Why doesn’t anyone use Bing? – InfoScientist Short

Bing really isn’t that bad of a search engine
but I can understand why no one uses it. Hello everyone, the names Giacomo. Over the
last couple of weeks, I have been asking myself “Why doesn’t anyone use Bing?”
For those of you not familiar with Bing, it’s a search engine created by Microsoft to compete
with Google. It has a nice colorful homepage that features a different image every day.
While some people do use Bing, Google has a much larger market share. But why is Google
so much bigger? Google didn’t invent the search engine but
it did perfect it. In 1999, when Google hit the market most other search engines were
not very good. However, Google came to the market and has slowly refined its search tool
to become very user friendly and powerful. Bing is a relatively new search engine, it
was launched in 2009. Before Bing, Microsoft had the MSN search engine, which worked about
as well as Internet Explorer. Bing itself isn’t a bad search engine but
I would propose that no one uses it because it has no real advantage over Google. Bing
does try and entice people into searching using their Bing Rewards. In some cases Bing
may work better than Google but the feature sets are very similar and due to the number
of searches Google has data on its algorithm, or the computer code behind the website is
more refined. Although the search results are mostly similar
between the top two search engines, Bing has some helpful search operators that Google
doesn’t. You can use Boolean operators on Bing, these don’t do anything on Google.
However, in most cases if you know how to search Google then you won’t need to use
Boolean operators Overall Bing is worth checking out. it doesn’t
offer anything that isn’t already offered by Google other than a rewards program and
some advanced search operators but if you need a change from Google or want a different
experience check it out. What is your favorite search engine? Do you
like Bing? What do you find great about Google or Bing? Leave your thoughts about these tools
in the discussion.

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