Whatever Meghan Markle Does, She’s DAMNED! Let’s Not Repeat History

Whatever Meghan Markle Does, She’s Damned! Let’s Not Repeat History Last month I nominated Megan Duchess of Sussex As a hate figure for the nation in 2019 The person we all need To get us through a difficult time Like your cousin’s girlfriend who waxes her eyebrows and yammer’s on about yoga with the start of a fraud Christmas As I’ve explained about a million times on Twitter I was joking I do not hate Megan Or even consider her vaguely hate I could no more despise the woman then I could flip through the pages of a magazine I’m take against assault And pepper male model with a watch on She wasn’t the point The point was that Society quest ceaselessly for an enemy And if you’re going to have one at least let it be one who probably won’t care This was right in an Ambien Premonitory way But I was wrong to think it’s Was funny The poor woman is being vilified round-the-clock This week for having the audacity To have a baby shower with her friends in New York It has gone beyond the point of mattering what her personality is like we’re anyone in any position to know She would have to be so thoroughly bad to Warrant this level of screwed So devoid of human feeling So malicious and every intention Set the media is Daley Center wouldn’t be enough We have to pay for yellow and black like a V She can’t leave the house Pregnant Without being accused of flaunting her bum She can’t walk into a room without wild speculation About whether or not she breached The protocol By people who have no idea what royal Protocols are If a friend comes to her defense And asked people to stop pounding her Then who does she think she is having a friend like that Okay So maybe it is George Clooney Someone got to be his friend He might be perfectly nice If she smiles for the cameras then she’s luxuriating in the attention She’s being victimized You say George You with your fancy hair and your coffee have Then why is she smiling Riddle me that If she goes to New York She’s pointedly without Prince Harry But if she had taken Prince Harry Then you can guarantee that she would have been dragging her husband away from his duties To partake of her frivolity And what kind of bracelet might she raised with priorities like that If she has a baby shower Some journalists Who was most likely trying to dig into the Affairs of the mighty and Powerful Set those investigative skills to pricing her gift then translating dollars into pound We’re asking the big question Who spends $379 290 lb On a crib For their friends baby Emphasize You baby shower That’s so America But isn’t Dog No she’s English now until she gives any sign But she considers herself English Whereupon she will be American again Randomized disapproval has rendered our state If she does anything remotely normal Cheapest merch is the Majesty of her office If she looks at all Grande She’s got ideas above her station The Norms of the lowest grade in Dallas No Thai place Woman keep your eyes down Have permeated the rubra Respectable news outlets find themselves wondering What the devil she thinks She’s doing meeting her friends in an upscale Hotel People who in normal life Are intensely relaxed about wealth inequality are suddenly extra About the fact That is celebrity married a prince and now miracle Has an expensive handbag We did this before Remember Lost all sense of proportion around princess leader Deficiencies And ended up chatting one into a pillar This is not a mistake any Nation should make What do you think Share your thoughts and In the comment box And don’t forget Subscribe to get in Instant news Tormenting Meghan Markle has become a national sport In the. When the acquisition of the former Meghan Markle was depicted as a little short of a national Triumph Much was written in the British press about her various accomplishments These are after all Roughly is common in Royals Bowser Successful independent careers Megan The actress in Blogger and charity worker Is also getting merged Skilled Allegra I’ve always had a propensity for getting the cursive down pretty well She wants told an Esquire Journal Who described her writing as incredible What evolved into was my pseudo waitressing job when I was auditioning Now the tormenting The Duchess of Sussex has become a national sport Limited only by the supply of new material This same incredible handwriting is proving a treasure trove For character assassination Last week after her father released sections of a private letter she has written Alleged handwriting Experts confirmed What the Megan pursued is making increasingly clear harassment by the Press Is not over in the post Levis and Europe Justice And not merely because the results are disseminated instantly Without ads Conspiracy On social media More Vigilant over physical privacy still leaves room for a truce But I’m disprovable Speculation Greater avoidance of labels does not restrict dehumanizing commentary Volunteered Of course From the perspective of strictly caring emotional literacy Body language experts will claim Princeton Thr mental state from Megan’s deployment of her bum Send Steve so code of conduct prescribing Irishman Doesn’t