Why Do People With Schizophrenia See Things (Schizophrenia Explained)?

Today, the works of Vincent Van Gogh are highly
prized, known for their short, textured strokes and use of bright, vibrant colors. However, his personal life was a dark and
lonely one, plagued by rejection, isolation, and illness. With time, failure both real and imagined,
took its toll. On December 23, 1888, following a disagreement
with a fellow artist, Van Gogh sliced off his ear. It was the first of many breaks with reality
until his suicide on July 29, 1890. Some believe he was schizophrenic, let’s
see if the facts agree in this episode of the Infographics Show – Schizophrenia Explained. Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects intellectual,
emotional, and behavioral health. Many who have it experience difficulty forming
relationships and succeeding in school or at work. Coping with schizophrenia is hard, and suicide
is, unfortunately, not uncommon. Individuals may have psychotic episodes when
they break with reality completely and show drastic behavior or personality changes to
the shock of those around. Fortunately, the frequency of these episodes
should decrease with age. Between them symptoms may improve, or alternatively,
they may get worse. While there is a lot of variation, people
who develop signs earlier will usually have a more serious form of the condition. Some psychotic illnesses may appear soon after
birth; this is not the case with schizophrenia. In fact, many can go their whole childhood
without anyone suspecting a thing. Cases have been seen among children over the
age of 5, but it is much more likely to strike during or after adolescence. The average age that signs appear varies somewhat
by gender. Most men experience symptoms between their
later teenage years and early 20s, while a majority of women show signs in their late
20s to early 30s. It is uncommon for someone to be diagnosed
who is much younger or older than this. Many will go through a prodromal period where
the condition has begun but before it’s fully developed. This can last as little as days or as long
as years and, due to its subtlety, is hard to notice. It generally involves some struggle with friends
and academics as well as challenges with sleep, focus and mood. Many will isolate themselves or withdraw from
those around them as they experience strange thoughts and fears. Over time, the condition will grow worse. Symptoms must be serious and last long enough
for an official diagnosis. There are many different symptoms that can
be present. These are grouped by category and are either
positive, negative, or cognitive. In most instances, the positive symptoms of
hallucinations and delusions alone are sufficient to indicate schizophrenia. Positive symptoms are things that are added
to an individual’s personality and, contrary to what their name suggests, have negative
consequences. These include hallucinations, or when someone
either hears, sees, feels, tastes, or smells things that are not actually there. Although others can understand these things
are not real, the one who is hallucinating cannot. This is often accompanied by the additional
positive symptom of delusions, or unusual things that the individual is convinced are
true despite facts to the contrary. Delusions may be in part due to difficulties
with recalling, focusing on, or processing information. Disorganization is yet another positive symptom
where an individual may think, talk, and write in nonsensical or illogical ways. Slow, laborious movements or repetitive behaviors,
indecisiveness or forgetfulness, and an inability to process stimuli are also manifestations
of disorganization. The final symptom in this category is catatonia. This is when someone remains unmoving in one
position for prolonged periods of time. Negative symptoms are things that are not
added to an individual’s personality, but lost. While similar to depression, they are not
the same thing. To an outsider, someone suffering from negative
symptoms will present themselves as lacking emotion or with a limited ability to feel. Individuals will also struggle to follow through
with tasks, lose enthusiasm for life, and fail to make meaningful connections with others. It is not uncommon for people to stop taking
proper care of themselves as some point, resulting in poor personal hygiene and an overall disheveled
appearance. Finally, many will display significant issues
with their thought process and show cognitive symptoms as well. They may lack the ability to recall recent
memories, to make meaning out of information, or focus in order to get anything done. Most are unable to separate themselves from
their symptoms in a meaningful way to understand they have them, and so remain unaware that
there is a problem. This can make treatment difficult. The causes of schizophrenia remain a mystery. However, there are believed to be many contributing
factors. One of these is genetics. Without a close family member such as a parent
or sibling having the disorder, odds are less than one percent that anyone will go on to
develop it themselves. In contrast, this percentage increases to
