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Is my mom here? It’s just us. You and us. Who were you in the park with? I don’t know names. I just got lost. -Where did you see the lady?
-What lady? The female jogger
was severely beaten and raped. Every black male who was in the park
last night is a suspect. I need all of them. What’s going on with my son? Your son was involved in a rape
in Central Park. -No. No, that’s not possible.
-No. Wait a minute. Wait a second… -They saw you rape the lady.
-I didn’t see a lady or hit anyone. I didn’t see any lady. -Kevin–
-I didn’t see any lady. I wanna see my son right now.
Right now. -Whatever they said I did, I didn’t.
-I know. Nothing these boys state
matches the central facts of the crime. All we need is for one
to tie this whole thing together. These tapes are not as clean
as the state would have you believe. There is injustice happening here. There is not one shred of evidence… Imagine the frenzy of these teenagers,
ripping off her clothes. -They are innocent of these crimes.
-They are guilty. …to the count of assault,
and to the count of rioting and to the count of attempted murder… -Why are they doing us like this?
-What other way they ever do us? I’ve been having these dreams.
I keep hearing these footsteps. And they’re coming closer and closer. That’s me, coming to bring you home. They said if I went along with it, that I could go home,
and that’s all I wanted. The police will do anything. Lie on us. They will lock us up.
They will kill us. This is my life. I don’t think we should admit
to something that we didn’t do. Okay. We keep fighting.

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  • Our Heavenly Father told us of the Fallen angels he called them false gods

  • Yay more racialized propaganda to be lapped up by low information leftists.

  • This is so heartbroken. I cant stop crying

  • Sad for the kids, angry at the cops and prosecutors. But to throw Trump in this movie and call him the devil. When will these liberals stop ?

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • America case is really disturbing. I’m not kidding . What the hell wrong with this country .

  • Entertaining documentary…but very manipulative and biased…almost laughable…the kid actors? Well, not their fault, but it's funny how people, who defend the ACTUAL kids who were on trial as suspects, accuse the police as coercing their guilt, which I disagree with; yet these actors were definitely coerced and directed in to portraying themselves as boy scouts from Sesame Street residing in Mister Rogers neighborhood.


  • too many devil think they are justice

  • Watched all episodes and it pissed me off when they interrogated the kids

  • Yea it really does suck when you get accused of something you didn't do

  • I have a 15 year old son…I've never cried so hard in my life….If I were to see Antron Mcray or Korey Wise on the street today I'd probably break down ?

  • Trump is a rassist, he hate black people,

  • Honestly these people don’t even realize that through framing these boys for this crime they allowed the actual rapist to become a hero. Imagine that they are now responsible for traumatizing even further the woman they claimed to be seeking justice for.????????

  • Felicita didnt really have to act in the series ??

  • Whats the name of the song ?

  • "Is my mom here, nope its just us, you and us."… my heart is shattered.

  • Google Murder on A Sunday Morning, Englewood 4, Dixmoor 5, Jeffrey Mark Deskovic, Ford Heights Four, The Career Girls Murders, George Whitmore, Jr, Harlem Six, Trenton Six, Brown v. Mississippi

    and Norfolk 4 same story bias, criminal, unethical, lazy, corrupt and incompetent police, prosecutor, judge.

  • The fact that Korey was locked up when he just went to support his friend. Bless his beloved heart.

  • Exactly. I am a prison psychologist and I've read so many police reports and sentencing documents that DO NOT ADD UP, but yet there is a conviction. I'm not a conspiracy theorist and I know that many people I treat have done a version of the crime they've been convicted of, but there are hundreds, thousands on my caseload, mostly black and poor, that are either sentenced far too harshly for the crimes they've committed v. their white counterparts OR the facts stated on which they were convicted of do not follow a logical conclusion of "guilty" and they are unjustly incarcerated. It's devastating on so many levels. This is why I'm considering going back to school to study the law and criminal justice reform. I can't do this work much longer knowing I can't right the wrongs of the justice system, which is forever broken

  • A humanidade infelizmente esta "virada", sem amor ao próximo, jamais o Trump deveria ganhar as eleições pela participação dele no caso dess s jovens, condenando pessoas inocentes, igual ao caso do Brasil eleger um cidadão que incita o ódio para com o próximo.