cover any distress caused by amateur in Dallas Maybe former phone hackers and laid off in drum major Could you have to find employment is hired gaslighters of one sort or another For the Daily Mirror Ruth Myers The handwriting expert In a protractedly unflattering analysis With the letter exposed Megan is emotionally in Insecure and self-pitying All so easily provoked to anger It was further possible for this color to deduce From handwriting alone An inability to forgive Something arguably contradict Did by the letters exist In the same document Amazon Another expert Discovered evidence of the showman of the Narcissus Tracy Trussell detected vulnerability It’s impossible for her to forget people who have meant So much to her in her life If haven’t got Beyond her conscious Professional calligraphy These experts could not agree on which fast Out of so many Of the duchess’s character are most concerning well perhaps that only confirms To the trolls congregating on Twitter That fellow maganza Piers Morgan is correct Cecile following his death re Ending by her Generally suspicious and cynical about Ms Markle Morgan is sympathetic Instead to the emotionally abusive man who With the unstinting support of the British press Has committed to destroying Megan’s pleasuring her wedding Her pregnancy and by the sound of it Her forthcoming motherhood Purple father If superficial Liana light The two older men appear to share an incredulous resentment That a young woman might Out of self-preservation Disregard them No matter how many times they misrepresented admonish The latest example of Morgan’s retribution was among several press retorts prompted by an intervention by George Clooney Who warned She is being pursued and hunted in the same way that Diana was And it’s history repeating itself By way of correcting him A number of royalty authorities seize this opportunity to attack Mega For the completely new personality defect of being implicitly compared with Diana By someone who is probably not The proper friend anyway Arthur Edward Who photographed the teenage Diana in a transparent skirt The sun came out and revealed those beautiful legs I told Megan to lighten up You’re not the new Princess Diana In the times Clooney’s comment was dismissed as other fantasy If not exactly fantasy Clooney’s version of Diana’s birth The queue Shinzo Admittedly Leave lots out Lost / is the lake princesses well-documented happen With the collusion of chosen journalist Invading our own privacy Her later refusal to use Royal protection office When secrecy mattered to her Diana did take holidays Or have long relationship Undocumented in the Press Moreover Prior to her first Initially denied Experiment in shared psychodrama Authored with Andrew Morton In which detail Prince Charles is infidelity with Camilla parker-bowles The young Diana remains To her husband’s annoying A cherished National Pet So if anything Clooney surely does not go far enough Within months of her marriage With zero contribution Turn from their victim Sections of the UK press identified Megan or someone Avene virtually anything malicious Mike He said regardless of accuracy Public interest and its potential impact on her health Neither were dancing pregnancy nor one attempted correction has brought any respite Whatever privacy concessions Meghan Markle was willing However inexplicably To make an exchange for Royal privileges She could not Reasonably Anticipated Sustained personal attack From which the sole justification is Ludacris Did they originate in the man who should ideally be rewarded with a restraining order What any of this It is increasingly ask Given the Indulgence extended to most Royal hangers-on Have happened if Megan were not Can use her charm Biracial Plainly This affluent couple have choices and an X Set from Royal life could liberate them At once From vindictive relations and their press Facilitators To say nothing of their current Destiny is Lifetime special Plus we’d finally find out If anything would make the markle’s happy That might be less promising However for the reputations of the very newsgroups Seconds after identifying Megan has breath of fresh air Decided she was also a hard and manipulative Cruel to her poor stalker of a daddy With a way of being pregnant That really pisses off Newsroom executive And leave aside plunging trust levels and journalism deepening funding crisis Will Noah What do you think Share your thoughts In the 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  • She can be that hated if she has 4 million people on Instagram that followed her within two weeks. People that spies are because it can be Megan or jealous of her. Jealousy gets people nowhere. Meghan is smart intelligent Beauty does charities and above all that is loved by her husband Prince Harry. You can't say that about any other Royal. You can't say that about any other Royal husbands because they all cheated on their wives Staten of Prince Charles who killed his wife along with the paparazzi I Will Be Loved Diana. Who Prince Harry takes after the love of others and he found someone who share that love with other people The Duchess cuz they charity is unbelievable and remarkable.

