Why Brexit happened — and what to do next | Alexander Betts

I am British. (Laughter) (Applause) Never before has the phrase
“I am British” elicited so much pity. (Laughter) I come from an island
where many of us like to believe there’s been a lot of continuity
over the last thousand years. We tend to have historically
imposed change on others but done much less of it ourselves. So it came as an immense shock to me when I woke up on the morning of June 24 to discover that my country
had voted to leave the European Union, my Prime Minister had resigned, and Scotland was considering a referendum that could bring to an end
the very existence of the United Kingdom. So that was an immense shock for me, and it was an immense
shock for many people, but it was also something
that, over the following several days, created a complete political meltdown in my country. There were calls for a second referendum, almost as if, following a sports match, we could ask the opposition for a replay. Everybody was blaming everybody else. People blamed the Prime Minister for calling the referendum
in the first place. They blamed the leader of the opposition
for not fighting it hard enough. The young accused the old. The educated blamed
the less well-educated. That complete meltdown was made even worse by the most tragic element of it: levels of xenophobia and racist abuse
in the streets of Britain at a level that I have never seen before in my lifetime. People are now talking about whether
my country is becoming a Little England, or, as one of my colleagues put it, whether we’re about to become
a 1950s nostalgia theme park floating in the Atlantic Ocean. (Laughter) But my question is really, should we have the degree of shock
that we’ve experienced since? Was it something
that took place overnight? Or are there deeper structural factors
that have led us to where we are today? So I want to take a step back
and ask two very basic questions. First, what does Brexit represent, not just for my country, but for all of us around the world? And second, what can we do about it? How should we all respond? So first, what does Brexit represent? Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Brexit teaches us many things
about our society and about societies around the world. It highlights in ways
that we seem embarrassingly unaware of how divided our societies are. The vote split along lines of age,
education, class and geography. Young people didn’t turn out
to vote in great numbers, but those that did wanted to remain. Older people really wanted
to leave the European Union. Geographically, it was London and Scotland
that most strongly committed to being part of the European Union, while in other parts of the country
there was very strong ambivalence. Those divisions are things we really
need to recognize and take seriously. But more profoundly,
the vote teaches us something about the nature of politics today. Contemporary politics
is no longer just about right and left. It’s no longer just about tax and spend. It’s about globalization. The fault line of contemporary politics is
between those that embrace globalization and those that fear globalization. (Applause) If we look at why
those who wanted to leave — we call them “Leavers,”
as opposed to “Remainers” — we see two factors in the opinion polls that really mattered. The first was immigration,
and the second sovereignty, and these represent a desire for people
to take back control of their own lives and the feeling that they
are unrepresented by politicians. But those ideas are ones
that signify fear and alienation. They represent a retreat
back towards nationalism and borders in ways that many of us would reject. What I want to suggest is the picture
is more complicated than that, that liberal internationalists, like myself, and I firmly
include myself in that picture, need to write ourselves
back into the picture in order to understand
how we’ve got to where we are today. When we look at the voting patterns
across the United Kingdom, we can visibly see the divisions. The blue areas show Remain and the red areas Leave. When I looked at this, what personally struck me
was the very little time in my life I’ve actually spent
in many of the red areas. I suddenly realized that,
looking at the top 50 areas in the UK that have the strongest Leave vote, I’ve spent a combined total
of four days of my life in those areas. In some of those places, I didn’t even know the names
of the voting districts. It was a real shock to me, and it suggested that people like me who think of ourselves
as inclusive, open and tolerant, perhaps don’t know
our own countries and societies nearly as well as we like to believe. (Applause) And the challenge that comes from that
is we need to find a new way to narrate globalization to those people, to recognize that for those people who
