offered in the glorious luxurious West and yes it is important to note that they didn’t just flee many folks were actually bought by the wealthier side prior to 1961 loans of upwards of a hundred thousand dollars were issued to any East German who defected and sometimes even reimbursement for the property that was left behind and a free apartment when they arrived this is the main cause as to what created the massive brain drain from east to west upwards of 10% of these population left during this period when the Yalta Conference happened and Germany was split into four areas the eastern Western powers had different ideas about what they wanted Germany to be the USSR went to Germany to be unified in part because this would allow the whole of Germany to pay reparations for the devastating losses that the Soviet Union incurred America on the other hand wanted Germany to become the hub of markets in Europe as the American finances who funded the war needed places to then spread their global dominance in the years after the reparations for D D I ended up paying by itself was upwards of a hundred billion marks now with the cold war brewing America wanted Germany to be a heavily militarized area to pose a threat and a difficulty to the Soviet Union something the Chicago boys would later call enlightened self-interest the USSR wanted Germany to remain a demilitarized to prevent reprisals even at one point offering the creation of a unified non-aligned Germany with free elections and international supervision where the Allies rejected this because of course their conflicts of interests aside note I just want to bring attention to we generally tend to think of the eastern nations as the red block the communist bloc the Soviet bloc and thereby just stating that they were effectively ruled by the Soviets and their leaders were all just puppets you can say that if you want but you can also make a similar case for West Germany France Italy and Greece being American puppets France was basically completely indebted to America thanks to the Marshall Plan I wasn’t just aid it basically allows the u.s. to have a free market in advertising throughout the entirety of Western Europe and let’s not also forget about the rigging of elections as America loves to do America rigged Italian elections in 1948 Japanese throughout the entirety of the 50s and the 60s the Philippines in 1953 just to name a few America had to this power and it had far more wealth to give during the war its economy was the only nation that fought in it that went up as a result and so during this time of rubble in Europe it granted free range of opportunities for the United States to use and take advantage of the USSR the other superpower had lost one-sixth of its population entire villages and towns across the country had been destroyed in Belarus alone if you’ve seen come and see you know that six hundred villages were burned with their inhabitants along with them and this was not even the beginning of its history for the past 30 years the Soviets had endured economic sabotage sabotage by landlords famines a civil war orphan crises upwards of seven million kids lost their folks during the Civil War this might also explain why Russian cartoons tend to have themes of orphaned them entire railways 85% of my statistics are correct were lost factories mines and all manner of infrastructure reduced to fractions of what they once were so that was the background America by comparison had achieved its industrialization by the 1860s Russia only managed to get there by the time of the Second World War and only just so it was not in the nature of lonely out any funds so readily if anything it needed them itself so all of these factors were instrumental in East Germany being on the worse a playing field than the West it had a poor industry to begin with there was a grandeur devastation a lack of markets and it had to pay reparation now that all contributes whether you like it or not to a much poorer Society and it’s not just socialism the overwhelming would you of socialist economies grow faster and improve the general quality of life when you take in relative economic conditions into account and as for you see from East Germany – it did grow faster in spite of all the hardship that was pressed against it upwards of six hundred percent versus the FRG s400 the other nagging question of course everybody wanders about is what of the wall now the usual narrative as we all know goes East Germany crappy people no like woodland everybody jump into vesper lynd well the brain drain as I mentioned before was definitely a part of it but again the way this is being told is pretty crap and of itself so it’s quite sobering then to read the East’s perspective on it firstly this is not how a nation naturally has its capital nobody would find it particularly fair if America’s capital was located in Mexico and the capital then was also shared with the Mexican state that’s just not how you do it so having a capital city split into within the opposing country is not good for the weaker side period this can be seen if you look at how the West changed their currency in 1948 which disrupted the flow of things by having two currency areas literally site-by-site intermingling with one another West Berlin was also being militarily dominated and even had access to nuclear arsenals and nuclear training programs it had been made very aware of the time the NATO supported FRG had the intent of eventually annexing the DDR now they all Caesar sent numerous instructions of diplomacy please stop this weapons program for the previous four years all of which were denied and it was call for sorting out the very unorthodox structure between the new nations geography you know rather than stoke the flames of tension by creating more and more atomic bombs so no the USSR actually spent more of its product on R&D then actually many other Western nations did but it had to use the majority of this on supporting its growing arms race so when people like history hub would like to make a little slander by saying oh the USSR didn’t about its citizens I’d just like to spend money on war and rockets and all that that’s because it had to not because it wanted to so yeah anyway additionally we can also talk about the espionage that was being done by the west over 90 espionage organizations have been set up within the city as well as radio broadcast and sabotaging networks designed to fragment the nation up a considerable amount there were reported bomb threats by Western agents on DDR infrastructure as well as numerous killings of border guards I think it’s clear from what we’ve seen here that there was a lot more context surrounding the situation than simply the standard this good awstats narrative behind wall that had just as much to do with war espionage and sabotage as it did to do with brain trim I think given the circumstances we understand why it is that the latter occurred the question of what place would you rather live in comes with a sort of ignorance and blissful pride if I were to ask Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland it suddenly becomes a lot more clear than mercury and awkwardness of such a question we ought apply this when it comes to any nation there’s truthfully they all do want to get back together at some point no nation wants to be split some of the information I got from this video came from Mary full Brooks the people state and she makes a very sobering remark in that since the fall of communism nearly everything written about socialist States was written in the derogatory of one party government sub dictatorship of food shortages and that no Western historian would ever seek to write the social history of Western society solely in terms of regime policies and popular resistance but when it comes to the GDR this is how the social history has been conceived you can’t ignore the fact that there really does come across a subtext within all of this but no matter how dire things were and at times they really were dire there is ultimately a large pathology at play whenever we talk about these places you ought to bear that in mind next time you make your analysis because it’s not really a view shared by the majority of people who live there yes the majority of these Germans who live during 1945 to 89 57 percent believed that the nation was better than it was bad I repeat 57% believed that the nation was better than it was bad it’s an interesting observation seeing as the usual line from the budding anti-socialist is just ask a person who lived under a socialist regime a tie it’s terrible but this is more than just simple nostalgia because the trend has been noticed throughout almost all of the socialist countries 60% of Russians 70% of Tajik YZ 63% of Romanians 72% of Hungarians 62% of Ukrainians of Bulgarians and nearly 50% of lifts and Slovaks all of these people have attested to some variant survivor thinking they were better off under socialism or worse under the current system now why might this be the reason is because of what happened after socialism got gutted in the East and it wasn’t very rosy in the first few years of unification 1/5 of working people in East Germany lost their jobs the necessity of profit-making resulted in an economy interested in bottom lines and those externalities were thrown out for the birds GDP across the entire red block fell 40 percent in just the first five years similar effects have been seen throughout the continent to this day there have been massive increases in suicide homicide theft and burglary rates since the fall in many nations the life expectancy has only just recovered to its Cold War days in working life cuts were made across the board to occupational safety and workplace rights including sick pay maternity leave and various other benefits the ensuing poverty led to a larger uptake in sex work with people having little choice available to them in Ukraine where it got hit the hardest productivity and standards of living have yet to recover from their pre 1990 levels but there was however one silver lining of sorts in Germany after the fall many are seized looking for employment left towards the Rhineland and brought with them the teachings and experiences they’d gained under the DDR which enabled Westies a more expansive view on the rights of workers ie you are allowed good childcare and you should demand it the downside however is that because of the diaspora and the economic despair use Germany was left in the space has been filled in recent times by right-wing groups including neo-nazis the problem we are always dealing with when we discussed the Cold War is the trap of economies ‘im ie viewing economic performance alone as the sum of all parts in East Germany plenty of low-level working people were allowed to go on cheap relatively modest holidays with their families only inside red countries and mostly within the GDR today former Aussies have virtually no travel restrictions and can technically go and live anywhere they want in the world however for the majority of poorer people today that simply isn’t an option the market actually prevents them from enjoying a level of satisfaction that they got in the old days but probably the most salient example the perils of this economistic mindset is a study that was done in 2006 many RC men have since declared that their relationships and dating life have improved under capitalism and immediately we’d argue yeah that’s a plus for capitalism in your face commies but if you find out their reasoning for this it’s not so glamorous the most common reason they stated was because it gave men a stronger role in economic life and he who controls the money controls the household these men lists the reasoning that under capitalism they have more economic dominance and so therefore women are easier something deep inside tells me that that’s not a particularly good reason to prefer your relationship it’s another reminder that when people say they prefer a system the reasoning for it is not always for the societal good a general message in the media directed that the poor of today is to escape the impoverished neighborhoods they live in and go to what makes you feel better meanwhile as more people leave the neighborhood deteriorates as a result nobody wants to say stay in your misery but if you do draw my comparison the opposite is not the solution to society’s troubles so when we ask why was a country poor it’s not simply a matter of money many of us today have large access to a whole range of consumer goods and we’re not much happier from it a common opinion that you’ll always hear from people of former red states is that they never fell more relaxed than they were in the old days the removal of existential threats and the knowledge that you were being looked after to whatever extent they could manage it’s definitely something there are enormous amount of us today would desire and benefit from hugely and that’s not to be taken lightly now I could go a little bit further and talk about other things in the GTR such as the medical internationalism the nature of the secret police the enormous gains made for women the agricultural cooperatives the differences and denitrification transportation but I’m not gonna be doing that in this video because this isn’t about singing the ddr’s praises because there were plenty of internal contradictions abundant I made this video specifically to respond to the off stated point that the DDR was poorer simply because socialism and as we can see the ddr’s primary reasons for this would do to geography and economic investment comparisons as an addendum to my last video I just wanted to talk briefly about the nature of defending regimes in the past I’m not saying that we should forget about the future and simply just argue about who was right back in the day but what I am saying is that eventually it matters so I’m not saying that we should only focus on these things we can do them simultaneously but at the end of the day it will come up it will matter and there will always be a need for people to stand there with that information available to teach people and that’s as I think the reason why we should look at these places it’s not good to look back in the old days like they were fantastic they weren’t but it’s a sobering for that for most people in these lands Society was built in a different way a way that better serve the general needs instead of just profit and it’s worth good observation instead of just throwing in the next line about bread lines

