Who is BTS?: The Seven Members of Bangtan (INTRODUCTION)

Closed captioning (CC) available in multiple languages. Correction: J-HOPE is also a producer. CORRECTION: 80+ COUNTRIES

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  • Share this video with everyone curious about BTS! From the bottom of the Kpop industry to the most popular boyband in the world, the rise of Bangtan has been an amazing journey. Click "CC" for more subtitles in 18 languages (thank you translators!). To people asking: YES YOU MAY REPOST THIS VIDEO IN OTHER LANGUAGES, just credit me pretty please.
    0:42 Kim Namjoon (RM)
    4:34 Kim Seokjin (JIN)
    7:54 Min Yoongi (SUGA)
    11:43 Jung Hoseok (J-HOPE)
    15:12 Park Jimin (JIMIN)
    19:11 Kim Taehyung (V)
    22:53 Jeon Jungkook (JUNGKOOK)
    27:07 BTS!

    – 11:43 I also meant to list J-Hope as a producer
    – 28:06 Their latest album (Love Yourself:Tear) was #1 in iTunes in 80+ countries (not 100)

    Per request, this is the list of BTS (& BTS-related) songs featured in this video.
    0:00 Rise of Bangtan / Attack on Bangtan
    0:41 / 2:04 Joke (RM)
    0:58 Throw it / 버려 (RM)
    1:48 Do You (RM)
    4:33 Untold Truth
    4:40 / 23:05 DNA
    4:54 Don't Leave Me
    7:14 Awake (JIN)
    7:27 Boy in Luv, acoustic ver.
    7:55 Agust D (AGUST D)
    8:21 Cypher 2, Triptych
    9:57 Wine / If I get drunk today (SURAN)
    10:38 The Last (AGUST D)
    11:10 Nevermind
    11:45 Baseline (J-HOPE)
    12:13 Boy Meets Evil (J-HOPE)
    14:42 Airplane, pt 1 (J-HOPE)
    15:12 Blood Sweat Tears
    15:49 Perfect Man (cover, original song by SHINHWA)
    16:47 Serendipity (JIMIN)
    17:07 Spring Day
    18:51 Let Me Know
    19:11 Singularity (V)
    20:19 / 22:21 It's Definitely You (V & JIN)
    21:42 4 O'Clock (RM & V)
    22:52 Fake Love
    23:19 Mic Drop (MAMA remix)
    23:33 / 25:51 Begin (JUNGKOOK)
    23:51 Dope
    27:07 Outro: Wings

  • This truely is an amazing video. I shared it on BTS Amino. I of course gave you the credit.

  • I was just trying to find out that blue haired cutie in boy with luv, but somehow I fell in love with the whole group after watching this.

  • We need a new updated version of this ahhh

  • I got 2 bts ads in a roll and i aint skippin any

  • 18:57 Jimin his highnotes wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • 27:49 We love you Namjoon! It was really emotional moment. I can never forgot on it

  • wow I honestly didn't know who they were til this video. I knew of them because of my coworker who is a huge BTS fan. but after watching the video and getting to know them. I admire them now, and can see why they have such a huge following. I'm a fan now 🙂 thanks for the upload.

  • Take the world, put it on a platter, and give it to these amazing fucking angels. I didn't have the intention of becoming a fan but now I am damn it.

  • Amei de mais , onde ta like mil vezes , parabéns!! Muito bem explicado. Agora amo muito mais cada um deles .

  • so many people liking bts after this video is making me happy, y'all welcome to fandom (((:

  • namjoon is daddy

  • I have a stepdaughter in Antipolo, Philippines, named Chelsie Luciano. BTS is her world. Thank you so much for making my baby happy. 🙂

  • At 7:30 what is the name of the song pls tell

  • My birthday is December 4th and so is Jim’s 😏🥳😍

  • SUGA and spice : who is BTS?
    ME: Is that even question? They are my life
    Specially the maknae line who will not agree with me they are just 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I like how everyone has their own speciality

    Suga-swag master
    Jhope-dance teacher
    V-fashion designer
    Jungkook-video editor


  • Thanks for creating this video it just helps so much to people who are new to bts or kpop in general.
    Its not perfect, but the best out there.