have not necessarily been to university, who haven’t necessarily
grown up with the Internet, that don’t get opportunities to travel, they may be unpersuaded
by the narrative that we find persuasive in our often liberal bubbles. (Applause) It means that we need to reach out
more broadly and understand. In the Leave vote, a minority have peddled
the politics of fear and hatred, creating lies and mistrust around, for instance,
the idea that the vote on Europe could reduce the number of refugees
and asylum-seekers coming to Europe, when the vote on leaving
had nothing to do with immigration from outside the European Union. But for a significant majority
of the Leave voters the concern was disillusionment
with the political establishment. This was a protest vote for many, a sense that nobody represented them, that they couldn’t find
a political party that spoke for them, and so they rejected
that political establishment. This replicates around Europe
and much of the liberal democratic world. We see it with the rise in popularity
of Donald Trump in the United States, with the growing nationalism
of Viktor Orbán in Hungary, with the increase in popularity
of Marine Le Pen in France. The specter of Brexit
is in all of our societies. So the question I think we need to ask
is my second question, which is how should we
collectively respond? For all of us who care about creating
liberal, open, tolerant societies, we urgently need a new vision, a vision of a more tolerant,
inclusive globalization, one that brings people with us
rather than leaving them behind. That vision of globalization is one that has to start by a recognition
of the positive benefits of globalization. The consensus amongst economists is that free trade,
the movement of capital, the movement of people across borders benefit everyone on aggregate. The consensus amongst
international relations scholars is that globalization
brings interdependence, which brings cooperation and peace. But globalization
also has redistributive effects. It creates winners and losers. To take the example of migration, we know that immigration is a net positive
for the economy as a whole under almost all circumstances. But we also have to be very aware that there are
redistributive consequences, that importantly, low-skilled immigration can lead to a reduction in wages
for the most impoverished in our societies and also put pressure on house prices. That doesn’t detract
from the fact that it’s positive, but it means more people
have to share in those benefits and recognize them. In 2002, the former Secretary-General
of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, gave a speech at Yale University, and that speech was on the topic
of inclusive globalization. That was the speech
in which he coined that term. And he said, and I paraphrase, “The glass house of globalization
has to be open to all if it is to remain secure. Bigotry and ignorance are the ugly face of exclusionary
and antagonistic globalization.” That idea of inclusive globalization
was briefly revived in 2008 in a conference on progressive governance involving many of the leaders
of European countries. But amid austerity
and the financial crisis of 2008, the concept disappeared
almost without a trace. Globalization has been taken
to support a neoliberal agenda. It’s perceived to be
part of an elite agenda rather than something that benefits all. And it needs to be reclaimed
on a far more inclusive basis than it is today. So the question is,
how can we achieve that goal? How can we balance on the one hand
addressing fear and alienation while on the other hand
refusing vehemently to give in to xenophobia and nationalism? That is the question for all of us. And I think, as a social scientist, that social science
offers some places to start. Our transformation has to be about
both ideas and about material change, and I want to give you four ideas
as a starting point. The first relates to the idea
of civic education. What stands out from Brexit is the gap between public perception
and empirical reality. It’s been suggested that we’ve moved
to a postfactual society, where evidence and truth no longer matter, and lies have equal status
to the clarity of evidence. So how can we — (Applause) How can we rebuild respect for truth
and evidence into our liberal democracies? It has to begin with education, but it has to start with the recognition
that there are huge gaps. In 2014, the pollster Ipsos MORI published a survey
on attitudes to immigration, and it showed that as numbers
of immigrants increase, so public concern
with immigration also increases, although it obviously
didn’t unpack causality, because this could equally be to do
not so much with numbers but the political
and media narrative around it. But the same survey also revealed huge public misinformation and misunderstanding
