What is YouTube Music?

In this video, we’ll give you an overview
of YouTube Music. In the Home tab, you’ll find customized
stations and recommendations. If you navigate to Hotlist, you can find featured
music and what’s currently popular on YouTube. You can also navigate to the Library tab where
you’ll see all of the songs, playlists, and albums that you’ve added to your library. To start listening, navigate back to the Home
tab. Now click on a playlist. When you pick a song, it will start playing. When you tap this menu icon, you’ll see
a few more options, like how to save the song, create a radio station based off of that song,
or how share a song with your friends. If you’d like to navigate around the app
while you’re listening to a song, just swipe down. If you’d like to learn more about YouTube
Music Premium, which includes features like ad-free music and downloading, check out the
link in the description below. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more YouTube
tips and tricks.

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