ten percent for those who have a strong family history. An identical twin will have as high as a 50%
chance if his or her sibling is diagnosed. However, some may also develop schizophrenia
without any affected family at all, and others will remain symptom-free despite the diagnosis
of more than one relative. While there is clearly a genetic influence,
it is likely tied to more than one gene and may be expressed only under certain conditions,
making it impossible to predict based on genetics alone. There are also more than genes at play. Environmental factors, such as prenatal stressors,
contribute to schizophrenia development as well. This includes when a pregnant mother comes
down with a virus or lacks proper nutrition, especially during the first two trimesters
of her pregnancy. Impaired in-utero brain development could
be a contributor as well. Substance abuse is another possibility, as
marijuana use has been found to increase the chances of developing schizophrenia. In fact, the sooner and more often it is used
the greater the odds become. Stressors in general have been found to trigger
schizophrenia in those already predisposed to the condition. This is also supported by its timeline of
development, which is during many great changes in the adolescent to young adult stages of
life. Another cause could be abnormal circuitry
within the brain. Neurotransmitters, which allow the cells of
the brain to communicate, may not be properly regulated and thus lead to problems with message
transmission. This is believed to impact the brain’s response
to various stimuli which could in turn explain why some process loud noises or bright lights
with difficulty. This may be linked to both hallucinations
and delusions as well. Of course, some could experience the symptoms
of schizophrenia and not have the disorder at all. A stroke or tumor, for example, could be an
alternate cause that could result in a misdiagnosis. So could the abuse of an illicit substance
such as cocaine. For this reason, medical professionals often
rule out these possibilities before coming to a conclusion. Blood analysis and brain imaging will ensure
there is not another reason, either physical or chemical, to blame. If nothing is found, it will be up to a psychiatrist
or psychologist for diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, treatment can begin. Treatments are not a cure; however, they can
manage symptoms. Options for treatment include medications
such as antipsychotics. Therapy to learn coping techniques and hospitalization
for those who need it are additional options as well. In addition to these, electroconvulsive therapy
and deep brain stimulation are alternative procedures in which the brain is shocked or
stimulated to change and improve its function. Unfortunately, most with schizophrenia will
live a shorter life. This is in part due to a high incidence of
conditions developing along with it, such as diabetes or heart disease. This is also because of a tendency for those
with the disease to become suicidal and engage in self-harm. In fact, suicide is the leading cause of premature
death among the schizophrenic population. Even with this information, the question of
whether or not Vincent Van Gogh suffered from schizophrenia cannot be determined with absolute
certainty. However, an educated guess can be made by
looking at his life and the accounts of those who knew him. Evidence suggests he had problems when just
a teen and the beginning signs of the disorder. At the age of 14 he dropped out of school,
never to go back, and left his friends behind. He was dismissed from his a job at an art
dealership and, although he did work as a preacher for a time, his contract was not
extended. He tried to study theology but could not focus
long enough to succeed. Unable to keep a job or continue his education,
he relied on his brother for support. He also went back and forth between moving
in with his parents. His love life was less than a success as well
and he struggled to connect with others. He fell for his cousin who did not return
his affection and after a failed relationship with a prostitute lived with his parents once
more. Eventually he moved to the French countryside
where he hoped others would come to stay. Only one did, Paul Gauguin, who quickly wanted
to leave. Vincent took this abandonment to heart, and
hearing voices in his head, he sliced off his ear in what was likely a psychotic break. Following treatment, he admitted himself into
a psychiatric hospital where he had another episode and ate paint. After Vincent left the hospital, he began
to worry about his financial future as well as his health. On July 27, 1890 the stress was too much. He walked to a wheat field and shot himself
in the chest, dying two days later. Like many with schizophrenia have done, he
took his own life to bring himself peace. For these reasons and more, many think Vincent
displayed the traits of a schizophrenic. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Why Do People Go Crazy In Solitary Confinement?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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