about the nature of immigration. For example, in these attitudes
in the United Kingdom, the public believed that levels of asylum were a greater proportion
of immigration than they were, but they also believed
the levels of educational migration were far lower as a proportion
of overall migration than they actually are. So we have to address this misinformation, the gap between perception and reality
on key aspects of globalization. And that can’t just be something
that’s left to our schools, although that’s important
to begin at an early age. It has to be about lifelong
civic participation and public engagement
that we all encourage as societies. The second thing
that I think is an opportunity is the idea to encourage more interaction
across diverse communities. (Applause) One of the things that stands out
for me very strikingly, looking at immigration attitudes
in the United Kingdom, is that ironically,
the regions of my country that are the most tolerant of immigrants have the highest numbers of immigrants. So for instance, London and the Southeast
have the highest numbers of immigrants, and they are also by far
the most tolerant areas. It’s those areas of the country
that have the lowest levels of immigration that actually are the most exclusionary
and intolerant towards migrants. So we need to encourage exchange programs. We need to ensure that older generations
who maybe can’t travel get access to the Internet. We need to encourage,
even on a local and national level, more movement, more participation, more interaction
with people who we don’t know and whose views we might
not necessarily agree with. The third thing that I think
is crucial, though, and this is really fundamental, is we have to ensure that everybody shares in the benefits of globalization. This illustration from the Financial Times
post-Brexit is really striking. It shows tragically that those people
who voted to leave the European Union were those who actually
benefited the most materially from trade with the European Union. But the problem is
that those people in those areas didn’t perceive themselves
to be beneficiaries. They didn’t believe that they
were actually getting access to material benefits of increased trade
and increased mobility around the world. I work on questions
predominantly to do with refugees, and one of the ideas
I spent a lot of my time preaching, mainly to developing countries
around the world, is that in order to encourage
the integration of refugees, we can’t just benefit
the refugee populations, we also have to address the concerns
of the host communities in local areas. But in looking at that, one of the policy prescriptions
is that we have to provide disproportionately better
education facilities, health facilities, access to social services in those regions of high immigration to address the concerns
of those local populations. But while we encourage that
around the developing world, we don’t take those lessons home and incorporate them in our own societies. Furthermore, if we’re going
to really take seriously the need to ensure people share
in the economic benefits, our businesses and corporations
need a model of globalization that recognizes that they, too,
have to take people with them. The fourth and final idea
I want to put forward is an idea that we need
more responsible politics. There’s very little
social science evidence that compares attitudes on globalization. But from the surveys that do exist, what we can see is there’s huge variation
across different countries and time periods in those countries for attitudes and tolerance of questions like migration
and mobility on the one hand and free trade on the other. But one hypothesis that I think emerges
from a cursory look at that data is the idea that polarized societies
are far less tolerant of globalization. It’s the societies
like Sweden in the past, like Canada today, where there is a centrist politics, where right and left work together, that we encourage supportive attitudes
towards globalization. And what we see around the world today
is a tragic polarization, a failure to have dialogue
between the extremes in politics, and a gap in terms
of that liberal center ground that can encourage communication
and a shared understanding. We might not achieve that today, but at the very least we have to call
upon our politicians and our media to drop a language of fear
and be far more tolerant of one another. (Applause) These ideas are very tentative, and that’s in part because this needs
to be an inclusive and shared project. I am still British. I am still European. I am still a global citizen. For those of us who believe that our identities
are not mutually exclusive, we have to all work together to ensure that globalization
takes everyone with us and doesn’t leave people behind. Only then will we truly reconcile
democracy and globalization. Thank you. (Applause)

