Who are the Minnesota House High School Pages?

The week-long Minnesota House of
Representatives High School Page Program draws Minnesota students
from across the state. My name is Angie Thomas, I’m 17 years old
and I’m from Hastings High School. I’m Bailey Cox, I’m 16 years old and I go to DeLaSalle High School in Minneapolis. I’m Aurora Vautrin, I’m 16 and
I go to Duluth Denfeld. In this “Guide to the Minnesota House
High School Page Program” we take a look at who the students
are that are selected to be part of this unforgettable experience. Pages are selected in the fall each
year based on a formal process which includes their application,
a personal essay and an optional school faculty
recommendation letter. We try and do our best to choose one student from every district and then, um, once we’ve done that and we still
have room in the program, then we start going through the other applications and we don’t worry quite so much about
district choice after that point just more on based on the quality of application. To
help make the program affordable to all students, each page receives a stipend
which goes toward the cost of food and hotel stay at the
Kelly Inn, a hotel near the Capitol that is
recommended to pages from out of town. The whole point of
the stipend is to make sure that cost is not a barrier for any student no
matter where they’re coming from, you know they’re coming from a long ways
away and you know they need lodging that it shouldn’t be a barrier for them
and that’s exactly why it’s put in place I think the
program’s been successful because of that. Pages must be Minnesota high school
students in their junior year, they can come from public or private
schools or be home schooled. The diversity at the participants helps
to broaden the page’s perspective on different issues. I kinda like
establish like a circle of friends and we all are kind of like pretty similar
and we have a lot of the same views and opinions on stuff and it’s always cool
to like hang out with people who totally like
disagreed with me and a lot of stuff. Although being in a new setting with new people can be enlightening, at the same time
it can be frightening that’s why page program organizers
tried to make pages feel comfortable. On the first day we
have an ice-breaker during orientation.
We do two truths and a lie so rather than just introducing your
name and what school you go to its kind of a fun ice-breaker to see how what
people are interested in. Page Aurora Vautrin was glad she
didn’t let nerves prevent her from taking part in the page program. I almost
actually didn’t come, I, like, towards the end the last week I was
just like do I really want to do this um but I know a lot of people have done it
and they said it was just amazing and of so just, just do it.
If you are a junior in high school, or know a high school junior
with an interest in politics, this program may be worth looking into,
or as Vautrin puts it, just show up and it will be awesome!

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