  • I firstly got into kpop around 2008. I was a huge fan of Super Junior, then 2NE1 and Big Bang, but later when a good part of SuJu went to serve their military time and then with Big Bang’s scandals and the disbandment of 2NE1, I ended up becoming turned off kpop for a good while. More or less at that time BTS started becoming huge here in the west, but I wasn’t feeling like following another group, so I ignored them.
    Fast forward to 3 months ago, I saw someone talking about another group that supposedly copied their Boy with Luv concept, so out of curiosity I watched both MVs and ended up really liking BWL! It’s been on repeat ever since, it cheers me up so much and it’s been helping me out a lot.
    What sucked me in was watching their dance practices. They have such good choreographies, and it’s the first kpop group I’ve seen where every member dance really well. Now I’ve been searching more about their history, and let me tell ya, even if I know them for only a couple of months, I already feel so proud of them. This video only increased my admiration, so thanks for that.

  • 16:41 I laughed so hard looking at the door🤣😂😂

  • RM ugly? Are yall fucking blind he is hot af! Hes manly handsome!

  • "Pardon?"

  • This is the video that made me army love all of them , at first I was like why the hell people like them but now I can't spend even one day without listening to their music

  • Hey, I'm isha I am watching it 6th time cause I love them and this video is best for introducing them.

  • Jungkook

  • 這是我看過最完整都介紹



  • RM the Korean emeinem

  • can someone recommend me songs? i don’t know where to start with kpop :/ i wanna get into it

  • If Jin isn’t phenomenal then I don’t know .

  • They all r best😍😍😍😍😍 they r awassom ….Iove you bts 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I Love it. From Puerto Rico to BTS. Saranje

  • Thanks to this video I can call myself an ARMY. Is been 7 months already and I regret don't find out about BTS before 😢 but they came to my life in the right time. Thank you for introducing me to the most beautiful people I ever meet before.

  • dont steal meh sugggaaaa ;(((( :< If i cant have suga then ill have ur

    NICE FACE jk

  • Suga made me cry

  • Everyone in the comment srction is talking about them never listen to bts song and here I am knowing everything about bts already listened to all of them songs watching to the intoductin of bts lol

    If youre an army eatching this even though you already know everything about bts but still watching this
    | Make this blue joke

  • All of them are my bias

  • I'm a tad late to the BTS hype, so this video was so helpful to the less informed. Honestly, i wanted to know more about BTS (if only learning their names) but didn't know where to begin. Their talent, whether it be rapping, singing, dancing, is absolutely incredible, and the members are amazing.

  • "Eat Jin"
    Me:wait so do we eat Jin or we eat what he cooks????

  • Love them 🤟💜❤💜💜💜

  • Gosh! I am such a fan now. Philippines 🇵🇭 BTS!!

  • This is what happens when you really work hard and go after your dreams

  • Check out my reaction on bts 😱

  • Hardcore army here..still watching it

  • I’m so mad. Damn it Jimin is so lovely and I hope that he can see that.

  • 22:22 song???

  • Please help! My sisters really hate them and they always judge me and bully me because i support them..I tried so hard for my family to stop hating them :(.. ive already decided to run away from home because before i met bts.. my life was just full of depressions.. but after meeting bts, i never have felt these happiness before 🙂 My life became colorful💜 I started having friends, meeting nice armies 🙂 it was awesome until.. my useless family had to spoil it…i dont know what should i do.. all the depresion is coming back…If theres any army who can help me, please do because i think i cant take it anymore…

  • I can't handle my eyes :'(

  • I have a question for the Koreans please answer it to know. How big is bighit now compared to the big entertainment companies


  • I finally decided that suga is my bias.

    Might change in days but idc

  • I love how the opening was bangtan being crackedhead because being crackedhead are bangtan and army culture from the start. Its a MUST in our family 😎

  • Hi guys.. can I know which song from bts is it in the intro???? Pleaseeeeeee.. l I love it… including the video.. great content.. now I know a lot about bts…
    Love from india….