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    "Globalization" as it exists today (centralized economic neoliberal "globalization") it actually supports nationalism by creating strong hierarchical orders between "centers" and "peripheries" that extend from the level of whole countries (Germany, France, United states vs. the rest of the world), to the level of cities (London vs. English periphery), to the level of individuals within a society (Bankers, politicians etc. vs. the rest of us). The strong is getting stronger, the weaker is getting weaker and the neoliberal state not only it doesn't protect the weaker, but it actually supports the strong. I live in a country where the people where literally enforced by the EU to pay the damage created by irresponsible bankers (google "Cyprus bail in"). This is why people turn to nationalism, because it seems to be the "easier" "solution" (which is NOT a solution at all). After all this is what "populism" is all about.

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    I am in favour of the four freedoms of movement, those of labor, capital, goods and services. This is what the European Union was created to support?
    I have a mathematical degree, clear thinking essential.
    I've traveled quite widely, but not as far as some. I have enjoyed my time abroad, and learning about alternative cultures from those I interact with daily.
    The best thing I learned was that there are three signs God is happy with you; when he gives you daughters, visitors or rain! We are truly blessed in this country!
    I voted for Brexit.
    I'm not in fear of globalisation, I support it. I'm not in fear of immigration, I support it.
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    Most remainers when asked, post referendum, couldnt name a single MEP when asked about the EU. You talk about democracy – which is not practiced within the european parliament, you talk about inclusivity – which is not practiced within the European parliament and you talk about globalisation yet fail to make the correlation between globalsation and elitist control. Leavers are rejecting elitism. Leavers are rejecting undemocratic parliamentry control and leavers are rejecting the european parliaments idea of what constitutes a 'shithole' in Europe. ( FYI – A shithole according to the EP is an area which they can freely overpopulate with any number of people from within the EU and international refugees. It's an area which they can butcher the heritage of in order to turn what was once considered beautiful architecture into overcrowded, rundown buildings, consequently drowning the surrounding streets in commercial trash and violent crime with very little additional contribution to the councils fund made by the additional population, leaving council tax increases for existing residents. The rise in population and crime increases insurance premiums and decreases further investment into the area. Leavers are further rejecting the outsourcing of employees when so many people are left looking for work in areas which no longer appeal to new and existing businesses, so retail property is quickly reduced in price and promptly taken over by fast food take aways and tat shops of which unfortunate, tacky shop front signage is signed off by planning officers without question – because they now "welcome new business to the area").

    This comment could go on an on.. but i'll stop and make my point. You're right, I never went to uni, I went to work, so please excuse my lack of indoctrination into your religion of "global control = fun happy lives for all". We are not left behind and are tired of being percieved as 'left behind' – especially by our "lack of education and internet". Towns who voted leave have been ABUSED, not left behind – for many, many years. There is a big difference between your perception and our reality but you're right about one thing you touched upon briefly – you are unbelievably patronising and blind beyond your liberal uni bubble.

  • No country on the planet has 'open borders' and it is in the interests of security and economic planning that this is so.
    Alexander Betts is wrong when he describes Brexiteers as racists. They are not racist, they just have a great desire to maintain their democratic rights to self determination.
    Every 10 years we have a census in this country. We have it because it allows our Government to to make economic projections for the years ahead, such as housing, social care etc. Open borders makes this almost impossible to keep a tariff on who is here and who has left.
    Open borders also causes problems with employment and housing as demand will see many of the indigenous population loosing out.

    Mr Betts, would you be happy to have strangers into your home to help themselves to the content of your fridge, to kick your children out of their beds so's that they, themselves can have them and, further more, would you be happy for these strangers to have the right to decide how your household is ran?

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  • I have been to university (twice, as I have a postgraduate qualification). I use the internet, though I didn't "grow up" with it when I was a child. I have travelled, very widely. I also speak four other languages.
    I am tolerant, I am inclusive and I am open-minded.
    I have lived and worked in both "blue" and "red" areas, as well as in the EU.
    I also want to leave the EU. This is not only because I believe in respecting the results of a democratic referendum, but also because I see the future of the UK, and of my children and of all future generations of British people, as far better, with far greater opportunities, if it lies outside the control of a corrupt, dysfunctional and profoundly undemocratic European Union.
    It's as straightforward as that. But this virtue-signalling liberal is, unfortunately, too naive too see that.
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  • How American Right-Wingers Are Driving Britain Toward a Hard Brexit

    Britain’s most ardent Brexiteers know exactly what they want, even if political constraints make it hard to achieve. Their aims are well-defined and, for all Brexit’s parochial connotations, their ambition is global. Funding networks linking libertarian think tanks in America—such as those funded by the Mercer family and the Koch brothers—to Brexit have been exposed over recent months, and the interest of President Donald Trump and his ex-strategist Steve Bannon, along with the upper echelons of Europe’s far-right, is plain to see.

