Why Storming Area 51 Is a Bad Idea

September 20th, 2019- the day that the people
of Earth discover that the US government has been hiding the presence of extraterrestrials
from the public. Our millenia of intergalactic solitude has
finally come to an end, and the greatest question ever asked by science has at last been answered:
are we alone? For decades the people of earth have been
visited by aliens from another planet, who have worked in secret cooperation with the
United States government. These aliens have crossed the vast distances
of intergalactic space with mindbending technologies in order to mutilate cows, show up as blurry
blobs in videos, and conduct experiments on abductees involving probes in very uncomfortable
places. The truth is no longer ‘out there’, it’s finally
here, in the open. Or, perhaps September 20th, 2019 will merely
be the day that many hundreds of misled people get arrested for trespassing by the US government,
earning hefty fines, long sentences in a federal prison, and ending up with experiments involving
probes in very uncomfortable places of a totally different sort. Today we’re going to look at the phenomenon
that has swept the internet, the massive plan to raid Area 51 and plunder it of its alien
secrets, and turn to a friend of the show and former security expert for the US military
as he tells us why storming area 51 is a terrible idea. On June 27th a facebook event hosted by three
different Facebook accounts appeared publicly, entitled simply Storm Area 51, They Can’t
Stop All of Us. The event would later be claimed by a Matty
Roberts as having been started in jest, but the joke very quickly caught on and went global. As of this writing, 1.7 million people have
signed on to the event, and another 1.3 million are interested. The official date is set for September 20th,
2019, for the hours of between 3 am and 6 am. While Roberts has come forward and explained
that it was a joke, he did so only after the event skyrocketed in popularity and out of
fear that should something really happen, that the US government would be looking for
him for being the ringleader. He wanted to publicly declare that the event
was a joke and he was in no way serious about storming Area 51. Whether he was serious or not is likely not
to matter come September 20th, with the event gaining popularity around the world. While most people signed on to the event as
a satirical joke, it’s clear from the facebook page for the event that there are plenty of
people who see the opportunity to rush the secretive restricted area en masse as a way
to at last plunder its secrets. The rallying crow of “they can’t stop us
all” has made many people take the event seriously, and it’s now feared that on September
20th a large group of people will make a serious attempt to enter the secretive base. Recently the US Air Force sent out a message
addressing the online joke, warning that “any attempts to illegally access the area is highly
discouraged.” So could enough people breach the secret base’s
defenses, what would happen if they did, and why all the hooplah over Area 51 anyways? Area 51 is situated in a remote corner of
the Nevada Test and Training Range at Groom Lake, which is a large expanse of desert where
US pilots hone their abilities dropping live and dummy ordnance on ground targets. It was so remote in fact that it quickly became
the premier destination for developing new and advanced planes for the CIA and the US
Air Force. It was for instance where the infamous U2
spyplane was originally developed, a technological marvel of its time which flew so high that
it was for years out of reach of Soviet fighters and missiles. The facility was also the home of the infamous
Skunk Works, a group of engineers who developed some of the world’s most advanced air planes,
and from which the likes of the SR-71 and the F-117 came from. Any other information, to include if the legendary
Skunk Works still operates from the site, is difficult to verify, as the entire facility
remains a highly classified secret and the US government barely even acknowledges its
presence. Satellite imagery of the site though shows
that indeed several buildings and flight lines have been constructed, and curiously enough,
a flight line long enough to land even the biggest aircraft developed anywhere in the
world is clearly visible. Others claim that you can see in some satellite
images how the flight lines lead to underground bunkers, though the veracity of those claims
is dubious at best. If alien life was visiting planet earth, and
the United States government had in fact gotten its hands on some of that alien tech, or was
cooperating with aliens, it seems that Area 51 would be the ideal place for such activity. The site is notoriously remote and difficult
to get to, miles away from any road, and difficult to spy on due to the mountains that border
it. But could you penetrate it, and if you did,
what would happen? Our expert warns us immediately that any attempt
to penetrate a restricted military facility comes with serious consequences- this isn’t
Stranger Things, this is real life, and trying to get into a restricted area can land you
with serious jail time, huge fines, or worse. Trespassing on a restricted military facility
can carry a penalty of up to ten years in federal prison, and is often accompanied by
a fine of tens of thousands of dollars- which you will be obligated to pay before or after
your prison sentence. Naturally though the condition of your trespass
is often taken into consideration, with our expert telling us that if it’s clear you were
inadvertently trespassing then you would likely simply be apprehended, searched, debriefed,
and then driven back to a point outside of the facility and be freed to go. If however your trespass was purposeful, you
might get the book thrown at you- specially if it seemed like your trespass was malicious
in nature, as in you were actively trying to steal government materials or secrets. Different restricted areas have different
levels of secrecy however, and some places- termed black world facilities- are so secretive
that your trespass and ensuring trial are all kept under the strictest measures of secrecy,
with no details of your trial becoming public knowledge. No, you are not tried by some secretive shadow
court and condemned to the dark side of the moon, but rather your trial and everyone involved,
including your lawyer and any witnesses, are all forced to sign extremely harsh confidentiality
agreements, with very, very strict penalties for breaking them. That is of course, if you are arrested, because
our expert tells us that there is one more option for dealing with trespassers, and that’s
to simply shoot them. No, this isn’t Soviet Russia where you can
get shot just for hopping a fence to a military base, but our expert warns us that there are
concentric rings of security around restricted facilities, and if you penetrate deep enough
through those rings of security you eventually hit one ring where deadly force is authorized,
