Why Fancy French Sandwiches Are Miami’s Best Late Night Food — The 100th Episode of Dining on a Dime

– What’s up everybody? Here we are in Miami for
another exciting episode of Dining on a Dime and we are
about to go into Publix. Just kidding, we’re not
actually gonna do that. We’re just here to pick up a cake because it is officially the 100th episode of Dining on a Dime. And we thought, what
better way to celebrate than to get a giant sheet cake. I will get in to some
more detailed thank you’s in this episode which
you are about to watch in about 10 seconds. But I just want to say
thank you to the viewers. Thanks for tuning in for a 100 episodes. I can’t believe it either. But thanks, enjoy the episode. And take it away Lucas. Hey everybody, we’re going to South Beach. South Beach is not where most people live. South Beach is sort of like
a fun, party-time playground. It the first part of Miami
Beach to be developed. Known for, among other
things, Miami Vice, Scarface, beautiful art deco buildings and also food that you can eat all night because people are
partying there all night. Not me, because I am a 100 years old so I don’t do that. But for the people who do do that, there is a place called La Sandwicherie that does fancy French
sandwiches from dawn til dusk and back again. Those sandwiches are très
bien as they say le français. So we’re gonna head over to
La Sandwicherie right now. We’re gonna try some of these sandwiches. (upbeat music) This place seems very popular. – Everybody loves this place. – Why do people love it so much? – The atmosphere is super good. The food is always fresh. We always try to be funny with the people. We open seven in the morning and we close six in the morning. People come breakfast, lunch, after party, three, four, five o’clock in the morning. – So otherwise you have
to go have fast food or something like that? – Yeah, this is, we make it fast but it is not fast food. – Do you get a lot of very
drunk people coming here? – A lot of very drunk people, yeah. Two, three o’clock in the morning, they try to give you a
hug, everybody happy. Right away, give me a shot. They know we have no alcohol. They know we don’t serve anything. They want a shot of sauce. They so drunk and they want
to drink the mustard sauce. (upbeat music) (foreign language) – Maaike.
– Maaike. Lucas. – Oh, this is the moment,
the moment of truth. Maybe I’ll try my sandwich too. We’re gonna have this experience together of having our sandwiches. – What do you have? – I have a French- – It looks good. – It does, it looks delicious. – Here we go.
– Cheers. – Cheers. (upbeat music) This looks great. We’ve got some beautiful French
salami, some brie cheese, and I already tried this
one with my new Dutch friend but I’m gonna try it again. It’s a good sandwich. They have kind of like a tangy salami, that nice soft brie. It’s really great with the croissant and with a lot of salad. This is certainly better than
anything else you can get at three in the morning. Like, this is great. I would take this over
most late night options any day of the week. We do have two more sandwiches. This one is gonna be the Napoli. And this one consists of
prosciutto and mozzarella, a lot of vegetables, classic combo. Prosciutto, I think, has
like a sweeter flavor than salami, which is
a little bit saltier. That’s really nice too. Cured meat and cheese. Similar in a lot of ways
to the other sandwich. It just happens to be a different meat and a different cheese. The last sandwich is gonna be the club. Typically you think of a club sandwich, you think ham, turkey, bacon, cheese. This is a rip on that. Again, that soft brie, cow’s milk cheese, some turkey and some delicious avocado. A very generous sandwich. Brie, I feel like you could
just spread on any sandwich and eat it and it would taste delicious. I’m gonna take a smoothie break. This is my Deco Beach, kiwi, pineapple, mango, raspberry, peach. Delicious. What’s the flavor that
comes through the most? Probably the pineapple. Good smoothie. So, what does it all mean folks? We are here at La Sandwicherie. It’s really unassuming. It’s like a humble sandwich
shop off the alley. It’s not big and flashy and yet, it’s super beloved. You can’t get something good
at four thirty in the morning. And so when you get out,
and it’s super late, you want something to eat but maybe you don’t want to eat garbage. There’s not a lot of places at that hour where you can get something where the meat, the cheeses,
the vegetables are fresh. And people come to the
place because they know it’s like legendary late night food. And I think rightly so. So, it’s been a hundred
episodes which is unbelievable. In these 13 seasons, we’ve been to Canada, we’ve been to Europe, we’re
gonna go even more places in the future. I have to say thank you
very much to everyone who’s ever worked on this show because so much more goes into it than what I do and then what you see. So I have to thank
everyone at Eater Video. I have to thank Maureen and Pat and I have to thank Amanda,
who’s the editor of Eater. I have to thank the team right now, Dan, Vesta and Fran, who are standing behind
and who you can’t see but whose work is very
apparent all the time. I wanna thank everybody at Eater LA and I want to thank James Berry who has worked on most of the
episodes of Dining on a Dime that you’ve seen and whose
put a lot of time and effort into making the show great. So thank you James. Thank you everyone whose
worked on the show. And thank you, of course, the viewer most importantly. Because if no one watched the
show, there would be no show. So thank you for watching it. Thank you for commenting,
thank you for liking, thank you for being supportive and for sitting at your
computer and watching me talk nonsense about food every week. That’s all I have to say. Thanks, thanks for everything. I really hope you enjoyed this
episode of Dining on a Dime from La Sandwicherie in
South Beach, Miami, Florida. If you’d like to watch
more, please click here.

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