Why Filipino Food Should Be The Next Big Cuisine — Dining on a Dime

I don’t get down to the south bay as
often as i should. There’s a lot of really fantastic restaurants down here
including this place we’re going to now which is called Silog. It’s in this kind
of barren strip mall in Torrance. The chef there Lemuel is cooking some really
excellent Filipino fusion cuisine that was
inspired from his mom and his grandma from when he was growing up as a kid in
manila in the philippines. We’re headed there now and I can’t wait
to check it out -excuse me chef
-yes sir
-you doing well
-I’m good good!
-do you think I could get an order of lumpia?
-course you can, Sisig? -yep
the adobo chicken wings?
-Good choice
-And let’s do the Longganisa of tater tots Five me five minutes, that’s all it takes Tell me a little bit about your
background. Where are you from? where did you grow up
-Grew up in the
Philippines born and raised came here when I was 11 -Where did you develop your cooking
-Grandma! My Lola! My grandma my mom They all cook and I love to eat and I
like playing around with food. -Yeah are there any particular dishes
that you remember from then? You know things that you might want to
introduce in the future? Stuff that you remember eating growing up?
-the Lumpia– that’s definitely from my grandma and I
feel like, you know Filipino cuisine, we need to be on a map. You know I think
there’s some kind of movement right now so I want to help out with that. so I’m taking a lot of risks you know to
open up this restaurant but thanks to you guys, you know,
coming out here supporting us it’s going to be great!
0yeah this place
is great I really i’m really impressed if this is your sort of first restaurant
effort? Especially as a chef that’s very
impressive! so I think we should start at the
beginning I think we should start with the appetizers and i will just move
right in with these beautifully colored lumpia.
-These have as you would want in
any kind of fried snack and any kind of fried appetizers. A really satisfying
crunch on the outside and almost looks like they’ve been like sort of extra
charred or burned on the very edges And on the inside you’ve got a tender
savory ground pork meat mixture in them this sauce, sort of the sweetness and the
stickiness of it, does a really good job cutting the fried nature of the lumpia.
Fried meat and vegetables and a fried dough package can’t ever really go
wrong with that. these are the adobo chicken wings these look really really good and kind
of sticky on the outside so the wings are like nicely sort of tightly fried on
the outside and then the sauce it actually has a real unexpected sort
of a sour and sweet flavor and then you get this kind of spice of like a pepper like a cayenne pepper. these are excellent let’s move on along. Longganisa tater tots! ok so we basically got here sort of like
a take on filipino poutine as it were, so you’ve got the base of this which is the
fried tater tots and it has the gravy that goes on it along with some cheese
and then you’ve got this sort of sweet spice longer uses sausage it really ties everything together
nicely sort of all of your treatments are working on it’s really really nice and let’s move
on to the sisig. so let’s dig right into this, this is
pork pork belly I’m just going to make myself a little
bite here. get a little pork and maybe a little egg
yellow, rice. going to dig in! this pork is where it’s at! it’s like minced and then it’s it’s got
a nice satisfying crispiness on the outside in addition to being very tender
with what i find some rice especially with a lot of the heavier a lot of the
meat based dishes, is that you really do get that sourness. you get that acidity
that cuts the fat and cuts the salt of the meat very very well. And
have all the fried aspects of up of some of the dishes so on the top of the pork
belly right here. you’ve got to Chicarron which is the
pork skin. crispily fried up on top of the pork I love filipino food I think the flavors
you get from good filipino food are are things you really can’t find in other
cuisines and up until now it’s been a very unappreciated you know for a lot of people filipino
food is an unknown. it’s something they haven’t tried before
it’s something they’re not sure about and I think you know with you the things
like with the tater tots and then the sisig instead of using ears or noses or head which is
typical with the sisig you know using pork belly using the cut of meat that’s
more familiar I think it’ll warm people up I think
it’s a good stepping stone to get getting people familiar with Philippine
cuisine. I really hope you enjoyed this episode
of dining on a dime from Silog restaurant in torrance california if you’d like to watch more please click
here the way she made a lettuce tomatoes cheese sour cream catch up how soft I’m like okay that’s not a traditional
talking let’s meet you talking to catch up yeah ok Bob going to hit back

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