no questions asked. Of course these areas are always very clearly
marked by signs which state as much, so there’s no chance you would wander into an area where
you could get shot just for being there with no authorization, you would have to make the
choice to continue pushing forward despite the risks. The reason why these harsh measures exist
is simple, some secrets are so vital to national security, that the government cannot risk
their been discovered by foreign governments. Take for instance the Manhattan Project- if
knowledge of how to build a working nuclear weapon was discovered by the Germans, the
entire course of the war may have taken a radically different route. If you manage to penetrate the outer layers
of security and get to these ‘shoot first ask questions later’ areas, then it means
that you are there on a mission, and you are likely seeking to cause great harm to the
United States. So what would happen if you joined 1.7 million
people in rushing Area 51? Would you get to see “dem aliens”? First our expert tells us that you would run
into a sign warning you that you are entering into a restricted area, and typically warning
you of the penalties for doing so. Most secretive government facilities aren’t
behind huge fences, as that would be far too obvious a give-away, but rather they rely
on extreme remoteness and large tracts of empty land to discourage anyone getting too
close. Throughout this seemingly empty landscape
are security patrols dispersed throughout the first two outer rings of security, and
even if you don’t see them odds are that they see you. Armed with high powered visual aids, night
vision, and thermal imagers, these security personnel are vectored in on trespassers by
sensors hidden under the ground. Pressure sensors buried under avenues of approach
and seismic sensors throughout the entire outer perimeter give alarm operators perfect
situational awareness of the miles of empty landscape surrounding the secret facility,
and typically a host of hidden high-power cameras allow them to spy on any portion of
their perimeter. If trespassers are detected, they are typically
allowed to wander through the first, outer perimeter of security without being intercepted. That is because these areas are so large and
remote that people wander in and out by accident all the time, and the security personnel at
the facility prefer that you never even find out you had inadvertently strolled into somewhere
you weren’t supposed to. The entire time you are in the first ring
of security though you will be closely monitored from afar, sometimes even by air through drones,
and likely not have a clue that you’re being spied on. If however you continue forward you will reach
the second outer ring of security. Much smaller than the first outer ring, this
second ring is continuously patrolled by security personnel on foot or in vehicles, and penetrating
it will result in a security patrol being immediately dispatched to apprehend you. Our expert tells us that you likely won’t
get too far through this second ring of security, as you will have been carefully observed the
entire time you approached it through the first ring. A patrol will move to your position and apprehend
you, search you and your vehicles, and typically debrief you or just move you straight back
to the outer most perimeter and warn you to not return. Should you somehow evade detection or capture
though, you’ll reach the inner ring of security- or at least the inner ring of the outer security
zone, because there remains one more inner ring that’s within the facility buildings
itself. Here movement of personnel is highly restricted,
even amongst the personnel who work at the facility, and even though you may have the
clearance to work at one part of the facility, you may not be cleared for any other part
of the same facility. In this inner ring even the base staff have
to be on high alert against straying where they don’t belong. For you though, a complete outsider who doesn’t
belong at all, straying into this area could be deadly. It’s here that signs warning of the use of
deadly force are placed, and while it can be up to the disgression of the security commander
or even the individual patrol that discovers you, you really don’t want to press your luck. Remember, only really bad guys would be interested
in getting this close to a secret facility, so any responding security personnel are going
to assume that you’re out to cause some serious harm to the US. We cannot stress enough how dangerous it would
be to penetrate this area. These are all of course the outer layers of
security, and inside of each facility our expert tells us that even more stringent security
measures exist, with even greater repercussions for violating them. He would not elaborate on inner security measures,
but did tell us that many times the guards restricting access to a facility might themselves
not have a high enough clearance to be inside the facility itself! That’ is how seriously classified some facilities
are, and an entirely different team of guards with an even higher security clearance may
be assigned to work the actual insides of the facility. Though our expert would not comment much on
the inner workings of restricted facilities, he did leave us with this story: I was assigned
to a facility with two outer doors, each with a more stringent set of security measures
to verify your identity before you could pass. The outer door opened to the outside world,
and the second door, where I was located, was inside a small room connected to that
first outer door. There was a scanner machine that worked automatically
and my job was twofold: ensure nobody trying to access the facility messed with the machine
as it verified their identity and credentials, and if the machine ever set off an alarm,
I was to immediately terminate the individual attempting entry. Once the machine granted entry, I was not
allowed to look inside the open door, and had to stand with my back to whatever that
door opened up into. After speaking with our expert it’s clear
that storming Area 51 would be a terrible idea. While group posts claim that “they can’t
stop all of us”, our expert warns that yes, they very much have the means and firepower
to stop even a major incursion event, and that if whatever is inside Area 51 is of vital
national security importance, than they will do just that. He warns us that the most sensitive of these
facilities were designed to stop a full-scale military assault. Also, though he would not go into specifics,
our expert told us that in all likelihood even if you managed to defeat the outer security,
you would simply never be able to access the actual facilities themselves as part of their
security measures include the ability to completely lock out the outside world. After watching this video do you think you
would try storming Area 51 or not? Think the US is really hiding aliens? Also, check out our other video, what really
happens at Area 51! See you next time!

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