Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Sorry I missed you last week. I was taking some personal me time and honestly it really Invigorated me it brought life to my soul, and I’m back and better than ever. So hello I’ve been thinking about the internet a lot recently kind of reflecting on Just the past decade and it made me remember this website that I used to play around with back when I lived in Pennsylvania called wayback machine explore more than 355 That’s just not what it says. It literally says 351 billion web pages saved over time basically This website takes screenshots of certain URLs on specific dates and basically preserves it So I thought it would be really fun to take a look at my internet archives so we’re gonna be looking at my youtube channel, my Twitter my Tumblr which it doesn’t even exist anymore and see what screenshots have been taken of them and we’re just gonna like look at this shit I used to pose. So yeah, let’s go check out my internet archive starting with YouTube. Okay So this thing here is the timeline of the URL youtube.com slash. Jennxpenn and every one of these black bars represents when screenshots of the URL have been taken so there are screenshots of my youtube channel dating back to 2009 which is where I think we should obviously Start. November 25th 2009. I don’t even know where to start except with maybe your mom watches my videos like Kind of hate that. Well first of all YouTube looks crazy different as you can see starting off with the Five-star ratings! Dancing in the rain, what the? There’s my bottoms up music video. Oh Oh, it has 13,000 views. That is too many people who have seen that video Let’s check what the is that background. You used to be able to customize your YouTube channel It’s like a hundred percent. So I made my own background here Look at this description to this music video. I hope you guys loved it. It took forever to film like very passive-aggressive of me oh my god I forgot about that. You used to be able to get Awards on your YouTube videos So these were my awards number 60 top rated today? Congrats girl. Look at my bio Filmmaker, no I wasn’t. Director, of bitch what your YouTube videos to 4,000 people? artist. photographer. creator. inspirer. daughter. best friend. girlfriend. teammate. laugher. Joker listener. speaker. actress. Youtuber. Twitter whore. Facebooker. Tumblr addict. Trend setter. Dreamer Okay. Um, I was like literally none of these things About me. Well, let’s just say I’m rated number one funniest person on Facebook. Is that true? Alright, let’s jump to another date. So 2010 is the next available time. We have screenshots February 9th 2010 Ooh a whole new layout going on here and ten thousand more subscribers Get a girl get get get get. Ew what is that icon? What is that icon? I don’t even, I don’t look cute. September 3rd 2010. Okay, check out my channel now bitches, look at that layout Hell yeah, yeah. Yeah Whoa, okay big jump in subscribers now. I’m at 40,000 subscribers seems like I’m kind of getting my shit together a little bit more. Let’s go to 2011 There’s only like one screenshot from 2011 and it’s July 4 2011. Oh I have 71 thousand subscribers now. I like leveled up now I have a business email, a p.o box and a fuck I have my own fucking website, Jennxpenn.com bitch May 23rd 2012. Whoa, okay I have a hundred and fifteen thousand subscribers at this point and it seems like I’m becoming more of a business bitch I think this is around the time I started taking YouTube more seriously and doing weekly videos. Let’s see what we’ve got for 2013 June 1st 2013. This is the last screenshot of my channel before I moved to LA. So let’s check it out. Whoa Okay, YouTube changed very dramatically it’s starting to look more like it does today at this point I have two hundred and forty two thousand subscribers so something Happened what happened? Let’s go to the end of 2013 and see where my channel is at December 28th 2013 holy Fuck my channel went from two hundred and forty thousand subscribers to five hundred and ninety two Thousand subscribers. This is where I had a gaming channel. Oh my god. This is bringing back So many cute memories for some reason the screenshots are getting less and less detailed. Look you can’t see any of the thumbnails So I say we move on to the next website, Twitter. So you’ve got screenshots dating back to 2009. Back in 2009, 10, 11 It was like a trend on Twitter I remember. To delete all of your tweets at the end of the year and then start fresh at the beginning of the year So these are going to be extra cool to look at because there probably going to be