Why Philosophy and its History?

Philosophy is important for you. It
sounds amazing doesn’t it? But actually it’s pretty common to find people who don’t understand, who don’t even know what philosophy is, and yet those who do,
many despise it. But I think they have misunderstood it, because, if you think
about it, philosophy has got to do with what is
most important to us. It has to do with my life.
It has to do with your life. Philosophy in Greek means love of wisdom it is
therefore a discipline that seeks a certain kind of knowledge. Well yes… like
science thanks to which we have made so many technological advances. Take for
example rockets electric cars take, for example, computers cell phones.
Yes… but it’s not that kind of knowledge. Philosophy looks for an answer to the
most important questions for man: Who is he? Does life have a meaning? What is
freedom, good, happiness? These are questions to which science can provide facts but actually it cannot provide a profound answer. But philosophy not only looks to
give an answer to this questions, but compromises itself to live according to
these answers In fact, philosophy is a collective
enterprise that has been bringing together people from millennia, who have
thought and said so many things about this important questions. And this is why,
my friends, it is so important to study the history of philosophy. Yeah… I know it
sounds boring doesn’t it but if you look at how deep and important these
questions are, you will see that it’s much wiser to investigate what others
have said, especially when these people are so important and so influential. But
all of those thinkers have tried to give their own answers or have shown a new
face of the same problem. The person who wants to live his life more seriously
should think about what has been said and bring out all that it’s true and
positive integrating it into his own life so even what a guy said 2500 years
ago can be interesting for us today and that is why we will publish a series of
videos tracing the history of philosophy. Starting with the Presocratics up to
the present day We’ll stop at the most important movements and philosophers,
presenting only the most essential aspects of their thought. If you are
interested to know more, for each video, we will place a series of files
explaining a little more of his philosophy. So guys thanks for watching!
Stay tuned for upcoming videos! And we’ll see you next time!

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