What makes a good website? Here’s the MOST important thing about your site

The most important thing
about a successful website is solid coding. The most important thing
about a successful website is marketing and promotion. The most important thing
about a successful website is having a client champion. Is an organized process. Is a well thought
out user experience. Is unique design. Actually, the most
important thing is having a team
that thinks what they do is the most important thing. You need a partner that really
understands your business, a team to support
you as you scale. And we’re that
partner to help you. You need someone whose name
you know, a face you recognize, an email, a phone number. You need to be able to
reach out at any time. It’s really important
to make sure that your website
is coded properly, so it’s running on its top. Let me do it one more time. It’s really important that you
have solid structured code, so your website is running
at its absolute best. Design is important
because it helps a company discover and
express who they really are. A good user experience will
keep a user on the site longer, increase conversion rates,
and increase your sales. Too many increases
in that sentence. You need a balanced,
well thought out digital marketing campaign. The best website in the
world doesn’t do you any good if nobody visits. Publish and pray doesn’t work. If you want this website
to do anything for you, you have to get out
there and promote it. None of the designs or
campaigns will never matter. Cussed already. None of your
designs or campaigns will matter if your project
never gets off the ground. Clients love us. We’re personable. They can call us up,
talk to us at anytime. We’re really their partner
at the end of the day. And we’re honest. We want to help them succeed. [MUSIC PLAYING] The most important thing about– The most important
thing about market– The most important
thing about a client– a person, a face that– The most important
thing about a– The most important thing about– The most successful
thing about– All right. Wait one second. You wouldn’t build a. All right. Wait one sec. The most important– All right. Give me a count off, TJ. The most important– The most important thing– No. The, yeah. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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