Let’s talk about global warming then I want to get to the snowflakes Okay, we were on stage and a woman got up and asked you a question I thought good warming and you went on to explain why you don’t believe in it You said you changed you know, you said you got some new evidence recently. Yeah, what happened that night? Okay Why did that clip go viral? the lady said I have children and you got a few bucks and don’t you want I want to leave the world a better place for my Kids essentially what you buy in you had a question. Yeah, it’s fine. You know, yeah I’d like my show. I want my children very much. But I realize it’s up to them. It’s not up to me See, I feel like I said worse multipliers in the world. Yeah, but I don’t have a Vietnam, but it’s up to the individual I can give you all the information, but if you don’t pull the trigger and take action so getting back to the lady and I said Then I went through my store which is not a story Sally and I are in the South South Pole 2011 and were there and there’s a big half a billion dollar scientific Station there. That’s mostly funded by the US government and The scientists came over give us presentations and they had that time they drilled five or six or seven thousand cores In the South Pole not many people realize that South Poles on a mountaintop stir up about 12 13 14 thousand feet so a lot of people suffer from oxygen deprivation didn’t bother Sally and I and So he’s going through these cores and then he says in fifty five thousand years ago It was two 1.96 degrees Warmer Celsius than today in it Let’s go back to that how do you know that and then all these MIT? Caltech all these got all of that because of this equals and bullshit bullshit. We know from absolutely within a millionth of a percent It was warmer, but no one’s denying. No, no, no way. Okay and so on so and just we all know it’s cyclical Yeah, you know it’s cyclic. Okay, and then what about global warming everybody? Laughs all at the same time? It’s a load of shit I mean we could have predicted this Global warming 200 years before but nobody did because nobody figured out a way to make any money out of it Okay, but when people talk about global or they’re talking about the human being accelerated version of the warming no, no no, no, no No, they say it has nothing the hairspray the ozone nothing zero In fact, if you read Scientific American like the good MIT guy you are you would have known three months ago They said for the first time in 40 years The ozone what he called is thickened up again Yeah the ozone has but that’s a little different than carbon dioxide emissions and they also said that we’ve known for at least 50 60 70 years that Every square meter on the ground on the planet has between ten and fifteen thousand times more energy from the Sun Than is needed Ten to fifteen thousand. How does it bury your closer to the Sun? It’s fifteen thousand farther from the Sun ten thousand, okay? Okay, there’s tons of energy on the tons and tons and tons. Okay the first electric car Was in 1846, I believe I don’t believe I know 1846 do you think if we really wanted fucking electric cars we couldn’t have them it was thirty-five or forty years before gasoline cars But now since then and then the question since Alan I went to the North Pole Okay, God, let me a car thing is because the oil business and all that right? I’ll get back to that go back So then we go to the North Pole and now there’s Russian scientists Hardly anybody spoke English? Okay, and We’ve got remarried at the North Pole and we talk to the scientists and same questions same Answers as we got from the South Pole and then well but warming they all laughed Bryggen, both glow everybody’s drinking when in the North Pole the Russians and Russians Do you like to drink but go as they say and they’re saying yeah, just a load of shit Everybody knows it’s a load of shit and we’ve known it for years When I was in the energy business and forevermore, I’m beyond oil man. Ok, you are Noel man Oh, man, everybody let everybody knew that when? When people will take more seriously global warming is when a Ramco Saudi the kingdom runs out of oil Now two years