  • The nobody's are jealous of meghan and harry, let them eat cake

  • The fact was she stopped Harry from going to fox hunting with his family during Christmas which he has been all his life…..why would she stopped him from doing something he enjoys. He likes to drinks alcohol and so does she, but when she is pregnant then she asks Harry stop drinking too……so controlling.
    In Ireland she declares to the Irish prime minister that she is a feminist, amid so is Harry.
    Since when? Harry has never said that all his life…..guessed who talk him into all these.
    She gave a talk at university telling the girls there that hinting monarchy is not the most important thing….women needs to stand strong ??? She said she never met Oprah before…until the wedding , now they are the best of friends like Clooney .
    How long have they know Meghan. Why would she invite Oprah that wasn't even her friend ? Makes you wonder who wants the attention …..she forgot she was a D list star and that's why Oprah had never invited her on the show before. She is desperate to want to be somebody ….
    The Queen has given her more room than Kate, so that people won't accused the Queen is racist.
    But she still goes out her way to break the rules to upset the Queen….but at the same time she demands her baby if it's a girl than give her a princess title. No give and take there.
    That's why the British dislike her. And she stopped Harry to hang out with his friends after marriage. Some weren't even invited to their wedding .
    Let's not forget she is the one who texted her staff at 5 am every morning ??? They are not her slaves. No wonder some of her staff quit …including the one is announcing leaving as soon as the baby is born.
    She make Kate cried during the fittings for Kate's daughter to try the dress on…..what kind of woman does that…..
    No consideration for others but just herself. Only Harry can really know what MeGain is really like behind the closed doors and their staff…..that's the nicked name they call her …..Me Gain ….for Meghan

  • Thank you for standing up for Meghan!!! She has done nothing wrong and does NOT deserve to be villified!! She is a good person and Harry loves her!!! LEAVE her ALONE!!!!

  • thank god megan will be who she is no matter what

  • Yeah lets not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So in the first part of this you said you was the one that started all of this bullshit, but it was a joke mmmmm I see will jackass how did that work . Is it funny now,oh I remember you said it was not funny,. Will dicklick happy now now let's see if you can find a way to fix this mess.

  • She needs to be more discreet as part of the Royal Family. A 750000 shower in New York is not cool

  • It's about time someone printed what's really being done to her.


  • We all know why Harry said " What ever MARKLE wants she gets!!", because Harry was " BLACK MAILED" into marrying MARKLE!!! No wonder everything went so fast from STALKING HARRY after he told her he didn't want to date her to MARKLE, Jessica and Markus showing up at all of Harry's events and visits which he didn't want her there, all of his friends wanted nothing to do with her, because of how they knew her and paid her for time together, and they all knew TRUTH about her!!! William and Harry got into BIG FIGHT before horrible wedding and KATE looked like she was at a Funeral and didn't buy a new outfit and Camilla laughed the whole nightmare wedding!! After MARKLE'S last PR Press LEAK that hurt Kate and William he went to MI6 and now both MI6 and GREY MEN ARE WATCHING HER AND WAITING FOR ORDERS!!! PLUS DORIA IS NOW ILLEGALLY IN ENGLAND AGAIN AND THIS WILL NOT SIT WELL WITH QUEEN OR IRS TAX Investigation that going on about her house LIES AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AND NOT DOING COURT ORDERED SPLITTING HOUSE AND INSURANCE MONEY WITH MUCH YOUNGER HALF BROTHER!!! DORIA COULD BE HEADING FOR JAIL AGAIN AND SHOULDN'T BE IN ENGLAND!! DORIA ABANDONED MARKLE AS A INFANT SO SHE'S NOT A MOTHERLY ANYTHING!!! SHE'S LOOKING FOR A WAY TO STAY OUT OF JAIL!!! NON ROYAL INFANT MUST HAVE DNA TEST TO CHECK SEWER GENE POOL OF SURROGATE AND SPERM DONOR( MARKUS OR RADAR ONLINE MARKLE'S BOSS FOR INFORMATION ABOUT ROYALS!!) MARKLE IS ON WAY OUT AND HARRY WITH ALL HER LIES CAN GET AN ANNULMENT FROM HER LIKE HER 1ST HUSBAND DID AND SHE WILL BE WIPED OUT OF HISTORY BOOKS THANK GOD!!! NEITHER MARKLE OR HARRY WANT THIS INFANT AND WHO KNOWS WHERE IT WILL END UP, BUT NOT WITH MARKLE FOR MORE BLACK MAIL THAT'S FOR SURE!!!

  • British Paps started and keeps the flames burning. We here in the US get positive reports from US Paps so we don't get the dirt until we read the BritishPaps. Truly, though, she has made some obvious mistakes from the very beginning. The announcement interview where she is sitting next to PH is the first hint I got that she does not understand how things work in the UK and the RF. For instance, she kept cutting off PH when he was trying to answer a question the interviewer asked HIM. MM should wait her turn. She should have studied Kate and William's interview. Maybe she DOES know that feminism is not as popular in the UK as it is in the US so she thought she should push the agenda.

  • Shes brought all this on herself hate messages .Shes deserves the truth because of her mouth and lies


  • Thank you for pointing all this out someone needed to speak up thank you God bless you

  • To little to late. How mean and racist things were done to her. I do not blame them for wanting to move to Africa.