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  • Two reasons for Brexit
    1. Muslim Immigrants gang raping young British girls
    2. A bloated global bureaucracy telling British people how to run THEIR country

    and this guy's response is you're just racist and/or ignorant if you support Brexit. ?

  • As an ex pat I think UK made a big mistake. Without the EU, the UK will dissolve into a remote US state. Look for the 1% – and a middle class lead into slavery.

  • Democratic referendum is not perfect but it's the highest political achievement in the known human history. It should be respected.

  • If you're reading this in 2021 To answer your questions . 1. Yes Boris Johnson really was prime Minister. 2. No he was never convicted. 3 No, David Cameron was never seen again. No, Brexit never happened. Yes Scotland eventually got independence and yes a United Ireland is still a possibility. The brexiteers where run out of office

  • I'm against Brexit but this is cloud-cuckoo-land romantic crap.

  • A du mb new wor ld order id ot mout hing off like a little Girl lost in the woods

  • New World Order The Elites. Banksters And Corrupt Politicians .. It all boils down to a few things .. Money. Power over people and Control The Governments The Banks And The Churches ……. Fact Is

    The Poor Borrow. The Rich Steal

  • Globalization is something to avoid. It will usher in dictatorship on an unprecedented level. We will be herded all in the same direction, with the same ideology and run by dictators looking after number one first, with very little concern for the hardship of the minions. And hardship we will get. The eutopian idea that everybody will benefit has been proven amply by the communistic dictatorships. It is remarkable that young people do not think about this with any degree of seriousness.

  • Hot takes from this vid:
    Globalisation = GOOD
    Independence = FEAR

  • very much thought provoking.

  • Smug people like him in our politics, civil service and media is the reason why Brexit happened. A long overdue peaceful revolution and our weapon of choice is the ballot paper.

  • Some statements are just completely wrong in this talk. Just think about every sentence he says a little bit and you will recognize some errors. For example: "Every community profits from immigration". A good way to recognize the error is by increasing the numbers in thought. What whould happen if a country lets 51% muslim immigrants in, or 51% of any other non democratic thinking? The Sharia would be introduced, as for example in Iran. And, what happens to the collective intelligence of a community if you pump in 51% people of very low to zero education? The other half would have to transfer a huge amount of their wealth to the less educated people. Depending on whether the lower educated people would be eager to increase their education or not it would decide whether after decades a normalization to a higher standard would be achieved. It's a fact on this planet that reglious communities tend to supress the education of people, probably because they know that educated people see through the lies.

    One other question was never asked by the speaker: Why should a community even take in immigrants in huge numbers and threaten their own well being? One answer is: a) because the profit of the industry will grow (selling goods, transportation, social care…), b) because studies showed that immigrants are strongly voting for left and green parties.

    The speaker is a sociological researcher and thus part of the industry that makes good profit out of immigration. His work will never end as long as there are social problems with immigration. I was not surprised that the whole talk was more of a propaganda than a neutral analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of immigration. You should always keep an eye on whether only one side of the coin is presented or both.

  • Red colour is back in communism areas

  • Very good TED ! Thank you.

  • Regions with low level of immigrants = regions with high intolerance. Same phenomenon in Germany. Just goes to show: ignorance breeds intolerance. That is BREXIT in short.

  • why he woke up from dead zombie

  • This gentleman should be our polititian. He knows what he talking about and articulates well. Because often our politicians don't even aware of the true fact and mislead general public. So does news media too.

  • We need global political party that all can join.

  • "embrace globalisation …. fear globalisation". He has flown his flag and credentials. TED is usually better than this. Crap episode.

  • Weak minded, self hating fool #betamale

  • You hate your country and want to throw away our history in one fell swoop. We want our boarders and control but you want to extinguish it all. Why do we need to take on your way on life and you don’t want ours. Pompous, silver spoon self righteous fool. We don’t have to accept your way of thinking and we will resist it.