ago Aramco which is a Petroleum company of the Saudi government and how they’re going to go public This is when oil was $28 a barrel. Now, why would smart guys MIT kind of guys say they’re going to go like at the lowest oil price in the last 3040 years Why why hmm because when you go public and they’re going to sell it they wouldn’t sell 2% of the the company off When they go public they have to report a reserve report publish a reserve report Which means that for the first time in the history since they discovered oil there jay paul Getty discovered oil They’re back 70 80 years ago. They’re gonna know about plus or minus 10% how much oil Saudis really have Now I’m here to tell you They have hundreds of trillions of barrels They are never going to run out of fucking oil and your children’s lifetime Now They’ve now pulled back and they’ve changed three times the date of the public offering three times in the last two years now in 2019 looks good, but maybe maybe not Will it the market dictate of course oil is up from twenty five twenty six dollars a barrel up to sixty five Is she more or less? and The they don’t want to publish that number if they don’t have to the price I hear the price the the where the lines cross supply and demand for a Ramco-4700 out as a barrel Stabilized over two three four five years not one day Okay, so I don’t see one they’re going to go public because if they do they’re gonna have to tell what the reserves are and you know what the price of oil is gonna do when They say that there’s 42 kazillion jillion barrels of oil Gonna drop like a fucking stone. And so what does this have to do with the global warming? No, I’m because Global warming is a an anomaly Based on hyped up by this generation for something to bitch about We’ve had it we had a 55,000 years ago We had a 300,000 years ago, but to blame it on us is bullshit. Isn’t it not accelerated by humans? 100 millionth of a percent who cares? So this is just a scam and a sham and all I’m jealous of vice-president What’s-his-face Gore Gore I’m jealous and Sally and I were on a plane with him a few years ago He got in trouble because of the footprint, you know, the big G 3 he flies around or g5. I guess it is And so he was a flying commercial. We’re coming back from Peru Lima and Sally and I are down there and some Safari and I noticed why are these guys with fucking suits in here? Business cuz they had no first class and so it’s President Vice President Gore. He stands up and the And he’s not it’s tough. You know, all these people that say there’s six three I mean Jesus Christ I mean, he’s about your height and you know, everyone forty-six one. He’s only six when he’s about Everyone says I’m as tall as you. Yeah, I’ll tell you I’m six one. Okay, I’m not sick. No, no, okay. Okay and So does Gore believe in climate change or is it all made up? I don’t know. I can’t speak for the former vice president But he’s got to know the same stats. I know now since then since the thing went viral because of your movie premiere. I Had my crack staff do some research and Then I double-check the research we found one air And the you know how many people have been to the North and South Pole? Both since the beginning of motherfucking time recorded time Come on, dude Just you and said no no no no I’m not counting the teams, but the lead people ten people plus Sally and I Twelve Since the beginning of fucking time, you know, how many of those other ten are bitching about global warming? zero I Can’t wait I was supposed to be on a panel at George Mason University last March First it was going to be a talk I could talk about anything and then it wasn’t there was a panel and then they wouldn’t let me film it So then I dropped out But I was hoping global warming would come up And so you’re saying because you were at the south and you were at the north, I mean it doesn’t make an expert No, no, but I talk to the experts, okay? My analyst these fucking journalists are writing about this never talk to dick. I’m talking anybody. Nobody’s asked me what I saw there nobody asked me the solid scientist said I met with Ya ten plus Sally and I and Sally and I are bipolar