  • this is a very well made video BUT as every introductory video, Taehyung aka "V" in my opinion is always the one less described as a whole, i mean he has a sweet and innocent side but he is also very unique and talented. he has been through a lot since their debut, he is the one that was less notice at the beggining (even Bang PD didnt remember his name at first), always considered a "weirdo", but he has so many layers that i think no introduction could present him as he deserve, or make him justice

  • I honestly never heard of, nor listened to K-pop before! PSY debut his hit and I liked it. Then I heard BTS! They're very good! I've listened to all their songs and watched their videos! They deserved every awards they've been given! No wonder they're internationally famous and well-loved by their fans! They're beyond K-pop and any other symbols or titles they're given! Haters are going to hate! But they're just jealous. Enough said. BTS are very hard-working, talented group of unique singers/performers! Never stop doing what you love and what you're good at! Keep fighting!

  • v;s voice????????????????????????/

  • Pls make update who is bts….. new vids

  • 17:30
    Guys I’m like ab to cryyyyy 🥺😖😭

  • As a new BTS fan, I'm grateful for this video lmao

  • What were the songs at 0.05 and 0.22???

  • So sweet

  • my heart melts for these boys 💗

  • Seriously this is THE BEST introduction to BTS I have ever seen. Accurate and so touching! Thank you very much fellow ARMY. Much love🙏❤

  • The amount of times i have seen this video…. blows my mind.

  • BTS= Beauty Yes

  • Whenever I see people who know nothing about quacking stuff like they aren't talented or that ARMYS are fake, I laugh on the inside.
    They honestly have no clue do they?

  • BTS they are kings

  • Who’s looking for non armies😂😂😂

  • My heart is OMG 😂

  • I reacted to this video on my channel and it has been the best thing I have ever done 🔥 this group is amazing indeed
    Check out my reaction on my channel ☝️

  • me being a Month old BTS fan gets me so loosing my sleep just to learn more things about them, it's unhealthy though but i want more!!!😍😍😍😅
    If I could understand and speak korean, i wanna go korea to work and sneak on them(the BTS)!!😍😂😅😎

  • Sugam aşkım neler çekmışsin be sugayı izlerken ağladım hala ağlıyom seni çok seviyorum suga ❤

  • Jin is also a visual

  • I love BTS ♥️ forever ❤️

  • I'm getting "One direction" Vibes.

  • 0:56 Miley Cyrus approved

  • You know that theres a hidden 8th member of bts

  • guys I just wanted to say this..please stop mentioning bts in non bts videos or even greeting armys if you see one…people out their think ours is a really toxic fandom..let's prove we are not. FIGHTING

  • I’m a little confused cuz RM is kinda like EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL

  • Thank you for this video it has been exactly a year since the first time i watched it : this day I fell in love with them and their personnalities 💜💜💜

  • This is where the journey started. YouTube recommended this video repeatedly to me 5 months ago and now I’m down the rabbit hole. And I love it! Thanks for making this video 💜

  • Well, what's wrong with RM? He's a monster with a mic! Feat with Krizz Kaliko? Salut!!

  • I relate to Suga on a spiritual level

  • i guess i have to stan now

  • I know them more than i know myself yet im still watching this

  • Thank you for making this video, recently I'm getting obsessed to BTS and in this time,i found this video,i mean i want to know keenly about bts guys,now i got to know about the guys. I really love bts all the seven guys and their travel to what they are today.i wish i find some good friends like these guys for lifetime

  • My sister is next to me and she's says she hates bts. Comment what I should do 😭

  • 5:30 and the man who have pink mic in Riyadh concert 😭💗💗

  • They mean the world to me.

  • What you said Ugly

  • RM SEXYYYYYY just like the rest of them people are crazy I’ve just learned about them this year and I’ve been hooked just asked my brother to take me to Korea when he goes

  • 25:12 ❤❤❤❤

  • They're all cinnamon rolls

  • What's the last song tho

  • They are angels sent down from heaven to remind us and give us lessons in life about our humanity. They are real as can be, experiencing the hardships in life like everyone does.

  • And to think some people said J-hope had no talent🤨🤨🤨

  • Seriously RM was my first crush. 😅maybe I am too young to say that but when I grow up I want a man like that who is handsome, talented and so intelligent though now I love all of them but he was the one I loved the most from beginning. Btw this is the longest comment I have written in my life. 😁

  • I love all of them but it's true that V is the reason to caught my eyes on BTS. Love from 🇧🇩

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