What’s your favorite summer fruit? [SUB : ENG/2019.08.04]

What’s our first preference matching? Fruits. (I see) (Everyone, stop shopping now) (Shopping time is over) Pick your favorite fruit. Among bananas, apples, oranges, and watermelons. Joose one from bananas, apples, oranges, and watermelons. (If you’ve decided, head to the tasting booths) (I see) Let’s go. I like all of these fruits. (What should I pick?) I like them all. (Men’s chat, women’s chat) – Oranges seem to be popular. / – Right? – Apples and oranges. / – Because they’re refreshing. I doubt anyone is going to pick apples. – No. / – They smell good. Come here. Come for some watermelon. (Can’t Last 100 Days is the first to arrive) Have some watermelon. Can’t Last 100 Days, we have watermelons here. He’s going for the bananas. Banana! (Is he going to choose bananas?) – Banana! / – I’m allergic to those. Can’t Last 100 Days. Oranges are the best. (Oranges are the best) Welcome. Team Orange! Oranges. (I bet many of them chose oranges) (Who’s the second guy to arrive?) – It’s Mongryong. / – He’s so manly. I know you’re just trying to be funny, but in the end… – You’ll choose watermelons. / – Bananas! (He goes straight for bananas) – Bananas? / – Come here. Sit here. Just sit down and relax. It’s Sausage Stirfry. You have good skin. I bet that’s because you eat lots of watermelons. Bananas and oranges? (Bananas or oranges?) Oranges. (Sausage Stirfry chooses oranges) You’re just trying to get the girls. Guys love oranges. We have two guys here. (Currently, there are two men for oranges) Ratitouille. – It’s Ratatouille. / – Ratatouille. What? (He chooses apples without hesitation) (Ratatouille chooses apples) Bananas? – This is nonsense. / – Bananas! See? Nobody likes bananas. I’ll go for the oranges. What? Oranges! My booth is full. There are too many guys for oranges. (What about the ladies?) Watermelons, what’s wrong? – What? / – What happened? I bet all the girls are going to come for watermelons. (Do ladies love watermelons?) (No way) (There must be someone who likes apples, right?) Here comes a lady. (She steals all the guys’ attention) (Here comes a lady) (Looking around) (What kind of fruit does she like?) – Watermelons? / – Apples? Come for apples. (Care for some apples?) Come for oranges. (Passes by without even looking) – Care for some bananas? / – Oranges are good. You can never go too long without oranges. (Walks right by) (That’s too bad) Will she choose bananas? Come and have some oranges. (Will Penguin go straight for bananas?) – Bananas? / – Come and have some oranges. (Mongryong’s heart is beating fast) (Turning around) (Sorry) (Is this a good sign for me?) Welcome! Watermelons. (She chooses watermelons) I told you, ladies love watermelons. Welcome, Penguin. (What?) (I feel like I’ve lost to watermelons) (And then there’s me, alone in the banana section) (Someone will come, right?) Here comes the second lady. I’m sure ladies love watermelons. (Walks past the watermelons and apples) Will she choose oranges? She walked right by the apples. Oranges. (The Three Orange Boys are excited) Come this way. (Hold on) (Let me just wipe my tears away) Bananas are always good for you. (What will she choose?) Bananas? (She seems…) (To be looking at bananas) Please. (Please step aside) Please? (She left, just like the cameras) (She left again to find her fruit) She’s going for oranges. (Oranges? Apples? Watermelons?) (The Orange Boys are getting excited again) (But she passes by again) (She walks right by oranges…) (And apples) No way. Are they all going for watermelons? Watermelons! You idiots, ladies love watermelons. Really? (Feeling hopeless) A lot of guys like oranges. My gosh. (The Orange Boys look quite sad) I thought ladies love oranges. Right. (I’m sure there at least will be one lady) (Ms. Cherry Blossom is coming) It’s Ms. Cherry Blossom. (She passes right by the apples) Come for bananas. You like bananas, don’t you? Come for some yellow bananas. (Why is she laughing?) Heechul is a scam. – Oranges? / – Oranges? – Oranges? / – Oranges? (Do the Orange Boys have hope?) (They’re looking at where she’s going) (You’re not pretending to come here, right?) Are you choosing oranges? Yes. (I like oranges) (Ms. Cherry Blossom chooses oranges) One lady is here. No way. Hold on. Nobody for bananas? We need a chair for her. Anyone? (Everyone is ready to give up their seats for her) – Sit here. / – You can sit in my chair. I was the last one to get here anyway. (It’s like a 3-to-1 dating competition) He’s giving you his seat. (I could’ve given mine) (Glaring) This looks like a weird blind date. (There’s so much tension for competition now) (This isn’t going to be easy) (Lucky her) (On the other hand) (Sitting alone at the end) (His beard grew) Bananas! Come for bananas. (Looking around) Apples? (Everyone just passes by the apples) – She’s the last one. / – No way. Are you going for the watermelons? Last one! All the ladies are choosing watermelons. Watermelons? Welcome! – This is a popular choice. / – There are no seats here. Are you going for the watermelons? My goodness. Everyone is going for the watermelons. I told you they’ll all go for watermelons. (What an unfortunate result) You have to let it go this round. Hold on. Bananas? I was torn between watermelons and bananas, but chose this instead. – Right. / – Because I eat bananas every day. Maybe it’s because it’s summer. (This is a really sad ending) Why doesn’t anyone like bananas? (Cry) (They’ve all chosen their favorite fruits now) – Watermelons! / – Hello. (Four ladies for watermelons) What a relief we got a whole watermelon. Come sit. Sit around. You can just peel the apple. Are you good at peeling apples? You don’t know how to peel apples? I’ll do my best. (Total 3 men and 1 lady chose oranges) If you mix oranges with Sprite, it tastes like orange-ade. You can make a smoothie. I’ll take the smoothie then.

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