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  • As of today, the Mississippi River has been at major flood stage for 41 days and counting for Quad Cities of Iowa, Illinois, Davenport, with the new record set at Rock Island, Illinois. You fucking morons.

  • QUIT INTERRUPTING DAN! Let him finish a thought without cutting him off!!! Shut up!!

  • and we've also known we're fucking over the world right in front of us.

  • If you don't believe in global warming, you must go to maladewa, a nice place to sink.

  • Climate change is the Big Daddy of all risks.

    Mark Wilson, group chief executive officer of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer, 2014

  • So all you fuckers think it's about control. OK, who is controlling what? For what? Cleaner air?

    And who wants you to buy your fossil fuel products until they run out just because they already have the infrastructure and it's too expensive to go solar, hydro, wind? THINK.

  • And where does this old fraud Live ..?????? In a Scottish castle. Scotland will be one on the last places affected by global warming. Can't see him living near where he might get his feet wet.

  • You can make more money not having to buy energy from someone who digs it up and re-sells it to you. Solar panels once paid off will give you free energy. Free to charge the car free to run your fridge. Who wins? Not this guy, he is an oil barren.

  • We have to deal with air pollution and stop burning polluting fossil fuels because we inhale it and it gives us cancer which we can avoid by using infinitely renewable free energy from solar and wind and hydrogen. There are more hydro, wave, geothermal etc. It doesn't matter who's responsible for climate change we still have to deal with it. Rising sea levels catastrophic climate events etc. We should be turning deserts into rainforests not rainforests into deserts. It makes no sense to turn your back garden into a source of disease that's starts killing your family members lets stop doing it before the government blame us and use it as a way to curb our democratic freedom. Remember we are supposed to tell the government what to do that's what the vote is for yet they still seem to be telling us what to do. Go clean go green don't be a corporate government zombie you won't respect yourself in the morning. Oil is about money tax is about you paying for the pollution they caused wake up and smell the cancer it's reaching epidemic proportions and continuing to rise exponentially as toxic carcinogenic pollution increases every year on year. We're also fighting global wars to steal the oil to power the tanks to fight the wars to steal the oil. It is the love of money that is at the root of all evil on Earth. Ain't that the truth for just as we have sowed so have we reaped brothers and sisters. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will save themselves by saving the planet they live on praise the lord. As for the rest? Go to hell praise the lord.

  • Funny guy

  • Sally and I are bi polar!! ??

  • One request to all comment readers, please perform an image search of ( earth atmosphere content pie Chart), use bing, G or yahoo. Pick any 2 random pie chart from any search engine.
    You will find, nitrogen-72%, oxygen -16%, argon – 3%, co2 is present in the trace gas slice. CO2 content – 0.038%.
    CO2 is also the primary Ingredient for photosynthesis, the cause for all life on Earth.

  • Does anyone else remember the "ozone hole" prediction from the '90s.

  • Love it, Dan talks a lot of simple common sense, the West are becoming snowflakes, easily lead idiots !! Wake up fools, we been through ice age etc etc so STFU about global warming nonsense, just another excuse for tax raising rip off etc etc !! Stop the damn benefit system in the west as well to make the next generation stronger !!

  • It´s crazy, US and China are causing world biggest pollution. Even though there´s a regulary Climate Change – it is greatly increaded by human beings, and it´s coming back fast to the main producers of climate Change. Deniers will get a terrible surprise. U can´t mine more than the half of fossil fuels (which were accumulated in the earth for million of years) in 3-4 human generations and spit it in the air without consequences. 2004 "The Day After Tomorrow 2 were released, at this time it was kind of utopia, now it´s gettin real – (including east coast bomb cyclone). Climate will melt the ice at both poles, raise the sea level and shift fertile agricultural zones by hundreds of kilometers. Goodbye coastal towns. Einstein already said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

  • It's weather modifying/wars, not global warming. ?

  • The Honda CRX used to get 50/ mpg in the 80's.

  • Let's talk about global warming and get to the snowflakes.
    They will be melted.

  • But even if global worming is not true we are still poluting our planet with 8 billioen people. It is simply to much.

  • Someone who rambles and dodges from a simple question as much as this guy, has no actual answer. He's trying to hide the fact he doesn't know what he's talking about by dazzling you with other bullshit.

  • There’s ocean of oil underground the earth produce it as part of it’s own internal combustion. They will not disclose this true cus the oil price will plome as a rock, even the air tickets are an scam cus they don’t pay a real high price for it.

  • One thing was on my mind all the way. He said, at the beginning he put suits on, he could not afford. He still looks this way. As a man from the pub, having few drinks already and dressing up in his "nice" suit for respect the visitor, trying to make a good impression. The big talk all the way, also could be from any drunk in any pub.

  • Mr. Don Pena sounds like a straight shooter and a man that doesn't mince words. There is a theory out there, that there is a large amount of bacteria within the earth that as a byproduct of their existence generates oil constantly and we will never run out of oil, unless the world explodes. I wonder what if anything he thinks about this theory.

  • I think the global warming is happening at the edges of North south poles, the icebergs are melting at the edges, not at the poles, source: vice.
    Also this guy has oil company so he probably has good reason to call global warming a hoax
    I'm open to conversation about this.

  • Dis fuckin guy

  • 1:53 Thank you.

  • E=MC squared bullshit…if anyone can beat the second law of thermodynamics its Dan Pena. …LMFAO!

  • Politics

  • The fact that you would even stomach or entertain this malicious selfish obvious bs is disgraceful and is what turns me of the content this dinosaur and phony has millions invested in oil and has the baby boomer loot and burn mindset his old he won’t be here in a few years he doesn’t care about the world or the younger generation of humans money is useless if humanity is all fucking dead you spik prick .