  • Liberals are so adorable. They always think that when someone disagrees with them, it's because they didn't understand the question.

  • Globalization is driven by profit,nothing more. There is no moralistic pilot in this "plan" just corporate greed.
    This guy cares but is gargling the Coolade , cultural diversity starts with the embracing of your own culture then appreciating others. Dig the sentiment though.

  • You're still in your bubble dude.

  • I'd like to add a comment – that no one will ever read – to the already 9,500 comments…. Thank you.

  • In 50 years the UK will be Ethiopia…..

  • This man is an idealistic, globalist fool. The first mistake he makes is to assume that British people voted for Brexit thinking that it would stop mass immigration.
    No, we did not! We voted Brexit in order to be able to then tell our political leaders enough is enough!
    Stop bringing in millions of low skilled, 3rd world Muslims who refuse to integrate, and hate our way of life, or we shall replace you with politicians who will obey the electorate.
    Secondly, he claims that London and Scotland voted remain because they are more tolerant of immigrants, has he witnessed the marches in London? Scotland is a different case, as, apart from the large cities imigration has not yet had a big impact, although that is now changing rapidly.
    Thirdly, this mans personal experiences of globalisation will have been nothing but positive, the only immigrants he will come across will be high IQ people with a positive attitude towards the UK, who wish to integrate.
    Lastly, the very idea that a small island the size of the UK can continue to take people from huge 3rd world countries, simply because they have failed to make a success of their own lands is unsustainable. When do we say "sorry, we are overcrowded"?
    It is no coincidence that the UK is at the forefront of fighting globalisation, for one simple reason: we are an island, and do not have the space to accommodate unlimited population growth.

  • Ah yes, another 'Brexit happened due to misinformation and fear tactics' scapegoat. The British people are not idiots who are easily lied to, do not undermine us.

  • Asian dude with a red pen at 5:40 cracked me up.

  • EU is not synonomous with globalisation.

    The british colonists probably spoke of their colonies simply having ambivalence towards empire and fearing empire (which suggests they are wrong to fear empire).

    I'm not offended but this performance by Alexander Betts could be interpreted incredible offensive.

  • The problem with these types of people is they make assumptions then go on to make statements based on that assumption. He deludes himself into thinking he has undeniable evidence for these assumptions when he reality he only has evidence that suggests public opinion or implies maybe people are thinking XYZ.

    I have not met a single person (even in 2016) that told me they want the UK to be an anti-global country. I heard the exact opposite. They want the UK to be a global, outward-facing country that trades all overthe world (with the EU too). You are just wrong when you assume this was all about fearing globalisation. when I have spoken to leave voters that say they support globalisation but they dont support the EU. (not once throughout this does he mention EU, instead he avoids it and calls it smoething else to try to negate the reality of what the EU is and what is does).

    Never forget most of these types of educated people are dependant on the EU. they get funding, access to equipment, free trips etc. they are closely tied so much of these type of educated people have real tangigle (percieved) losses. thats why they are so incapable of being honest and instead hide behind Bullshit. because if they were honest and said "look, the EU has worked greta for me personally.. look at all this cool stuff i got to do becuase of it" he would also have to admit that most of us are not benefiting from the EU in such a direct way.

    I voted remain but I have enough respect for the refenderum and enough confidence in the courage of my country that I think we should most defiantly leave the EU. I say the same thing on the day of the result and i will say the same thing up until we leave.

    The ONLY route to staying in the EU is for us to leave the EU and then in the following decades join back in. What we have to do is leave UK-EU relations such that future politicians and elected officials can re-join if they so wish and not make it harder on the next generation to work smoothly together. In other words. Get a deal.

  • I wouldn't mind a 1950's theme park floating in the ocean, at least communities were close and trusted each other back then. life was simple but happy times back then and their was pride and security. look at Britain now, it's a multi cultural abyss knife and drug crime arena.