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  • My dad visited East berlin in June of 1989, which was before the wall fell. He said that when compared to west germany DDR was poor. However, he said that still people lived well, there was food, housing was good, most people owned a car (even if it was a shitty Trabant), and although consumer goods were lacking it wasn't as bad as people said. In fact he brought back some books and two records, both of which American music, memphis slim and led zepellin. Overall he said that the quality of life, economically speaking, was very similar to the one in his country, Portugal, a relatively capitalistic country of Western Europe.
    However, still there was evidence of it being a disfunctional economy. In the Alexanderplatz he was able to chamge 1 western mark for 10 ddr marks, when the official rate was 1 to 1. And he found a lot of people using their trabants to illegaly drive tourists around the city, risking their freedom for some western marks.
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    The divisions of the Germans will eventually lead to the Federal breakup of this country. It was Kingdoms and Principalities until the late 1800's. It was Hitler that formed the German peoples into a unified political force. Today West Germans have zero time for the money sponging East. These Communists who are really only German speaking Soviets are not and never will be West Germans. Money will not save East Germany. It's a basket case designed by the Allies to keep them useless and they are. I wish the Germans would turn Neutral like the Swiss and exit the sick propaganda machine about the East and the West. $50B Euro's buys a lot of beers and parties. Germans have seen what war is. I doubt they'll ever revisit that road again.