  • why is this monopoly man so angry all the time. see this is why you need to dressed well – if you have the communication skills of timon or puumba on meth.

  • Meteorologists can't even accurately predict the climate three days from now, let alone twenty years from now!

  • This guy is talking BS and does not know anything about radiative effects and thermodynamics. Pure nonsense which is hard to watch

  • I love this guy

  • Woah, that is messed up. Global warming is a real thing . Would science really lie? If we don't fix it in 12 years, we are all dead.

  • He's hilarious…lol
    Little passionate…

  • Um there's been thousands of people in the South Pole. Currently there are approximately 4000 ppl stationed their…
    As someone who actually reads the scientific journals and associated data, guys like this don't help by spouting nonsense and lies. But even crazy ppl happen to get things right on occasion.

  • They hacked scammers e-mails
    Just agreed to say that its warming. It aint.

  • *He's going full-on Narc (backing his mistake). BULL-SHIT MOFO* Why has skin cancer increased 100fold?, why are the ice caps melting at a record pace? Why are the Sea-animals killing themselves (fukin ass-hole). etc, etc. There's so many FACTS that attest to Global Warming that it will make your head spin. *TRUTH is* 'Corporations spread propaganda' to make you buy into their BS, so they don't have to 'RE-TOOL' (SO THAT your KIDS won't be choking on Carbon Filled air)….LYING POS MOFO, 'you know the planet is getting warming…why are you feeding us BS?'

  • Wtf .. gasing his own people.. ?? ( what would icke say about that )) HOW TO MAKE A MINT ?? WORK FOR THE SYSTEM!! Dan's an old pal of trump.. nuff said.. thinks hes Gordon gecko.. so poor all he's got is loads of money and ego.. God bless him

  • A legend. Free speech is no issue with him.

  • This guy is another crackpot in search of his 15 minutes. These sorts of people use to be wheeled out by the tobacco lobby. Now they're wheeled out by a rapidly shrinking sect of climate denial witchdoctors who think that repeatedly saying 'fuck' somehow compensates for inability to articulate a valid scientific argument.

  • Even if the threat is a fraud, why do you guys hate doing something good for the environment? Keep the planet clean y’all, if a thousand years later the world starts to burn it’s the people who are fucked not the planet. The planet will just move some continents, give life to new sea creatures and start again. But humanities would cease to exist.

  • Everyone in the comment section is complaining about the fact that their teachers told them ice age is going to come and destroy the planet. It’s not about this one massive eruption that kills everyone. It’s not the movies. It’s suffering for people who live in poor countries with bad climate who can not shelter themselves from the catastrophes to come. And the animals too. It’s proven that becoming more green won’t just help the planet but you too. Carbon emissions aren’t good for your health as well. They effects our lungs, bring about new diseases and. Kill off species and exotic plants that are very useful in herbs, medicine. If global warming affects our planet, the planet will be fine after moving continents, resetting. It’s the people that are fucked. And if non-renewable sources are supposedly renewable and never ending, why not be sustainable? To build a world where animals, plants, and humans co-exist. Like we were MEANT TO DO!

  • This is for all american in the comment section who think pollution is a distant problem. Y’all are privileged. I lived in Delhi, and you can physically witness the effect pollution has had in the atmosphere. It’s saddening. Most nights you can’t see the moon in the sky.

  • When I was in fifth grade in 1975 our science books taught “Global Cooling”. The fear that the authoritarians instilled in us was that we were going into an ice age. I envisioned the glaciers coming down from Canada covering the northern half of the USA. It’s all about control. That’s all it is.

  • If you can't tell me the history of carbon levels on Earth then don't try and 'educate' me on global warming. Btw the US government has used global warming as a scare tactic many times before.

  • …dude there is a good reason no one asks you what you saw.

  • This Guy is not educated enough if there is no ozone there in no life period
    he can afford bunkers that repel radiation but 99% of the world can't. I know he gives great advice so i wont hate on an old man who was not educated in this manner

  • Bi-polar bear

  • Isn’t Dan Pena the guy who was caught smoking crack in his office before meetings?