tweets that do not exist anymore November 28th 2009. Whoa Oh my God. Look at Twitter Oh my god Wow. I remember when Twitter looked like this obviously, I mean I’m looking at my fucking Twitter account from this time period Bio, Jenn from Jennxpenn on youtube.com I’ve got 1,700 followers. So let’s check out these tweets. I’m not married to anyone sorry. Like girl, I think we know. Like I was actually 13 when I tweeted that. hockey game Smiley face. This is why I shouldn’t have had a Twitter at this age because I was posting how I posted on Facebook Which is like it no one cares about and with so many extra letters. February 9th 2010. Okay, Twitter got another little update I think or maybe I just changed the color in my background. I don’t know now I have 5,000 followers. Oh my god, we can make tweets. Retweet, Winterspring Pro, which used to be Joey Graceffa’s YouTube channel with his friend Brittany and in case you didn’t know that. Why was Charlie Puth Suspended? @ YouTube. Everyone retweet this. And then underneath of it, @ Charlie puth, Charlie, I’m so sorry for what happened with your YouTube I hope it gets better for you. Why did Charlie puth get suspended YouTube? Where could we still want to know. We still want to know. Did anyone like tweet me back to these? I can’t. I can’t tell but it looks like no one answered any of these tweets So it’s made me November 16 2010 My name is Jenn with spaces in between each letter Oh my bio I make videos, take photos and write with spaces between my letters. Oh my god, oh my god, this is so funny. There used to be like a website. I think it’s called tiny chat and one time me and like other MyCollab members, which was like the collab channel I was in when I was Younger. We did like a fake alien invasion where we all put an alien effect on ourselves and Did like hashtag the invasion? I don’t even know. OMG I see a UFO? Hashtag the invasion hashtag beep boop. The one who tweets. Hashtag beep boop The most gets a beep boop. Oh, ok now I think we should look at my tumblr I’m really scared for this one because tumblr you know It’s tumblr. So I have no idea. What the fuck I was posting on tumblr when I was 13, November 18th 2009 Ok, whoa Whoa, my thoughts, my feelings, my photos, my tumblr, my life Photograph by me. Yeah, but we can tell it’s not that good real eyes See real lies. No Fucking way did I mean that the caption of a picture of my eye? Oh my god, girl You gotta get your eyebrows done. Photograph by me not edited. No way girl No way, not edited No way, July 31st, 2010. Oh okay big change on my tumblr. Oh my god, there’s a survey Hi, my name is Jenn. Never in my life. Have I been so tired. When I look down I see the floor. The happiest recent event was Getting my package in the mail a his so vague what package? By this time next year I will be a year older and a year stronger. Ok, girl. I like you when You like me. Take my advice don’t do stupid shit You heard here first, right out of my 14 year old mouth don’t do stupid shit. The world could do without pollution. Yes To make a difference by saying that on your tumblr blog. Most recent things Someone bought me, mom bought me arizona iced tea. My middle name is something for me to know and for you not to. Me when my middle name is fucking Ann What is this? Photo and caption by me. Life moves so fast if you could Press pause. Sorry I couldn’t read it. Where would you stop it? What moment would you replay? Who the fuck is that? November 16th 2010. Jennxpenn blog here’s another bio. Hey, my name is Jenn I make videos, I take photos and I snowboard. I don’t know why I put that in there Like I didn’t snowboard enough to like put that my bio. I write with spaces between my letters. I love my friends slash family alright, cool Wayback Machine cool um archive, we got here. January 15 2012. This is the next screenshot that we have of my tumblr There are apparently no screenshots from 2011. So we just skipped a whole year. 4 human centipedes That was the tracker for how many people are looking at my tumblr blog at the moment, but I did human centipedes Well, I’ve been doing this for the past Two hours. This was so cool. It was so nostalgic. And so interesting to look back on I hope you guys thought this video was fun too. I hope it made you laugh And if it did then make sure to give it a big thumbs up and also make sure to leave a comment down below because I love talking to you guys and hanging out and Yeah, I think that is pretty much it Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all next Saturday with another new video. Bye

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