  • Oh poor marty,wake up and get with the program, this Mrs MM is a sneaky snake, she'll do anything for her benefits, she all about megan, get it iriot

  • People talk bad about her ,cause she making trouble for the royals and not standing behind her husband back, she knew what to do to this prince harry, and so he's living in a bubble and is trapped, he'll get bored someday,

  • What I see the UK Press is very jealous, prejudice, and hateful towards Duchess Meghan and so is some of the UK citizens. It's no one's business how much money her friends spend on her gifts. Please this is my opinion so don't come with your nasty response to my post because I go straight to the delete button without reading your nasty response so you would be wasting your time. 💕😘

  • We just want her to leave Britton and to never be heard of again. We don’t care where she goes, although most countries don’t want her, I think there maybe some African countries that are prepared to take her. Let’s hope she goes soon and takes her husband and mother with her.

  • UNOINO,WHO IN THE HELL YOU THINK YOU TALKING TO MY DEAR, I don't need to fall for harry cause he not my type,and let me tell you I gave my comments, you don't have to read it moron, that's are my apinions,it has nothing to do with u idiot, of cause she licking,his balls good for her,she'll do anything for him ,because ,he a prince wouldn't you stupid, he her meal ticket, she to smart to let him go, but I know loving him ,she not,all else she would stand by royal rules, and bubble head harry should know that, he was brought up royal not her ,so you see as long as she stick by him she news and that's what exactly she wants, he'll get bored all trieder of her, someday, fairy tale don't last forever only in stories, I hope prince harry dumps her ass guicky as possible, cause she all about megan me me me, get it iriot

  • Whoever you are Thank you for for your support for Megan. It's Greatly appreciated!!!! I Hope Megan and Harry somehow get to hear to hear it because it will bring comfort to them. Once again Thanks

  • She is damned if she does, damned if she doesn't…no matter what the subject or action is. It is so sad and so unfair of the press and haters.

  • God bless meghan markel. She is blessed. Non of her haters can harm this amazing woman. She is strong and will rise higher and higher.god bless meghan and harry.

  • So much hate omg mm when day gow low you go high has long has your prince love you and you love him that's all that matters ❤❤❤❤💝💝💝💝

  • According to a British firm that was hired to check the Royal Family's social media accounts only 20% are trolls. Most of them are the same people using different names to slam her. You can have 100 different names but you only have one IP address. If you know nothing about computers, they can track your IP address straight to your home. Out of the 20% most are from the U.S. So Meghan haters are not even the British people.

  • All people need to take note. It must be because she is half back. You people are so hate full. This make me want to not live in this world. How dare do human treat another person like this. When she has not done everything to any of us. I hope she and Harry take her baby and leave this nasty hateful county. Look what you people did to his mother. Shame on you all. You people need to find god.

  • Why don't you TURN IT AROUND! Who wants to listen to all that negative talk! We ALL know she's been branded a villa.. AND SHE'S NOT!

  • Thank you! Yes! (She had the NERVE to marry into royalty.) I wish the haters would just go out and find their own princes/princesses and leave the poor Duchess alone to do her own thing.

  • Very true

  • This is what a narcissist does – no matter the mess they leave, they are the victim.

  • Who paid for this video? And comparing this woman to Princess Diana is absurd. Meghan's job is to serve the Queen, the British public, and the image of Britain around the world. She has not done her job.

  • You should not have put that out there in first place.what you thought was a joke,has cause so much pain for her and Harry

  • It amazes me that there are still some people who don't realise Meghan has perpetrated one of the biggest frauds in the history of the monarchy. Do you think she wants to help people or help herself? Do you think she ever had any intention of blending into the royal family? If her real job now is to serve the Sovereign and the British public – Do you think she has done either? Do you like avoiding all kinds of references to her uncouth behaviour and her uncouth past? You continue to be her victims, just like Harry is. She is a huge narcissist and there is no cure for that. She is hanging onto her royal status by her finger nails. Will you cry when MI5 and MI6 reveal what secrets she has kept? Wake up, grow up, this is not a fairy tale Cinderella story; nor will this story help anyone. There are fewer channels like this. Clearly just another Meghan vehicle for her private p.r. staff with over the top propaganda. It isn't enough to stop the dam breaking. Her shifting due dates have gone from February to June. Now, do your homework.

  • Oh MY….and LOL….It's ME ME MEghans turn to be 'ghosted' by the world…as she has done to so many in her life. Turn about IS fair play. FACTS

  • Maybe Meghan should marry someone more her equal like…Mr. Hyde…..

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