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  • was? it is still compared to the western regions

  • Neo commie propaganda going hi tek

  • Most of the 'facts' given in this video are simply wrong and do not stand the most basic level of historical research. I pity because the basis ideas is interesting.


  • North Korea vs. South Korea
    East Germany vs. West Germany
    Mainland China vs. Hong Kong and Taiwan

    Examples are plenty. Capitalism may suck, but it doesn't suck as much as Socialism. Most Socialist countries histories can be summarized like this:

    1. Socialist revolution
    2. Dismantling of capitalism
    3. Shortages and starving
    4. Reverting Socialist policies or emulating capitalist ones just to get by for a little longer, adopting complex solutions to tackle absurdly stupid problems Socialists created
    5. Being replaced by old school crony capitalism

  • This guy sounds like a Soy Boy incel

  • Heck off, commie.

  • What do you understand by 'poor'? Lack of consumerism, lack of culture, lack of exploitation in treadmills, lack of educational opportunities, lack of healthcare, lack of affordable rents, lack of …..???

  • debunk this please: https://youtu.be/85ijB0q33Rk

  • Thank you so much for this video.

  • Lol, typical English person’s mixture to ‘England’ and ‘Britain’. Not the same thing, as every idiot knows.

  • Oh your example fails with Korea. The north has far more resources than the south

  • I am from Romania, a country that refused to trade even with its fellow eastern block nations. Socialism industrialized our country and made the unemployment rate extremely low. Before the world wars we were a rural, already poor society. If we had been industrialized, educated and prosperous like the French, for example, socialism wouldn't have been blamed for poverty.
    Today's Europe is a mix of the capitalist free market economy and humanist socialist regulations. What brought the eastern block nations to a drop in employment and GDP after 1990 wasn't their socialist economy but COMMUNISM. Under a communist regime people had a restricted acces to information, they were never thaught entrepreneurship, how to be flexible and creative and how to manange their money. It was, basically, a regression from enlightnenment. Therefore when faced with freedom and responsability the population couldn't cope Taking these rights and freedoms away is not a characteristic of socialism, but of authoritarian COMMUNIST regimes.
    Socialism can prosperously work hand in hand with a free market economy. Easter states were poor because they already were before the instalation of communist socialist regimes and the Western World also sabotaged their economy.
    Every regime and economic/political systems has its flaws. The overly capitalist American society is not self sufficient, its consumering destroying its own environment and hurting its population while an overly socialist system with a communist regime brings a decrease in freedoms and performance of workers.

