When a Writer’s Search History Looks Suspicious

I wonder what’s a pretty good way to tastefully
kill of this character. How can my character infiltrate a compound? How to create poison darts. My character’s fighting demons. How to perform exorcism. How can my character get answers out of somebody? Best method of torture. If my character wants to get away with murder,
where can he dump the body? My character needs some leverage. How to kidnap the president of a small country. So there you have it: when a writer’s search
history looks suspicious. FBI. Uh, Ms. Zikra, you have some very questionable
search history. Like what? How to murder somebody? Best rivers for dumping bodies. Good garlic bread recipes. How to make non-lethal poison. How to male lethal poison. Where to buy aquariums for turtles. How to kidnap the president of a small country. LOL the FBI can’t find me. You’re going to have to come with us. But but but… No, I don’t want to heat it! That’s for… No, you’re going to have to come with us for
some questioning! But… Just had to commit a crime! I killed somebody! The ambulance is coming! The cops are coming! They’re coming for me!

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