  • Cut the Global Warming they just want to tax CO2 – Cos they can. Global warming is pure BS.
    Very Different story on polutions – Fukushima Nuclear plant is still spueing into the sea and foodchain…. Yet thats gone total radio silent swept under the table.
    Then all the plastics that are used on items that do not biodegrade for decades if ever. Ie Plastic Water Bottles.
    PS – I FN Hate paper straws!

  • One wonders what kind of financial destruction would an outspoken man like Mr. Pena suffer if he were to start speaking on the #JQ as vividly and brash as he does everything else. He has to know whether or not he is one of them in cryptoform.

  • He is wrong about everything especially oil there may be trillions of barrels but getting to it it's going to cost more than the energy that you're going to use from the oil so it's essentially useless and he doesn't want to tell you that part or he's a moron or both

  • The only thing that controls micro climates is planting trees. Deforestation affects rainfall. TONY ABBOTT direct action.

  • theres seriously only been 12 people to the north and south

  • Hole in the Ozone layer – A Biggest Scam & Propaganda by Dupont

    What is Ozone ?

    Ozone is "O3" – 3 atoms of oxygen – "triatomic allotrope of oxygen".

    Ozone layer is present at 10 to 50 kms distance from the ground level of earth,

    although its thickness varies seasonally and geographically.

    Ozone layer formation is a natural and continuous process – how ?


    The Ultra Violet rays from the Sun have different wavelengths. The strength of a wave is

    determined by its wavelength which means the lesser wavelengths are stronger waves.

    Only the UV rays having wavelength lesser than 240 nm (nanometer) have the capacity

    to break the O2 molecule in earth's atmosphere into O and O, these molecules are now

    called as Free Radicals.

    UV rays (< 240 nm) + O3 —> O2 and 'O' (Free Radical)

    These free radicals roam around in the earth atmosphere then combines with other O2 molecules

    and then form ozone O3 again.

    O + O2 = O3 (ozone)

    Now this ozone (O3) that is formed combines with UV rays from the sun having wavelength greater

    than 240 nm (nanometer) and then again breaks down to O2 and O molecules

    O3 + UV (> 240 nm) = O2 and a free radical ("O").

    As long as the Sun is there, the process of Ozone formation is going to happen.

    Half Life of a OZONE Molecule is only 30 min to max. 1 Hour which means Ozone will dissolve itself after its half life

    CFC – U.S. Patent #3258500 – Dupont


    Dupont family was holding the patent #3258500 for Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and the patent was set to

    expire in 1979. Until this time all the Air conditioner, Refrigerator companies were paying royalty for the

    patent to dupont to use the CFCs on their products.

    Dupont learnt that post the expiry of the patent, any body can use their CFC on various products without paying

    royalty. So in order to prevent that from happening, the "Duponts" with their influence manipulated

    the government and other regulatory organizations to declare CFC as a cause for their new propaganda

    "Hole in the Ozone Layer".

    Was the "Hole in Ozone layer" really a hole ?


    The ozone hole is not technically a “hole” where no ozone is present,

    but is actually a region of exceptionally depleted ozone in the stratosphere

    over the Antarctic that happens at the beginning of Southern Hemisphere spring (August–October).

    Why ozone layer is usually thin at north and south poles ?


    Due to Earth's spherical shape, the North and South poles normally receive less sun light compared to

    other parts of the Earth. Since ozone formation is dictated by how much UV rays from the Sun

    falls on O2, the North and South poles have always had a thin layer of ozone.

    Duponts took advantage of this natural phenomena and created a propaganda stating that CFCs

    were the primary reason for the depletion of Ozone AKA Hole in Ozone layer.

    How does CFC affect Ozone ?


    UV rays from the Sun breaks the bond between the two chlorine atoms, releasing free chlorine

    into the stratosphere, where it takes part in reactions that destroy ozone molecules while

    regenerating the chlorine (known as a catalytic reaction). A catalytic reaction allows a single

    chlorine atom to destroy thousands of ozone molecules.