  • 7:35 "….for all of us who care about open liberal tolerant societies we urgently need a new vision….". Yes you said it . How about not letting in people that do not care about a liberal tolerant open society. There is a particular section of immigrants who were let in under your liberal tolerant and open vision up and down the country that do not believe in your vision of a liberal, tolerant open society, yet your liberal tolerant and open policies are letting in these very same people in vast numbers. you liberals are sabotaging your own vision and you refuse to see it. the irony is , is that leavers want a more liberal tolerant and open society as much as remainers, but they have the intellect to realise that it must be done controllably and reasonably, not the flood of uncontrolled immigration that the EU has foisted onto Britain and the rest of Europe.

  • Incredible to hear that this speaker admit that he has spent no more than 4 days of his whole life in the areas of Britain that voted to leave the EU. These are vast areas of Britain, it just goes to show that this speaker and people of his ilk live in a bubble, totally removed from the rest of the country. And we're supposed to trust his political judgement and views ?.

  • Liberal elites at it again.

  • Nationalism became a sort of racism: my country isn't as good as it was and now I am here to blame emigrants.
    British people didn't complain much when globalisation was in their favor like in the colonial era.

  • I wonder if this blokes wife was being pounded by her boyfriend when he asked her if he could do a talk at TED.

  • Pat Condell would expose this man's naivety in half a dozen sentences.

  • I've traveled. I'm educated. I'm liberally minded. My grandfather was German, I have family in Europe. I voted to leave because I didn't want to be part of a political union. I wanted more opportunity economically – globally (read and researched before I voted) – didn't listen to politicians or the media. I wanted freedom from European bureaucracy. We talk about nationalism, Europe is Insular… fact. No different from that of the US or any other major country. When will people / humans stop polarising debate? This topic isn't black and white. I break… along with many others the 'media' 'academic' algorithm.

    Agh the media rhetoric replayed in parrot-fashion. Most remainers are completely wrong in their assumptions and views about leave voters because they all validate their opinion in their biased 'academic' echo chambers and blurt it out and hector everyone in a riotous left-wing justified manner.

    The solution. Simple. Reform the media, politics and practice responsible capitalism.

  • Dreadful, pure propaganda. Aren't TED Talks supposed to be purely educational?
    If you didn't know the UK, and judged it by what this speaker is saying, you would get a very dark version of us, and a very inaccurate one too!

  • Brexit is for the strong minded people with a fighting spirit. No one fears globalisation but they do fear dictators and the greedy selfish people who created the opportunity for brexit and thought they could never fail due to us being so miseducated and dumb. We are the source of the education that is packaged and resold to the fearfull.

  • Snowflake or primrose

  • New PM in the making

  • I'm a remainer but this guy does not come across well. He more of an asset for Brexit than against it.

  • Politics has no place in a ted talk…..

  • I have to say, with all sincerity, that he’s talking absolute bollocks. He continuously talks about “globalisation”. That isn’t why 17.4 million Britons voted to leave the European Union. They voted to leave because of rampant and unrestricted immigration. They voted to leave because of unelectibilty of a Central European government. They wanted to leave because they,”as voters”, wanted a say in their future. A centralised European government didn’t do that. Indeed, the European Union leaders actively sniggered and sneered at the average voter in Britain. They are not sneering now. The speaker talks about being tolerant. He’s not.

  • Brexit isn't about globalisation, my goodness. You are quick to say that perhaps leavers aren't educated or travelled and are scared. This is an incredibly narrow minded Ted talk and I feel disappointed in it, actually. I'm neither pro-leave nor pro-remain, it's clear to me that you are pro-remain and educated, therefore are pitying those with opposing views to yourself? Thinking yourself 'liberal' because you're willing to educate the poor uneducated leavers is laughable. If you sincerely care, collect some qualitative data, speak to people, get out there and reconsider your stance on this.

  • Ted talks standards have significantly dropped

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