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Hey there!
Has it ever happened to you, where you’re watching a Naval
Legends episode about Yamato, and 3 hours later you’re browsing
Wikipedia reading about Napoleon? If you are fan
of Naval Legends, 1:42, Naval Fortresses
or our new series “Dry Dock”— then you know
what we are talking about. So we’re launching
a new project! We want to share
our passion for history, so we’ll be giving a shoutout
to other YouTube channels that could be of interest
to avid history lovers like yourself. It could be anything, from scale
modeling to history documentaries. If you are an owner of such
channel, let us know in comments! And our first guest
is JJ Model Making channel. “Hi, I’m James and I like
to make scale plastic model kits. And today I’m gonna show you
my entire fleet of 1/350 scale ships.” The channel’s owner, James, assembled his first model
when he was only 6 years old. It wasn’t technically a “ship”, but it
was Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter that he assembled
with a help of his father. His childhood hobby
continued to live on, and James moved to building
models from all sorts of genres covering tanks, Star Trek
and even Iron Man. But all of these were steps to…
building models of ships! James’s first ship was
a 1/350 scale battleship Bismarck. Today he has over
15 ships in his collection, including WW2
and modern vessels. A couple of notable kits are the world’s first nuclear aircraft
carrier, USS Enterprise CVN-65, the modernized
USS New Jersey, the British light
carrier HMS Illustrious and the amphibious
transport dock USS New York, which famously includes steel
in the bow from the Twin Towers. So the first question that comes
to mind is: “James, why ships?” He replied that it’s in part due to the
fact he likes the scale of the ships, and the care and
attention that they need. According to James, you could build some genre
of models in a very short time, you could build a ship from
Star Trek in an afternoon if you really
put your mind to it! But to build ships, you need to
put in research, care and attention to really get a good result. And this pride is well deserved, as there are 57 aircraft
that need to be build, each including a minimum of six pieces
and needing to be covered in decals. Currently, he’s working on
a USS Intrepid CV-11 aircraft carrier by Gallery Models,
which is nearing completion. So go and take
a look at his models— the link to JJ Model Making
is in the description. That’s it for today! I’m on a lookout for more history
channels worthy of mention. So please leave in the comments
your favourite ship history channels! Let’s create the greatest collection of
resources for fans of historical videos!

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