    UV rays -> CFC –> breaks into Free Chlorine molecule –> Breaks the Ozone (O3) –> O2 molecules +

    Free Radical 'O

    The Truth about CFC and Ozone regeneration


    The part of the story that fewer people know is that while the chlorine atoms freed from CFCs do

    ultimately destroy ozone, the destruction doesn’t happen immediately. Most of the roaming chlorine

    that gets separated from CFCs actually becomes part of two chemicals that—under normal atmospheric

    conditions—are so stable that scientists consider them to be long-term reservoirs for chlorine.

    Scientists have also proved with evidence that this chlorine gets out of the reservoir every Spring

    due to increase in Temperatures from the Sun and weakening of polar Vortex.

    This means that the ozone hole (AKA depletion of Ozone) grows throughout the early spring until temperatures warm and

    the polar vortex weakens, ending the isolation of the air in the polar vortex. As air from the

    surrounding latitudes mixes into the polar region, the ozone-destroying forms of chlorine disperse.

    The ozone layer stabilizes again until the following spring.

    New Patent for HFC replacing CFC by Dupont


    Duponts with their propaganda about CFC causing hole in ozone layer had successfully manipulated

    the entire world and while their patent for CFC expired, they immediately came up with a patent for

    their new product called "Hydrofluorocarbon" (HFC)

    HFC is comparatively more expensive to manufacture than CFC so more money into the Wallets of Duponts'.

    What is more intriguing here is that when all of us were using CFCs in our households in Americas,

    Asia, Aus, Europe etc. No one ever raised a question on how the CFCs could cause a hole in the ozone layer

    only in the polar regions where hardly humans lived.

    The funniest part here is that majority of the commercial aircrafts fly between 31000 to 38000 ft

    particularly in the Stratosphere where Ozone is present and No one ever banned these commercial jets

    from flying on that zone.

    The Elites and their Corporations are running the educational system, Science and technology, Big pharmas

    and almost everything we come into contact with in our day to day lives.

  • Biggest lie!! Oil is non renewable!! LMFAO saying the realm will run out of oil is like saying your body will run out of blood!!

  • Humans, in general, make decisions due to the evolved cost/benefit analysis psychology and the more immediate (though less far less accurate overall) & more emotive response behavioural psychology (i.e. instinct). Mitigating climate change and environmental degradation in general will require a significant change to the typical (a statistical average) human behaviour (including the emotively driven psychological response) of the average human (see evolutionary psychology topics regrading "The stone age mind"). Therefore it will (is proving) be difficult for humanity (on average) to make the necessary changes to any particular civilisation in time to prevent some of the most dire consequences of ecosystem failures (i.e. “They” (an average) won’t see it coming until it’s too late to prevent the “worst case” scenario of climate change and ecosystem dysfunction).
    Thus, in order to try & best circumnavigate severe ecosystem dysfunction (e.g. to the food web) ,human populations must understand, A.S.A.P ,themselves more accurately (on average) and what drives their behaviours. Also why these behaviours have evolved to be the way they are (e.g. Emotions that fit within the Esteem dynamics like Envy, Pride, Guilt, Hate, Love etc.). Ideally these current environmental destructive behaviours can be mitigated through a democratic & cooperative route. Alternatively, over time (worst case scenario), humanities behaviours that positively correlate with causing environmental degradation will be reduced (by severe population reduction) by the ecosystem limiting factors they have caused (cause and effect). Natural laws that all species are ultimately governed by.

  • I dont believe in this climate change stuff… but nothing would please me more than to see these soulless oil tycoon rats burn. Give us all the technology that's been shelved and put a stop to all the fighting. If it means going along with it then so be it

  • He sure is from LA

  • "Sally and I are bipolar." I love that one!

  • If Global Warming is for real, then "business as usual" is over.

    As business as usual CAN'T be over, Global Warming can't

    be for real. Problem solved.

  • China has be realsing tons of ozone depleting gases for the last 5 to 8 years and the scientist tell us the ozone is getting better , check National Post for the report , its a canadian channel

  • im surprised how sharp he is…. his mind at his age still functions at speed of light,… he has to take something

  • Ignorance must truly be bliss

  • Lmao. Love hearing him speak.

  • Dan Pena has a really unusual perspective on what's going on, this is fascinating. But I feel like he's on the verge of a heart attack and stroke every time he gets animated, which is very distracting.

  • This guy is an entrepreneur not a scientist. What qualifies him to make statements on global warming?