  • Just watched this, only 4 episodes but so powerful.
    Such a shame that these boys were caught up in a injustice system and failed them.

  • I was in high school in NYC when this happened. Did not believe it when it happened and I have no interest in seeing this film. Every young black man in NYC at the time was placed on notice that he can be the next accused person. The whole thing was sick back when it happened and it’s sick now. Glad the truth came out and the young men are out of the prison through I’m sure their lives have been ruined from the trauma of prison, trial, etc. This was evil in its purest form and there is no amount of money that will repair the damage that was done to these young men.

  • And motherfucker that wanted them in the electric chair is now our President

  • This is so sad

  • When the cops treated the children like that, I was dislocated even if it was only played

  • jesus how overrated this shit is…SOO MUCH DRAMA….how those black motherfuckers are brave?
    they pussied out like little bitches they are they started rating one another (well its easier when you dont know each other) and that kid Corrie the Goat got few hits to his ugly black face and confessed to shit he DIDN'T DO. Didn't they teach ,in Africa, that YOU DONT EVER CONFESS…
    I grew up in Lithuania in the 90s i saw this real (ye 'detectives' work like that but not as dumb as in this peace of shit movie) i've got beaten worse and i stuck to my shit no matter the pressure. you stupid motherfuckers..i only saw 1 episode it got me enraged and i know where it goes. Boo hoo all day long..fuck you brainwash your stupid people whoever wrote this crap

  • Just a reminder never to hang out with black people in a park in NYC ! Good thing I only hung out with white kids and a couple of Asians in the rich suburbs ! WHEW!

  • I hate racist people, I hate how society discriminates due to race

  • i am watching this from 6000 km far away germany and im getting as angry as you

  • Linda Fairstein should go in prison for real….

  • Looks like great movie. Sad story.

  • Just watched the 1st episode and i want to fuck this ugly officer bitch… My god.. Police sucks

  • How and why you people n the States voted for Trump?

  • I was so heart broken when i watched this series,i cried ?
    I really felt so hurt for the false accusations of the 5 guys,and all the pain they went through?
    Korey’s part hurt ? me most,he had a problem in speaking,was really mistreated in prison…
    I really cried,when i saw how the officer,Roberts was so good to him
    $41 million dollars cannot repay what these guys went through,how they spent their entire childhood in prison
    I love you guys,you stood your ground?,faith and hope took you far,we thank God
    Thanks Netflix,this was awesome

  • Innocent child being brutalized by adults! The series is hard to watch but there story had to be told! This scene was sad ?

  • The episode with Korey had me in tears…

  • Can't stop thinking about this.Absolutely Atrocious.Who wanted to kick Donald Trump in the face in 1989??!!Sickens me poor boys:(poor families.and if they were rich boys not from Harlem??!!

  • As a white person, this is absolutely terrible it made me break down in tears, I NEED to watch this, this is…..Terrible to hear a person accuse a person of their race.

  • You will never see better performances on television. Every cast member was perfect, from the youths to the parents

  • I also thought that watching a movie could never let me cry but the way they treated Corey really let me cry and what makes matter worse is knowing that it was actually a true story.

  • This is the next mind-blowing thing✌??

  • this made me cry..

  • America in a nutshell

  • This makes me cry

  • Me before seeing When They See Us: Who are these kids

    After Watching When They See Us: Put these fucking detectives in jail for 5 or 16 years

  • The final episode got me

  • As a black person no just as a person in general this show is so hard to watch it has a very very important message but I found myself watching the first episode and then having to turn it off because of how angry I was getting and then when I start to watch some more screaming at the screen

  • Aaaah, more black victim hood and propaganda, thank god im not from USA, this is pure cancer.

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