Who’s laughing now? | Natural History Museum

Spotted hyenas have a bad rep They’re depicted as traitors and cowards And their laughter is defined as creepy But the truth about these animals is quite the opposite Hyenas have been misrepresented for centuries
but actually they are incredible animals. People tend to think that hyenas are scavengers,
but actually they hunt for most of their food. They’re incredible pack hunters
and use different kinds of communications to help them work together to bring down their
prey. Hyenas are often known as laughing hyenas
and that’s because they make these funny noises which sound to us like hysterical human laughter, but in reality they make lots of other kinds
of noises as well. They can make whoops which are heard over
five kilometres away but also other kinds of noises like grunts
and yells and even giggles. They also have different personality traits
and are able to recognise each other and even identify members of their own family.
So overall they’re incredible animals.

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