  • Dan for Priminister in Canada
    Boy could he set Trudeau straight?❤❤❤

  • What an incredible scumbag. A bloated tick.

  • He is just a guy who doesn’t know that much, being a snowflake because global warming is a very inconvenient unpleasant fact.
    The notion that the current global warming is by natural factors is nonsense that come from ignorance, by people who are too much snowflakes to accept the very unpleasant truth. Yes it’s not nice to accept, but get a grip and deal with it.

  • Light a fire and stand near it. It gets hot. Put more firewood on and it gets hotter…if it all burns down then it gets colder. pretty simple — If 100 years ago the population was an estimated 1.5 billion and now its 7.5 billion then it would make sense that 6 billion more people now need to stay warm at night when its cold so they burn (more wood) than 100 years ago. Since most electricity uses coal in America as well as the rest of the world and we keep increasing our demand for it every year and since most of the world doesnt have access to the electricity and power of europe and america that demand will increase and grow. Thus we will burn more coal to make electricity. Yes we will also use more wind and solar and water turbines, dams etc. But also we will burn more. SO WITH ALL THIS BURNING… I'd LIKE to Know Who here thinks we're not warming things up? ________This guy looks like a lunatic and didnt answer any questions with scientific backing or provide any proof for anyone else to read. And why is he on here talking in the first place about a scientific matter? Is he a scientist? Is he just a rich guy? Why should I listen to anything he has to say for that matter? What qualifications does he have to speak on this matter? and what evidience does he have to show us? If his wife and 10 other people know something and those 10 people are scientists then where is the proof? where are the youtube videos with them explaining their findings or reports?


  • Love London real !

  • You watch how fast we have electric vehicles when fuel runs in 500 years we could of had them 200 years ago the public education system is ignorant when it comes to how the world really works

  • This guys like the vetnam war vet of business!

    "You weren't there maan! You didn't see what I saw!!! Shits Fuckin Crazy!!!!"

  • Abiotic oil. Check it out.

  • Zero scientific facts whatsoever, only anecdotal bs stories. This can't be taken seriously. He doesn't even know that we caused the ozone layer hole and how it was fixed by nasa scientists.. Yeah I know a guy from Saudi Arabia and Russians that drink vodka and they told me climate Change is bs so it's bs hurrraaaay problem solved screw all these scientists who spent all their life researching the climate… Even the stories he's telling don't hold up, it's not true. I talked to the experts… Jesus…

  • 0:50 we were at south pole 2011 at a 500 million science station drilling 7000 cores in south pole moutain top about 13,000 ft., the scientist goes through the cores and said "55,000 years ago it was 1.96C warmer than today" and "we know it was warmer and cyclical" and when we asked, they all laugh at 'global warming' saying 'its a load of shit, we've known it for years'.

    2:35 every square meter of the earth has 10-15,000x more energy from the sun that is needed, tons and tons of excess energy. 2:57 we had electric cars since 1846, 40 years before gasoline cars.

    3:15 sal and i went to north pole to get remarried, russian scientists, same questions/answers, they all laugh at 'global warming' saying 'its a load of shit, we've known it for years'.

    4:00 people will take global warming seriously only when eramco, the saudi kingdom runs out of oil. and they won't go public because they dont want to publish/disclose how much more oil they have which is an endless supply. 5:00 the saudi kingdom runs out of oil which will never happen in 150 years. 6:10 global warming is an overhyped anomaly, a big money scam.

    7:50 you know how many civilian visitors have been to both the north and south pole since the begginng of time not incl scientists/military? a grand total of 10 plus sally and i and none of us are bitching about global warming.