  • Interesting perspective. It is interesting how you used the term "looked after" in the closing moments of the video. In his book "Behind the Wall: The Inner life of Communist East Germany" Hans-Joachim Maaz fairly comprehensively describes how the wholesale infantilization millions of people limited and curtailed their psychological development, leading to endemic psychophysiological problems that he saw in his clinic. Nor is he under any illusions about the problems in the west, which have only worsened in the intervening years. I cannot get behind the idea that communism is the answer, because it so drastically reduces its citizens capacity to achieve full psychological selfhood, and yet I also agree that rampant capitalism's creation of a culture in which citizens' only value lies in their purchasing power is equally as destructive. Maaz is right (I think), when he argues at the end of the book is it is only psychological revolution that truly sets us free and, although it is perhaps equally utopian, suggests that we need to engender a culture of psycho-analysis in which people are able to put aside limiting values and beliefs, and learn to responsibly and sustainably look after themselves.

  • "East Germany was supported by the West to export" what?! Investment in supply and supply side policy doesn't stimulate demand you idiot. The producing "bread basket" of the East clearly had a share over respective markets to sell their goods otherwise the East would've collapsed anyway due to going bust over having to sell at ridiculously low prices or not selling at all. Monetarists, Keynesians or economic Socialists would argue that such a situation is unsustainable. Stop acting like you know what you're on about

  • This was biased

  • They had Morten Lund as an advisor.

  • Ok, cool. Thank you for this 21 minute long video of anti-capitalist propaganda.


    Dear BadMouse, your video is so full of historical inaccuracies, misleading and partial facts, false equivalences and relativations. You bring up some valid aspects, that hindered east-german economic developments. Like braindrain, reparations to the Soviets, no Marshall Plan equivalent, a smaller underdeveloped export market. However, it is oversimplified to say that West-Germany was main industrial center, while the East was agriculturally dominated. Actually Saxony and Berlin were big industrial hubs as well. And furthermore, the whole of Germany was absolutely wrecked by allied bombing, not just eastern cities. But what annoys me the most, is how you completely fail to mention the failure of the socialist economic system as such. No word about the staggering inefficiencies, corruption, mismanagement, environmental pollution, that this state-run system produced. To keep the economy going and in desperate attempts to grow and reform it, the DDR took loans from the West. But it never managed to actually do so. All of it was essentially wasted and by the end of the 1980s, the country was heading for bankruptcy. West vs East Germany is like North vs South Korea the best example to show how much better capitalism is in creating wealth. East Germany was a terribly poor country compared to the West. You had to wait ten years for a car, buying groceries meant waiting in line in front of the store for hours, by 1990 only a minority of households had phone line which usually you had to share with your neighbors, coloured TVs were rarity, and so were other things that we would regard as natural like Bananas or Chocolate.
    Yes, there was no unemployment in the DDR, but only because this was a matter of pride for the regime. What would happen very often is that workers would have to show up for their full shift, but there was simply nothing to do. Often because of lacking raw materials. So they would work for maybe two hours and play football for the rest of their shift.
    By the way, your video is also poorly structured and ridiculously sourced. But what really offends me are your rationalizations of the Berlin Wall. If you will ever actually make it to Germany (which I will just presume you have never even visited, only by the amount of basic errors pointed out in other comments) go to Berlin and try to comprehend the gross inhumanity of the Wall. It was only and entirely designed to hold the Germans hostage in a country that they might want to leave. It is so abhorrent that you don't even mention the Schießbefehl (order to shoot, meaning that guards to had shoot everyone trying to flee to the West), but at the same time come up with stupid reasoning like: well I mean noone would like it if their capital was split in half you gotta understand. WTF?!?! This wall was never built for protection, it was only to imprison its own population. The DDR leadership even erected Selbstschussanlagen (essentially MG's firing automatically if someone walked into the Todesstreifen (death zone)) and then used their existence to pressure West-Germany to grant them loans. Meaning we will stop having MG's automatically firing at our own people, if you give us money. Also the argument of the wall as protection against sabotage is complete nonsense. West Germans were actually very welcome to visit the DDR, because of the money they would spent there.

    I suggest you go visit Berlin once and go see the memorial of the Mauertoten, and think very carefully about what you have said here in this video.

  • Western Centrist Rants has respond to your video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIC8tRPft3Y

  • So many dislikes but rarely do they realize capitalism has caused more deaths than socialism.

  • I wonder if we add The Eastern Regions of the Old German Empire (Pomerania, Silesia, Danzig, The Current Kaliningrad, etc.) To East Germany, West Germany would be overcome economically and populationally by its Eastern counterpart?

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