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– Yes. Of course, I understand that. (person on phone speaking) I will do my absolute best. (phone beeps) Oh my goodness, if I don’t deliver an
interview with Henry VIII by the end of the day, I’ll be sacked. Then what will everyone
think of me and my work? Come on Tracey Tooley, use your toolkit, by which I mean your brain! Let’s investigate. (Upbeat music) (drumroll) My last shot at interviewing Henry VIII is to ask his bouncer on
the door, known as his Page. Let’s go, Gary the cameraman. – [Cameraman] It’s Dave. – Who goes there? – This is Tracey. And Gary. Hello Page! – You’re not on the list, sorry. You can’t come in. – But I really need to
speak with King Henry. I’m basically an expert on Henry and– – Oh, really. Answer three questions about
him, and I’ll let you through. – Hit me! – First question. How many people traveled
with the King and his court? – At least 400 people, I
learnt that in the kitchens. – Very good. Second question. Which of Henry’s wives
said yes to a divorce? – Anne of Cleves. – Very good. Final question before
you can see the King. What year was the Battle of the Solent, when Henry’s Navy fought
off a French invasion? – 15. – Yes. – 40. – Yes. – Five? – Yes! Come this way. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! – You’ll find the King over there. He’s an old man now. – (sighs) Thank you Page! – Bye Tracey. Bye Dave. – Dave? He’s called Gary, right? – [Cameraman] No, it’s Dave. – Wow! We learn something new every day. (birds chirp) King Henry VIII! Boy, am I glad to see you! – This is my garden. I like to smell the
rosemary, lavender, sage. (inhales deeply) These herbs perfume my
bedsheets, you know. I spend so much time in bed
since my jousting accident. – Wow. I’m surprised to find you like this. I’ve been chasing after
so many versions of Henry. You were a party boy, a warrior, a passionate and violent husband, but now you seem almost, gentle. – GENTLE! How dare you! Oh. I will sit awhile longer. I’m surrounded by memories here. – What memories? – You see these royal beasts? These are the badges of my
wives and closest friends. The panther is for my Jane. – Jane Seymour, the mother
of Edward, your son. – Yes! I am so happy that Edward
will be king after me. – He is very young, though. Won’t that be a problem if
he becomes king anytime soon? – Rubbish! – Just saying, you have
two grown-up daughters. Couldn’t one of them take charge? – (scoffs) The last time
a woman was on the throne, there was a civil war. – Yes, but that was Queen
Matilda, it was centuries ago. Give Mary or Elizabeth a chance. – Shan’t. – Fine. But not fine. How do you see your reign now? You led England into many wars in Europe. – Yes, I flattened the French like a steamroller at a crepe convention. Au revoir mes petits cornichons! – Mm, perhaps, but, your wars left the country bankrupt. You raised taxes, took
everything from the monasteries, you even devalued English money so that silver coins were
mixed with cheap copper. – Nobody minded that. – People gave you the
nickname Old Copper Nose. – How dare they! I will be avenged! I will remember that for
later, and then be avenged! – TBH, your wars look more
like a personal quest for glory than for the good of the country. – Of course it was for personal glory. I am the King! But look at what I did for the people too. I founded the Royal College of Physicians, so our doctors are trained properly. I commissioned beautiful
paintings and music. I made our Navy the greatest
sea power in the world. – But, will all of that last, with a young, inexperienced
king on the throne? – Everything is perfectly
prepared for Edward to succeed. The Tudor dynasty will
last for a thousand years! (time portal whoosh ) – But did it? I’ve jumped into the future to 1588 to find out what happened in the 41 years after Henry’s death. Well, for a start, this
is not what Henry planned. There’s a Queen of England, and it’s his younger daughter Elizabeth. ‘Sup, Your Majesty? – Oh, Tracey, good to see you again. You haven’t aged at bit. – (laughs) Thanks. – But I’m in a state of great stress. The Spanish Armada is
about to invade England, and I am to give a speech to the troops. – Whoa, so England’s in grave danger. Not what Henry would’ve wanted. – (laughs) Hardly anything my
father wanted has happened. – How d’you mean? – My brother, King Edward, died, aged 15. (wimpers) He was a Protestant, he
tortured and killed Catholics. But when my sister Mary took the throne, she tried to make England
Roman Catholic again, and burned Protestants at the stake. It caused terror across the country. – Yikes. Imagine if Henry heard about all this. – No! – Yes. And I have tried to stop
the chaos that Mary created. I have made the English
church more moderate. We’re now Protestant,
but not extreme Puritan, and some Catholic symbols
are still allowed. – Sounds sensible. But, making Mary look bad makes everything you do
sound amazing, doesn’t it? – I’m telling it like it is, Lady Tracey. The Roman Catholics are not happy with me. Spain is invading us with
the blessing of the Pope. – Gosh, can you afford to fight them? Henry left England with
basically no money. – Well, not to brag, but I have actually revalued the currency, so yes, we can afford it. I really must write
this speech, I’m afraid. – Understood, thanks Liz. (phone rings) (phone beeps) Tracey Tooley. (person on phone speaking) Yes. Oh really? Wow! Thank you so much! Tracey Tooley got the scoop! I’ve just been offered a sweet job working on the Past O’Clock News! (squeals) Couldn’t have done it without
you, Dave, the cameraman. – [Cameraman] Oh, my name is Dave! – Over to you, viewers. What do you make of Henry’s legacy? What were his successes and failures, and what would you have
done differently as king? Thanks for watching Tracey
Tooley Investigates. I may have the body of a weak
and feeble history reporter, but I have the heart
and stomach of a queen. Am I right Liz? – That’s very good. Let me write that down. My soldiers will love this. – Yes! (upbeat music)

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