  • Bu***it !!!global warming is real !! Important voices of US tell you there is nothing wrong with climate co2 …..but what do you think exactly the same voices are directly involved in oil industry !this is a coincidence ?? F**k no !!! They make billions and billions !! In Germany in a town they forbidden cars that are 10y older why is that ??becouse they are stupid ??no !!we've destroyed forests rivers lakes ,we filled earth with concrete,we test bombs ……all these people that claims global warming is not true they have a direct relation with petrol

  • what does this old quak cares he is a 100 gilion years old hes gona die in 5 years it not about us or the next 50 to 100 years it s about people the come after us that is the problem with humans and why we are doomed we believe idiots like this old fuck and we let them rule us and let greed for money control us i can only see what money gets you when everything is going to burn

  • im not from us but when i really think of white privilege(im white) i think of scummy people like this bussines guys like who only look at the dolar and why is he raging the host i would have slaped him 10 times by now

  • I always new global warming and climate change was Bollacks. Look at all the missiles and bombs they have dropped they made more damage to the planet than any global warming or so called climate change.,

  • mans on coke for sure:O

  • There is now irrefutable proof that wireless technology specifically cell phone technology is directly impacting global insect populations.

    All insects and most birds rely on the earth's magnetic field for navigation.

    The 75% collapse in global insect biomass over the past two decades is the single biggest existential threat to mankind since the nuclear age.

    Apart from wireless devices (cell phone towers and cell phones and other wireless Internet broadcast devices) interfering with insect navigation there is now significant proof that insect population decline is related to the build up of electromagnetic radiation in most airborne species.

    The increase in the frequency spectrum usage and exponential growth of the wireless industry and device usage correlates directly to sudden and dramatic worldwide population decline.

    The impact of insecticides has been factored into these studies and insecticides have been found to have had a relatively linear effect on population decline. Insecticides are therefore not the root cause of population collapse.

    Insects play a critical role in the life process of the planet.

    Time to rethink the ever increasing use of wireless technology.

    Ref – just one of hundreds of research reports ignored by the wireless industry:

    "Effect of electromagnetic radiations on brooding, honey production and foraging behavior of European honeybees (Apis mellifera L.)
    Pramod Mall* and Yogesh Kumar
    Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar."

    There have been many similar research studies that cover various other insect species – but most get moved offline as fast as they are put up. Many researchers are scared to publish papers online that challenge the worldwide wireless communications industry – it's only worth $trillions! There's a lot of risk involved.

  • If global warming is real, why is Mars heating up at the same rate? SUV's? Lol.

  • I love this old man.

  • Dan Pena is Insane.. IM sure hes right about Climate change and all, but on other issues, hes insane.

  • The truth can run, but it can't hide!

  • Id be more worried about global warming if i wasnt dead from global cooling, acid rain, hole in the ozone, aids, killer bees, ebola, not eating enough bread(food pyramid).

  • "Everyone is drinking vodka". Yea… sounds very convincing! ?

  • I trust dan pena more then any scientist or schools run by the guverment , haven’t y’all learned y’all don’t trust ur old friend who lied so why u keep trusting the liars on tv schools guverment who have been proven liars time and time again? ?

  • Notice the wikipedia article trying to do damage control.

  • Humans really know that what ever they do the planet it will look after itself. It is all about power and manipulation.

  • It is so dangerous to live in denial. The funny thing is, when their billion dollar mansion is floded to the roof until then, they will maybe just maybe say "oh shit". But this ancient piece of shit's ego is so powerful, he even bitches about why journalists haven't reach him to get his opinion on global warming. How do you expect that to happen exactly mr peña, you don't know anything about proper science, have no background and education in the fields of climate and environmental studies, and you are a toxic person embodying the cliché of misogynistic billionaires who beat their wives and shout at everyone just cause "they can"..and cause everyone else who isn't as rich and powerful as him is a "snowflake" wow pathetic, he must have a bunch of deep rooted insecurities. What a prick to be around, I actually respect Brian a lot, but this negative selfish psichopathic business tycoon rat, is a threat to humanity, I wouldn't have made any single interview with such a piece of walking scum, and even though I'm a decent person and actually will never wish anything considerably bad to happen to anybody…I really hope something so drastic and dramatic happens in Mr. Peña's life that wakes him up and molds him into a compassionate human being that sees beyond his corporate myopic view of the world where the only things that "matter" are profit, profit and more profit…oh yeah and PROFIT (at all costs btw).

  • Bi-polar… Dan, that was a stroke of fckn genius ser.

  • "Sally and I did some safari" …hunting humans.

  • It has been hotter than today for 90% of earths history… sooo

  • The interviewer tried really hard to push that Global Warming BS. Dan Pena wast having it, Thank God. Love the bipolar joke. LOL ?

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